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baseball or softball party ideas

Want to throw a home run baseball theme party or a winning softball party? Check us out for loads of great party ideas that will guarantee your event is a hit! We’ll give you a game plan to take you from your pre-game invitations, through setting up your party decorations, to games and activities, and ending with some all-star menu ideas. Ready? Let’s play ball!

Baseball Theme Party Invitations

Make your guests feel like all-stars before the party even starts by sending great invitations. Here are some invitation ideas sure to be a hit!

Cardstock Ball Cutouts — Buy some poster board or cardstock (white for baseball and neon yellow for softball). First, cut out circles for your invitation background. Next, glue on red ricrac to look like the ball’s stitching. Write a catchy title such as, “Come Help us Make _________’s Party a Homerun!” or “Come Help Us Celebrate a Team Party That’s Outta the Park!” Put the rest of your party’s information on the back of the card.

Make a Ticket Invitation — Create your baseball theme party invitation in the shape of an event ticket. For extra fun you could have your guests present their tickets as they arrive at the party to receive a game day giveaway specific to your event.

**General Invitation Tips** — If you choose to make your own invitations, don’t forget to include the date, location, and time of your party. It is also helpful to put the host’s name, RSVP by date, and either your phone number or email.

You can always find lots of great online party invitations with a free RSVP manager at Evite,


Here are a few baseball party invitations that we love:

Personalized Baseball Invitations

Scoreboard Party Invitations

Softball Party Invitations

softball party decorations

Softball/Baseball Party Decorations

A Geared-Up Table Centerpiece — To make a fun and easy party centerpiece, use your child’s gear! For this softball party centerpiece we took our girl’s batting helmet and ran balloons in her team colors through the holes in the top. Then we arranged her mitt and ball next to it to give it a little more heft. We repeated this theme on the kitchen island with her catcher’s mask and a bat. She thought it was especially cool since it was her stuff, but if your child is a fan of a specific team you could easily substitute any other sports mementos you happen to have.

Use Team Colors — Use your team’s colors throughout your party decorations, and if your team has a cool mascot, make a big picture of it to hang on the front door.

Player Pennants — Create pennants with each guest’s name (and number) to hang on the wall or put on these on dowels and stick them in a vase for a personalized table decoration.

Numbers and Symbols — Buy or make baseballs and team numbers and hang them on the walls.

Go All-American! — Use boxes of Cracker Jacks, bags of peanuts, long licorice whips, or cotton candy at each place setting for extra color and a stadium feel.

Here are some party supplies that would be great for a softball or baseball themed party:

Baseball Star Party Supplies

Grand Slam Softball Party Supplies

MLB Party Supplies

Baseball Concessions Banner

Batter Up Straw Decorations

Batter Up Photo Booth Props



Baseball Theme Party Games and Activities

Pitching Contest — Place a basket of balls at one point and set up a hula hoop or other target a specific distance away. Have a contest to see how many balls each of your players can get through the target. You can also adjust the target as the game goes on by moving it farther away, making it progressively smaller, or setting it up in different positions after each throw.

Four Bases — For this game, designate each corner of a room as first base, second base, third base, and home plate. Choose one person to be “it”. This person covers his eyes and counts to ten. During this time the rest of the group quietly moves to pick one corner (base) to stand in. Without looking, the “it” person should call out a base number. The people standing in that corner are out. Play continues until there is only one player left. (**Note- when there are only four players left, they should each stand in their own corner). The winning player can become “it” in the next game.

Ball Toss — This is the baseball version of egg toss. Line the players up in two lines facing a partner. Give each person a baseball cap. The object of the game is to toss the ball from one cap to the next without hands, and without letting their ball drop. After each round, the players should take one step back. Teams who miss their catch are out. The last team left wins!

Wiffle Ball — Of course, for the baseball and/or softball loving child, nothing compares to playing their own game. Setting up a wiffle ball game in the backyard is always one of the classic baseball party ideas.

Make Souvenir Gear — To get things calmed down and brought back inside, you might consider a souvenir activity. Decorating party favors such as wiffle bats or water bottles can do double duty by giving your guests a party favor that they can later use. Sharpie pens or paint pens work well on plastic and are great for decorating and for letting party guests sign each other’s souvenirs. Don’t forget to have your guests sign a game ball for the birthday child!

Paint Team Water Bottles — Another fun craft that can also be a great team building activity is to paint team water bottles. Start with some large clear or translucent sport water bottles and a variety of acrylic paints. (Puffy paints also work well for this.) Set out some newspaper and let everyone design their own bottle.

Baseball Theme Party Favors

This leads us to baseball or softball party favors. Here are some ideas sure to be a hit

  • Wiffle ball and wiffle bat sets (Have the gang autograph it!)
  • Water bottles
  • Baseball Caps (use those of your favorite team or even personalize each party guest their own by using an iron-on with their initial)
  • Baseball Cards
  • Big League Chew Gum
  • A Bag of Sunflower Seeds (great for spitting in the dugout)
  • Cracker Jacks

Baseball and Bat Keychains

Baseball Lollipops

Funny Face Squishy Baseballs


softball party food

Softball or Baseball Theme Party Menu Ideas

What to serve at a baseball theme party? Stadium fare, of course! Here is a list of some All-American favorites!

  • Hot Dogs (no baseball or softball party would be complete without them!)
  • Popcorn
  • Peanuts or Sunflower Seeds (in the shell, of course)
  • Red Vines (the really long ones)
  • If you are feeling ambitious, you can rent a cotton candy making machine or a snow cone machine to complete the stadium ambience!
  • For dessert, try your hand at decorating a cake, cupcakes, or cookies to look like balls. To do this, frost them solid white (or lemon yellow) and make the stitching by using red decorating frosting and dragging a toothpick through it to look like stitches.


baseball cupcakes

Hope you’ve found some helpful softball and baseball theme party ideas on this page. Hope your next celebration hits it out of the park!

softball party decorationsFor more great ideas, hop on over to our blog and check out our postsĀ onĀ softball team party ideas or softball slumber party ideas.

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