Ideas for the Last day of School


last day of school celebrations

Summertime is coming! Do you have young children getting ready to ditch their books in favor of some summer fun? Why not kick things off with a bang and celebrate the start of summer with these fun ideas for the last day of school!

Break Out the Popsicles — Station some parents at the school exits with wagons full of popsicles to hand out as a cool treat for the first day of summer vacation.

Bubbles Everywhere! — Another fun option is to hand out small bottles of bubble stuff to the students as they leave school for a festive, bubbly walk home.

Banners for the Bus — Use sheets or butcher paper to make signs to hang across the sides of the school buses.  It might be fun to have the kids break through a big sign that says, “Welcome to Summer!”end of school celebration

Crank the Tunes —  Music can make the heart sing… Set up some boom boxes outside school and encourage bus drivers to turn up the volume on some toe tapping summer classics like The Beach Boys.

Sidewalk Chalk Messages — A fun and inexpensive way to kickoff summer is to have parents write messages along the sidewalks on all the walking routes from school.

Line the Sidewalk with Pinwheels — Rally some parents who live along the school’s walking routes to set out a row of pinwheels along the sidewalk for the kids to pick up as they head for home.

Have a Summer Kick off Party! — Gather the gang for an afternoon of ice cream, water games, and memory books. Check out our sister site, Creative Party Themes, for lots of ideas to help you plan an amazing end of school celebration.

end of school partyClick here for more great end of school year party ideas!

Easter Table Decorations

Easter table decorations

Looking for some fun new ways to decorate your Easter table this year? We searched all around and gathered some of the cutest ideas for Easter table decorations out there to share with you. Have a joyous holiday!

Easter flower centerpiece

You can adapt this easy and colorful jellybean centerpiece by using whatever flowers or vases that you have on hand. Tulips, peonies, daffodils, or lilies can all be great choices. (Anchor flowers into a piece of damp green florist foam before surrounding them with candy.)

Easter bunny table centerpieceCourtesy of Good Housekeeping

Add long ears and smiling faces to plain white bags for an instantly adorable bunny centerpiece. The best thing about these bunnies is that after brunch they can serve double duty by holding all the treasures your kiddos collect on their Easter egg hunts!

butterfly wine markers make a great Easter table decorationCourtesy of Southern Living

These sweet silk butterflies can be purchased pre-made at your local craft store. Add one to each glass at your Easter table for a pretty burst of color.

How to Make a Folded Easter Bunny Napkin

 folded bunny napkinhow to fold a bunny napkin

This whimsical folded bunny napkin can make each place setting at your table look special. Here are the steps to make it, or click here to go to for an easy tutorial from Better Homes and Gardens.

Spring Break Staycation Ideas

spring break staycation ideas

No plans to head out of town for spring vacation?  No worries! We have some fun staycation ideas to keep your kids busy.


Parties…They’re not just for birthdays.

  • Luau-Turn up the heat and invite your friends over for some fun in the tropics. Find all your luau party ideas and activities here
  • Camping-Don’t want to camp out in the cold and wet weather? Set up your own campsite indoors.  Make s’mores in the microwave and grab some flashlights to make shadow puppets.  Everything you’ll need is right here
  • Science – Put a little education into your vacation by having a group of friends over to conduct some science experiments. Here are all your ideas.

Get Crafty…Make Gifts

  • Take advantage of the down time you have at home this week.
  • Why not work on that end of the school year teacher gift?
  •  Mothers’ Day will sneak up on you too.  Head to your local craft store for supplies.  You will be so happy to have this task crossed off your list.

Hands On Gardening

  • Take your kids to the garden store and buy some vegetable and flower seeds to sow in starter kits in the house.
  • Paint flower pots

Little Chefs in the Kitchen

  • Look through your cookbooks with your kiddos and enroll them in helping to make some meals you could freeze for those busy week nights.
  • Follow the format of those reality cooking shows and do your own Cupcake Wars, Cake Boss, or Iron Chef night.


Happy Groundhog Day!

happy Groundhog DayGroundhog Day is a tradition that has been around since medieval times.  Early on people started seeing a connection between bright sunny weather on Candelmas Day and six more weeks of dreary winter weather.  As the saying goes,

If Candlemas be warm and bright,
Winter has another flight,
If Candelmas brings clouds and rain,
Winter will not come again.

More recently, farmers watched the habits of hibernating animals on this day to see if they would venture out of their dens, or if February’s bright sunshine would drive them back to their burrows for six more weeks of hibernation.

Today, people everywhere watch Punxatawney Phil, a Pennsylvania weather forecasting celebrity, to see what he has to say about the coming of spring.

What weather is in store for 2017? Looks like six more weeks of winter!

Here are a few ideas for things you can do to brighten up your Groundhog Day

groundhog cupcakes courtesy of Family Fun


  • Gather some friends for a viewing of the movie, Groundhog Day, with Bill Murray.
  • Challenge friends and family with a Groundhog Day Trivia quiz
  • Dress your family in brown (face painted whiskers and noses optional)
  • Make some yummy Groundhog cupcakes like adorable little guys!
  • Serve lots of greens: salads, spinach, or whatever groundhog fare comes to mind. (They go nicely with meatloaf as an entree!)
  • For the grownups, consider a special farewell to winter drink such as a mudslide, a green apple martini, or a West Virgina Groundhog, featured at

Hope your Groundhog Day is fabulous, however you decide to celebrate. Hoping everyone stays warm for a few more weeks in 2017!