20 Great Ideas for a Company Picnic

Company picnic

My husband works for a large company in Portland, Oregon.  Every August they host an amazing company picnic at Lakeview Farms, a beautiful working farm and pumpkin patch in nearby Forest Grove. The picnic is always one of the highlights of the summer, and is looked forward to by both employees and their families. It is so much fun!

By now, the gals who put this picnic together have it down to a science, but it takes lots of planning and hard work behind the scenes to make things run smoothly. Here are some photo memories of this year’s event, and 20 ideas that help make this company picnic great!

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1. Start with an organized plan — Make sure you have all the details of your event worked out before the day of the picnic.

2. Find a scenic spot — Consider the size and age range of your group when looking for a space to hold your company picnic. It’s important that you can visualize the party in the location you choose.

3. Hire a great caterer — Food is an important element of a company picnic, so choose someone whose menu fits your group’s appetite!

4. Consider using a drink vendor — At our company picnic beer and wine are served. We hire a company that will take care of checking IDs and handing out bracelets to those old enough to drink liquor.

5. Create an inviting seating area — Set up tables and benches in areas where people can congregate and rest.

6. Welcome guests with a door prize raffle — Everybody loves a giveaway, so as your guests RSVP, keep track of your invitees and hand each person a raffle ticket. Then throughout the night call different numbers for door prizes.

7. Hire a Band or DJ — Music can set the tone of your whole day. It makes people happy and gets them up and dancing.

8. Include karaoke in your music plan — If your DJ offers karaoke, this can be a ton of fun. Who knew they guy in the next office was such a great singer?

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9. Set up a photo wall — A collage of photos from the workplace or past company events is a great ice breaker. Everyone loves to see themselves and their friends having fun throughout the years.

10. Hire an entertainer for the kids — At this picnic, BJ the clown is a perennial favorite. He has been entertaining kids in the Portland area for over 20 years and he does a great job keeping the little ones happy.

11. Remember the teenagers — Having some crafts and activities for older kids is a great idea too. This year we had a table of teen crafts, as well as many games that were perfect for this age group.

12. Play volleyball — Volleyball is a great outdoor game that can involve lots of people and a variety of age groups all at once. We also set up tetherball this year and it was a big hit.

13. Put out some independent game materials — Setting out bubbles, balls, racquets, and other independent activities is a good idea for people looking to fill some free time.

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14. Hire a face painter — The face painter is always a highlight of the company picnic. We have an amazing artist who can airbrush amazing faces and tattoos. The line for the face painter is always a mile long.

15. Have a bounce house —  Bounce houses are another fun idea for fun lovers of any age.

16. Hire a photo booth with props — There are lots of great reasons to hire a photo booth — they are good ice breakers, they get everyone loosened up, and they allow your guests to leave with a memento of the day.

17. Play carnival games — Setting up some carnival games can be another fun and easy activity for your guests.

18. Hire a mechanical bull — Do you have an adventurous group? A mechanical bull might be just the thing!

19. Host a sundae bar — The sundae bar is another much anticipated highlight of the company picnic. Have some employees chip in and serve up some fun, along with a lot of whipped cream!

20. Recognize loyal employees — At some point during your event, remember to stop and say a few words about the people and reasons your company is so great.  Recognize employees who have been working with you for a while or made significant contributions this year, and remember to say thank you to the people who put together such an amazing company picnic!



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