Arabian Nights Party Ideas

arabian nights party ideas

Hitch a ride on your magic carpet as you fly into this desert oasis with these Arabian nights party ideas. You just might find the magic lantern that will make all your wishes come true.

Decoration Ideas

Here are our favorite Arabian nights party ideas to help you transform your party space into an exotic Middle Eastern wonder:

  • The overall color theme at an Arabian nights party should be rich and vibrant hues such as reds, golds, oranges, and purples. Create the look of a palace by draping fabric in these colors from the ceiling and the walls to create a tent.


  • Scatter Persian rugs throughout your party area to replicate magic carpets.


  • Drape tables using organza fabric in rich gold, deep purple and red for tablecloths.



  • Genie bottles and lamps placed throughout the party area also help add to the atmosphere. Use touches of gold wherever you can on your tabletop, perhaps in things such as your plates or with the addition of golden jeweled goblets.


Arabian Nights Table Setting
Arabian Nights Table Setting Idea

  • Set the mood with incense, oil lamps, and candles placed in safe locations. Hang cut paper star lanterns or twinkle lights for a romantic glow.


  • Create sitting areas using throw rugs, pillows and cushions.


  • Give your Moroccan party a bazaar market look by using urns, feather fans, baskets, and lanterns.



Here are some Arabian nights party ideas for supplies that go well with this theme:


Costume Ideas

A fun way to make your Arabian nights party even better is to invite your guests to dress up. Some ideas might include the Prince of Persia, a gypsy, a belly dancer, Lawrence of Arabia, a sultan, genie, harem girl, sheik, crusader, sorceress, thief, snake charmer, a prince or princess, king or queen. You can find some great costume ideas, such as the ones below, at

Arabian Nights
Women’s Costume

Sheik Costume

Ally Kazam Costume


1. Hire belly dancers from your local area to perform, or better yet, get your guests involved by participating in belly dancing lessons. You can watch “The Art of Belly Dancing” DVD for some insipration!

2. Hire a henna artist or purchase some henna floral tattoos.

3. Designate a “magic carpet” dance area and decorate it with an assortment of persian rugs.

4. Hire a fortune teller to predict your guests’ futures!

5. Set up a television somewhere in the background of your party and play a movie such as The Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time or Lawrence of Arabia. For a kids’ party you could watch a DVD like Aladdin.

6. Serve your food Moroccan style, allowing everyone to eat while seated on cushions on the floor.

Food and Drink Ideas

Serve hummus dip, feta cheese, olives, pita bread, lamb skewers, couscous, and tabouleh. Find some great recipes at this Middle Eastern recipes website.

Hope you’ve found some helpful Arabian nights party ideas on this page.
Enjoy the celebration!

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