Bunco Party Ideas

bunco party ideas

A bunco party is a great idea for getting everyone together for a night of fun. Whether it’s a girls’ night out or a gathering of family or friends, bunco makes a fun and easy party theme for all ages. Here are our favorite bunco party ideas to help you host a fabulous get together!

Bunco Party Invitations

Get your party started right by gathering your friends with some great invitations.

You can always find lots of great online party invitations with a free RSVP manager at Evite,


send some that fit the bunco theme such as these (available at Amazon.com):


Preparing for Your Bunco Party

Bunco is a dice game usually played with 12 people, although there are variations you can make for 6 or 8 players. It is really great as a party theme because it is easy to learn, easy to play (you can eat and socialize at the same time!) and it gets everyone mingling and involved in the party.

Another great thing about a bunco theme party is that you don’t need a lot of materials to pull it together. If you are making your own bunco set, here’s what you will need:

  • Game Rules
  • 3 tables (that seat 4 people each)
  • 9 dice (3 for each table group)
  • 1 master score sheet and 12 tally score sheets
  • 3 scratch pads (1 per table)
  • 12 pencils
  • 1 game bell
  • 1 fuzzy die
  • Prizes

Of course, there are lots of bunco sets available that put everything together for you.

Bunco Party Set

Bunco Score Pads

Bunco Party Ideas

Bunco Party Decorations

Besides setting up your tables in a central area to actually play the game, the sky is the limit when it comes to bunco party decor. You could stop there and make it a casual event, or you could jazz things up with some fun tableware and decorations. Because bunco is a dice game, a great color scheme for a bunco theme party is black, white and pink (or red). Here are some cute bunco themed decorations we’ve found that would make any get together more festive!

Bunco Girls Party Napkins

Bunco Wine Charms

Bunco Cocktail Napkins


Bunco Party Ideas for Food

Because you will want to serve foods that can be eaten while you play your game, finger foods, hearty appetizers, and sweets work especially well at a bunco party. One easy way to incorporate a variety of foods into your party is to ask your guests to bring something small to share. Then you provide the tableware and drinks.

If you choose to provide the food for the group, a good rule of thumb is to offer about 3 hearty appetizer choices and 2 different desserts. We have seen some yummy sheet cookies frosted to look like dice; you can also make a cheese tray with the bunco theme by decorating a cube (or cubes) of cheese with halved black olives to resemble dice.

Another great idea is to come up with a signature cocktail for your party. Give it a bunco themed name such as “The Bell Ringer” or “The Lucky Lady.” Signature drinks are a super way to make your event more memorable.

Finally, consider setting out small bowls of candy or treats at each of your game tables. This makes for fun snacking throughout the night.

Bunco Party Ideas for Favors

Festive dice beads can be a fun favor idea

Often at a bunco party when someone rolls a bunco they are given a special tiara, hat, or lei to wear until the next bunco is rolled.

Also, prizes are often awarded to the person who has the most wins, the most losses, and who rolls the most natural buncos. Some bunco party ideas for favors might include:


Hope you’ve found some helpful bunco party ideas on this page. If you and your friends have so much fun that you want to make bunco a regular get together idea, why not make your own bunco club? Have fun!

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