Anniversary Party Ideas

anniversary party ideas

Planning on celebrating a special anniversary? Here are some anniversary party ideas to help you put together a truly memorable event!

Anniversary Party Ideas for Invitations

Sending great invitations by mail can make your guests feel special before the party even starts. You can either make your own invitations or send pre-made cards. Here are some ideas for both options:

  • Re-Create the Wedding Invitation — If you can find a copy of the couple’s wedding invitation, use this as the inspiration for your anniversary invite. You can either ask your local stationery shop if they carry something similar, or use your computer to create your own invitations.


  • Wedding Photo Invitations — Create an anniversary party invitation using a wedding photo of the couple. You can either do this on your computer, or get some help putting it together at your local copy shop.


  • Then and Now Invitations — If you have some great photos of the anniversary couple, use one from when they first got together and one that is current for your invitations.


**General Invitation Tips** — If you choose to make your own invitations, don’t forget to include the date, location, and time of your event. It’s also helpful to put the host’s name, RSVP by date, and either your phone number or email.

You can always find lots of great online party invitations with a free RSVP manager at Evite,

Anniversary Party Ideas for Decorating

Decorations for an anniversary party should celebrate the memories and milestones of the relationship. If this is the 25th anniversary, consider using silver in your decor. If this is a 50th, gold is the way to go! Here are some more ideas to help you decorate for an anniversary party:

  • Use the Couple’s Favorite Colors — Are there some colors that the couple really likes? Maybe some school colors, the colors of a beloved team, or even the colors they used at the wedding…use these as an inspiration for your decorations.


  • Incorporate Milestone Anniversary Symbols — Most special anniversaries have flowers and gift ideas associated with them. You might use these to help inspire your decorations. Click here to see each year’s symbols and flowers.


  • Pictures from Then and Now — Photos are a great way to capture special memories. Hang giant photo collages on posterboard, or use framed photos of the couple from different points in their relationship as special centerpieces on your tables. Click here for directions on how to make beautiful photo lantern centerpieces.


  • Life Size Photo Stand Up — If you have a special picture of the couple on their wedding or from another special time, you can get this made into a fun, personalized cardboard stand up at


  • Display the Wedding Dress — Hang the bride’s wedding dress as a party focal point so everyone can ooh and ahh one more time!


  • Use Items that are Special to the Couple — Does this couple have any special hobbies or pastimes? Use items that represent their passions in your decorating.


  • Display a Scrapbook — Before the party, ask each guest to contribute a page containing a story, memory, and/or photos of the anniversary couple. Assemble these into a scrapbook and set it up on a table at your party for everyone to share and enjoy.


  • Set Up a Table with a Guest Book — A guest book or large signable photo mat where everyone can leave a message for the anniversary couple are not only great mementos of the party, but also can be fun additions to your party decor.

Anniversary Party Activities

Your anniversary party plans should include a few activities to help make the celebration memorable for everyone. Here are some suggestions:

  • Make a slide show to play during the party that highlights the couple, family and friends through the years. Set it to music with some of the couple’s favorite songs. (Another similar idea would be to make a loop reel of home movies from over the years to have playing in the background.)


  • Hire a photographer to take pictures of guests at the party, and be sure to get a frameable picture taken of the couple and all their family. (A less expensive option might be to set out disposable cameras for your party guests to take candid pictures throughout the party.)


  • Set up a dance area and play some music special to the couple, including their wedding song. You could hire a band or DJ, or make your own playlist to run during the event.


  • Have family or guests come up with a skit or song about the anniversary couple. Performances could be lighthearted or touching.


  • Have the couple reaffirm their wedding vows. Invite someone qualified to pronounce a marriage and let the anniversary couple redeclare their love for each other in front of the gathered family and friends.


  • Prepare a toast — At sometime during the party, pass some champagne or sparkling cider and encourage people to say a few words.

Anniversary Party Ideas for Food and Drink

  • If your budget allows, consider getting your party catered so that you can enjoy the entire event. If not, try to incorporate some of the couple’s favorite foods into the menu.


  • For dessert, serve a replica of the couple’s wedding cake, or take a special photo to your local bakery or grocery and have them imprint it onto the top of a sheet cake.

Anniversary Party Favors

Celebrate the day with some unique anniversary party favors for your party. has many amazing options. Here are some that we like:

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Hope you’ve foud some helpful anniversary party ideas on this page. Enjoy the special day!

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