Blue & Gold Cub Scout Banquet Centerpiece

DIY Cub Scout Banquet Centerpiece

This is my son’s first year in Cub Scouts, and I volunteered to do the centerpieces for our Den’s table at the annual Blue and Gold Banquet. I didn’t find many ideas online so I thought I’d share what I did to make a fun Cub Scout banquet centerpiece.


How to make a Cub Scout banquet centerpiece


  • glass vases, The Dollar Tree
  • curling ribbon, The Dollar Tree
  • paper shred, The Dollar Tree
  • ribbon, Michael’s
  • Wilton candy melts, Michael’s
  • cellophane bags, Michael’s
  • candy mold,
  • lollipop sticks,


  1. Fill vase with paper shred, wrap ribbon around top of vase, and glue
  2. Print Cub Scout logo onto card stock, cut out and attach with double sided tape
  3. Melt Wilton candy, according to directions.  Squeeze into mold, put in lollipop stick
  4. Refrigerate until candy is hard, pop it out of mold
  5. Put into cellophane bag and tie with curling ribbon



  1. Kim Anderson says:

    Just wanted to say I love your idea! I have been searching the internet for something simple but than again will look nice as a centerpiece. Thanks again!

  2. I love you idea & I’m using for the centerpieces for my son’s Blue & Gold Banquet. Thanks!

  3. Your centerpieces are awesome! I am in charge of planning our annual Blue and Gold banquet. We have done something similar to this for years. We were able to get flower pots donated. We painted them blue and yellow and stamped a fleur di lis on them. We filled the pots with hershey’s minatures candybars (also donated) and then put blue and yellow white chocolate lollipops in. They are a huge hit!!!!

  4. This is a great idea, I went to the link for the sucker mold but didn’t see it. I can’t believe there aren’t any ideas out there. We have our B&G dinner coming up in a few weeks and we wanted to get a few ideas together for our next meeting. This might be what we go with 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love this idea and will be using it for our B&G banquet. I was just wondering how many pops the bag of chocolate made? I need to make 140 of these and I need an idea of how many bags of chocolate I will need. I think I’m going to fill the vase with popcorn and let the kids at the table guess how many kernals are in the vase. The winner will take it all home. THANKS for posting this!!!

    • 2partymoms says:

      Great idea with the popcorn kernels.You could spray paint beans blue and gold too. I made these several years ago so I am not sure how many bags I used.

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