Adult Halloween Party Ideas

adult halloween party ideas

So what if you’re too old to Trick-or-Treat; Halloween isn’t just for kids any more! Here are some adult Halloween party ideas for throwing a wonderful, memorable, “groan”-up Halloween party.

Adult Halloween Party Ideas for Invitations

To throw a successful Halloween party, you’ll need to send out invitations several weeks in advance, especially if you want your guests to wear costumes. If you do want them in costume, be sure to include this on your invitations.

Here are some creative ways to make your own Halloween invitations:

Write your party information on a decorative tag and tie it to the stem of a mini pumpkin. Drop these off on your guests’ doorsteps.

Cut out different styles of lettering from magazines use them to write your party headline by and pasting them onto blank cards, ransom-note style.

Use downloadable computer graphics to design invitations that fit your theme.

Get some black construction paper, cut out the shapes of witches’ hats or black cats, and write the party information with a white gel pen.

**General Invitation Tips** — If you choose to make your own Halloween party invitations, don’t forget to include the date, location, and time of your event. It is also helpful to put the host’s name, RSVP date, and either your phone number or email.

Here are some Halloween party invitations that we really like, available from Shindigz:

Glampire Fangs Invitations
Glampire Fangs Invitations
Dying to Party Invitations
Dying to Party Invitations
Boo & Bling Personalized Invitations
Boo & Bling Invitations


Adult Halloween Party Ideas for Themes and Costumes

Halloween is already a great general theme for a party – it comes with its own color scheme (orange and black), atmosphere (dark and scary), and dress code (costumes). But you can give your Halloween party even more of a focus with costume themes that can be incorporated in the invitations, food, decorations and games. Here are some ideas for different Halloween party themes:

  • Pirate theme
  • Dress for a particular era such as the 20s, 50s, 60s,70s, or 80s.
  • Vampires (*Be sure to check out our Halloween party page dedicated to the vampire theme)
  • Witches and Warlocks
  • Super Heroes
  • Famous Historical Figures
  • Celebrities
  • Monster Bash
  • Haunted House
  • Horror Movie Characters

Adult Halloween Party Ideas for Decorations

Basically any party theme can have a haunted twist…Haunted Luau, Haunted Hoe Down, etc. You could use decorations from a party you have done before and make it “haunted” by adding skeletons and cobwebs. Voila! An adult Halloween party theme!


You also can’t go wrong by using traditional Halloween decorations such as orange and black colors, pumpkins, fall leaves, skeletons, and spiders.

Here are some more Halloween decorating ideas:

Create the look and feel of an abandoned old house with spider webs, leaves and white sheets:

Free Halloween PrintablesCover the sofas, chairs, the dining room table and all other large furniture items with old white sheets. This will give your party space an abandoned look.

Use these fun free Halloween party printables that we created just for our readers.

Purchase a few bags of fake cobwebs. String them over artwork, tables, over bookshelves and mirrors.

Gather fall leaves, tumbleweeds and dead (or dried) flowers from outdoors and place them across tables and buffets. It will look like the windows opened and leaves have blown into the abandoned house from outside.

If you have a candelabra, use it as a dramatic centerpiece. Fill it with
dripping bloody LED candles and decorate it with cobwebs and spiders.

Use a fog machine

Change your lighting to black light or replace some light bulbs with red bulbs.

Add a flickering eerie glow with tealight candles placed safely around your house.

Play music to set the mood, such as Halloween Hits, Halloween Howls, or The 13th Hour.

Here are some party goods that would look fabulous at an adult Halloween party:

Halloween Party Supplies

Halloween Critters Party Supplies
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Halloween Eyeballs Cupcake Wrappers
Halloween Swirls Mega Value Pack
Halloween Swirls Decorating Kit
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Adult Halloween Party Ideas for Serving Food and Drinks

To Party on a budget….

The first step to cutting down on food costs and keeping guests happy is to bill your Halloween party as a “small bite and cocktail” party. Then, start the party at an hour that gives guests enough time to grab dinner beforehand. Generally, if the party starts at 8 pm guests will plan on eating food before they arrive. This means that you only have to provide appetizer type foods for guests to nibble on as they enjoy their cocktails and mingle.

Get creative with your ice! Freeze plastic bugs into ice cubes, or add red food coloring to them. For your punch bowl, pour a different-colored punch or juice into a latex glove and freeze; when it’s frozen, gently remove the glove and float the frozen “hand” in your bowl.

Jell-O shots are easy, popular party fare. The darker colors, such as black cherry or grape, are perfect in keeping with the theme – and you can garnish each one with a gummy worm as it sets. Be sure you have lots of fridge space!

Buy red decorator’s gel and squeeze a line of it around the rims of your martini or wine glasses, then make gel drips down the sides so it looks like dripping blood.

Add plastic spiders or gummy worms as a garnish to any of your favorite appetizers.

Using Dry Ice to Create Witches’ Brew

witches brew

Dry ice can ghoul up your Halloween punch

What could add to that special Halloween ambiance better than billows of creeping mist? Dry ice is a Halloween party must-have. It’s perfect for adding an eerie effect to your punch bowl: just mix up your drink in a large bowl, then put it inside a bigger bowl (or cauldron!).

Here’s how…

Using tongs, gloves, or oven mitts, distribute chunks of dry ice into the bigger pot – never touch dry ice with bare hands. Pour hot water gently over the dry ice, and you’ve got your mist. The water has to be hot or the effect won’t work. Add more dry ice and water as needed. Never put dry ice directly into the punch (it can be very dangerous if ingested, unless it’s marked food-grade.) You can also use the misty effect in other areas: try putting dry ice in a shallow, low-sided pan and hide it behind a centerpiece. Or put some behind the refreshment table and watch the mist curl eerily around the selection of foods. A word of caution: make sure you always use dry ice in a well-ventilated area, because it gives off carbon dioxide.

There are SO many great food recipes, too many to list here. We have found some great books that are full of some of our favorite recipes and adult Halloween party ideas.

The Halloween Cookbook

A Perfect Halloween Home Party

Ghoulish Goodies

Halloween Tricks & Treats


We hope you found some useful adult Halloween party ideas on this page. Have fun!

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  1. Thanks for your ideas. I never thought about covering sofas and furniture with white sheets. I might try that out in the future.

    Another idea for decorations is to blow up some balloons and insert a glow stick into each one. Then draw a ghostly face onto each one. Hang them upside down near the door to greet the guests as they enter your living room.

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