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academy awards party ideas

Hosting an Academy Awards party is a fun way to gather your friends for an evening of Hollywood glitz and glamour. This year the Academy Award will be held on Sunday, March 2nd on ABC. Here are some ideas for Oscar party invitations, decorations, games and food to help you plan an event worthy of a major award!

Academy Awards Party Invitations

There are lots of great options for Oscar party invitations, depending on how formal you want your celebration to be. For free, online award party invitations, check out the selection offered at Evite.

Award statuettes from

For some more formal invitations, you might consider the ones pictured here, available at Another idea is to print out your party information in a fancy font and glue it onto glittery golden stars to send each guest.

If you can hand deliver your invitations, a fun idea is to purchase Oscar Awards statuettes and print your party information on the bottom.

You might consider asking your guests to come in their finest red carpet attire, or to dress as a character from one of the nominated films. Let everyone know that you will be handing our a “Best Dressed” award!

You might also include with your invitation an Oscar Award ballot. Ask everyone to fill it out and bring it to the party so they can follow along and see how close their predictions came to the actual winners. Give a prize to the person who made the most correct predictions.


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Here are some fun Invites from that would go well with this theme.

Academy Awards Party Decorations

free academy awards party printables

Click here to download our free Hollywood party printables!

Oscar night is all about glamour and glitz, and your party should be as well. Think classic Hollywood, gold, black, white and red, and lots of sparkle when decorating for an Academy Awards party. Here are some suggestions to help get you started…

Let your guests feel like movie stars by rolling out a red carpet leading to your front door.

Inside, dim the lights and hang globe string lights, gold stars, metallic star curtains, and balloons in your party colors for a festive feel.

Since the main activity of the evening will be watching the show, arrange your furniture so that everyone can be seated comfortably within view of the television.

Glam up your serving tables by sprinkling star confetti and creating a themed centerpiece using things such as red roses in silver or crystal vases, champagne bottles and champagne flutes with metallic curling ribbon, a Hollywood clapper, and awards night statuettes.

Themed tableware can also help pull together your party décor. Here is a Hollywood style tableware set that would work well at an Oscar party.

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Activities for an Academy Awards Party

While the main event at an Academy Awards party is undoubtedly watching the big show, here are a few ideas for Oscar Night activities to help keep the party lively during long speeches and commercials!

Give everyone an Oscar Award Ballot and keep track of whose predictions are the most accurate. Award a prize to the winner.

Create your own Oscar Bingo Cards to keep everyone involved with the show (and get a few giggles). To make these, start with a 5×5 grid and fill in some things that you might see or hear. For example, you might include:

  • First time winner
  • Crying
  • Music cuts off speech
  • Winner kisses date
  • Shocked expression in the audience
  • Multiple award winner
  • Winner accepts in a foreign language
  • Winner pulls out written speech
  • Political statement
  • Winner mentions kids
  • In memorium montage
  • Standing ovation
  • Winner not present


Be creative! Give one card to each guest, along with some M&Ms as markers, and let everyone follow along to see who gets bingo first!

Play “Guess the Celebrity”. Prior to the event, cut out pictures from magazines of different stars in evening clothes, but cut them from the neck down. Paste each photo on a piece of colored paper and number each photo. Next, create a small form for each of your guests labeled 1-10 (or numbered for however many photos you were able to get). Have your guests guess which actor or actress is depicted in each photo. When there is a commercial break in the Academy Awards show, reveal the stars’ full pictures and see which guest got the most right. Reward them with an awards night statuette or other fun party favor.

If you have an over 21 crowd, make up your own rules for an Awards Night Drinking Game. Here are some ideas:

  • If a winner cries, take a drink.
  • If a winner says, “I am just happy to be here”, take a drink.
  • If a winner says, “I wasn’t expecting this and I don’t have anything prepared,” only to launch into a long acceptance speech, finish your drink!

Academy Awards Party Menu Ideas

While you can’t go wrong with posh finger foods and champagne at an Academy Awards theme party, we really like the idea of tying some of your foods to the themes of the nominated movies. Since the Oscars start later in the evening, you might consider serving a themed dessert buffet. Label each sweet offering with a decorative tag of the movie that it represents. Here are the movies nominated for best picture in 2014…

12 Years a Slave — In this movie, Northrup uses blackberry juice to write a letter. There are a lot of great things you can do using blackberries in your dessert. Here is a great Paula Deen recipe for lattice topped blackberry pie.

cannoli recipe


American Hustle — This crime drama features an Italian-American family feast. What better way to end an Italian dinner than with some cannoli?!

Captain Phillips– If you are feeling adventurous, you might try honoring this film with a true Somalian dessert such as samosa pastry, or if you want something a little simpler, you can make a fruit salad, since coffee and fresh fruit were the only foods shown on the Maersk Alabama.

Dallas Buyers Club — Nothing says Texas like a good, old fashioned chocolate Texas sheet cake.

Gravity — Hmm…space. Well, you could always put out a bowl of the ever classic astronaut ice cream; or you could go for something a little tastier, like these Betty Crocker moon pies.

Her– At one point in the movie, Theodore is playing a video game where he scores “perfect mom points” for buying cupcakes and making the other moms jealous. This is a great excuse to make (or buy!) your own favorite variety of cupcakes.

popcon ball recipeNebraska — You might ask yourself what desserts Nebraska is known for — well, we checked! Turns out that the Goodrich brand of ice cream originated there and is a local favorite. Also, you can’t think of Nebraska without thinking of corn. In Nebraska, popcorn balls are a dessert favorite. Here’s the recipe for Nebraska popcorn balls.

Philomena– In this British film, Judy Dench’s character enjoys a lovely fruitcake with tea at the Rosecrea convent. Quite proper.

Wolf of Wall Street– In this movie Belfort’s indulgence in doughnuts at his wedding to Naomi is commented upon by Aunt Emma. Make your own delectable zeppole in honor of this film.

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