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art party ideas


Here are some of our favorite art party ideas for decorations, activities, invitations, and menu options. Host an artist party with flair!

Art Party Invitations

Set the tone for your art party right from the start with great invitations. Here are some ideas for fun artist party invitations you can make at home:

  • Painter’s Palette Invitations — Cut the shape of a painter’s palette from cardstock. Then cut irregular blob shapes from different color construction paper and glue these on to look like paint. Add your party information in the center of the card. For an extra special touch, attach a small paint brush to each invitation with ribbon.

  • Original Artwork Party Invitations — Use a favorite piece of the birthday child’s art to make an invitation. To do this, decide on a suitable piece of your child’s artwork and scan it into your computer. Use photo shop or to resize or alter the image if necessary. Print the picture onto cardstock, adding your party information and formatting things up so that your card is set up how you want it. (You can also take your picture and invitation wording to a print shop such as Kinko’s and they will set up and print your cards for you.)


  • Your Child as a Work of Art — For a humorous touch, use a computer program such as Photo Shop to superimpose your child’s face onto a famous work of art. Use this as the cover for your invitations.


  • Polka Dotted Invitations — Colorful polka dots around the border of your wording can be another fun and easy idea for an art themed invitation. We found some cute personalized polka dot invitations that you can purchase at Birthday in a Box.


If you are going to be doing any messy projects at your party, you might suggest to your guests to wear clothes that they don’t mind getting dirty.

**General Invitation Tips** — If you choose to make your own invitations, don’t forget to include the date, location, and time of your party. It is also helpful to put the host’s name, RSVP by date, and either your phone number or email.

Here are a few fun art party invitations we found online:

Art Party Invitations
Art Party Invitations
Colorful Crayons Invitations
Colorful Crayons Invitations
Art Party Personalized Photo Cards
Personalized Art Party Photo Cards

Art Party Ideas for Decorations

Art is all about color! When decorating for an art party theme, think rainbow colors, and use these throughout your décor in items such as tableware, streamers, and balloons.

You can use art supplies as decorating items for your party. Here are some suggestions:

  • Cluster colorful paint bottles and brushes in decorative baskets.


  • Stick an assortment of markers or tall colored pencils into clear glass jars or tin cans for bursts of color.


  • Tie a bouquet of colorful balloons to paint cans (available at local home improvement stores) and set these out as centerpieces.


  • Spread paint splattered drop cloths on the floor, especially in craft areas.


  • Set out easels with birthday messages or pieces of artwork (An easel also makes a great prop to welcome your guests at your front door!)


  • Use paint swatches from your local hardware or paint supply store in your decorating. You can use these on your place cards at the table, as labels for your goody bags or in lots of other ways. Check out our Creative Party Themes blog for even more ideas for crafting with paint swatches.


  • Put up a large piece of butcher paper along a wall in your home along with some paint or markers to serve as a “blank canvas” for a giant party mural.


  • Cover a table with a white sheet or large piece of heavy fabric and put out paints, stamps, and paint pens for your guests to make a one-of-a-kind keepsake party tablecloth.


Here are some colorful party decorations that would be perfect at an artist party:

Polka Dot Party Flags
Multi Colored Decorative Tissue Ball
Rainbow Tissue Decoration
Party Dots Value Luncheon Plates
Polka Dot Party Plates
Bright & Bold Dinner Plates
Bright and Bold Party Supplies
5 ft. Art Party Paint Easel Standee
Art Party Easel Standee
Art Party Ultimate Party Pack For 8
Art Party Ultimate Supplies

Art Party Ideas for Activities

There are lots of great art party ideas for projects that you might choose, but the most important thing is to start with input from your guest of honor and make sure that you include activities that he or she will really enjoy. We suggest setting up art stations for this party so that your guests can move from project to project at their own pace. Here are some of our favorite art party activity ideas:

  • Sidewalk chalk — Welcome your guests to your party by writing messages on your front walk in sidewalk chalk. Then leave out some chalk for the children to create their own asphalt art!


  • Decorate a Smock or Apron — What better activity for an art party than having your guests make their own party smocks to take home. To decorate these you might use paint pens, sponge paint stamps, iron on appliques, large buttons to sew on in a fun pattern, or a combination of different art mediums.


  • Face Painting — Let your guests’ faces become their own works of art! Set out some face paint, mirrors, and washcloths and let the fun begin!


  • Colorful Self-Portraits — Tape clear acetate sheets to a mirror and have your guests look into the mirror, drawing their facial features onto the acetate with permanent marker. When this is done, remove the sheets, and have the children fill in their pictures with bright acrylic paint colors that are not true to life for a fun and different self-portrait.


  • Play Clay — At a covered table area, set out a variety of different colored clay, along with rolling pins, different utensils, cookie cutters, or whatever you have that seems fun, and let your guests use their imaginations to create clay sculptures that they can take home as party keepsakes.


  • Beading — Depending on the age of your group, set out a variety of beads and string for the children to make some colorful jewelry. For older guests you might include different glass beads, and for younger choose large wooden beads or foods such as Froot Loops and pasta. **Be sure to consider the age of your group to avoid choking hazards.


  • Shrinky Dinks


  • Spin Art


  • Pass the Picture Game — In this game, sit everyone in a circle and put out enough colored pens so that they are accessible to all. Give each child a piece of white paper and have them draw an oval for their face and put their name on the bottom of the page. After this, have everyone pass their papers to the person on their right, who should add one feature to the picture (such as eyes, a mouth, etc.) so that it looks like the person whose name is on the page. Contine passing the papers until they are back with their original owners to see what the final image looks like!


  • Story Time — Quiet things down with a great book about art. Here are a few of our favorite choices:


Art & Max

The Art Lesson

Van Gogh and the Sunflowers

Art Party Ideas for Food

  • Rainbow Fruit Plate — Arrange a variety of different colored fruits (or veggies) on a tray so that they make a rainbow of healthy snack choices.


  • Arty Ice Cream — Fill squeezy bottles with a variety of different colored ice cream topping sauces such as fudge, raspberry, butterscotch, caramel, or thinned fruit jellies. Give each child a scoop of ice cream and encourage your artists to make abstract designs in their dessert!


  • Decorate a Cookie or Cupcake — What better way to finish an art party than by designing your own sweet treat. Set out a selection of frostings, gel pen icing, and sprinkles and let your guests create a masterpiece.

Art Party Ideas for Favors

  • Aprons
    or Smocks (Have your guests decorate their own as an activity)
  • Paint Sets
  • Play clay
  • Rainbow Swirl Lollipops
  • Berets (every artist needs one)
  • Crayons and Paper or Coloring Books
  • An Accordion Folder to Use as an Artist Portfolio
  • All the Completed Projects From Your Party!

Hope you found some useful art party ideas on this page. Enjoy the party!

Art Party Supplies

Play Doh Birthday Set

Alex Giant Art Jar

Face Painting Party Pack

Children’s Artist Smocks

Spin Art

Shrinky Dinks Kit

Washable Finger Paint

Colored Pencil Set

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  1. I teach the art class for our homeschool co-op, I was planning on having an art party at the end of the year, these are some great ideas! Thanks!! 

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