A Care Packages and Cocktails Party

Care packages and cocktails party

Well, September is here and school is starting, and if you’re a parent with kids off to college it’s probably a time when you would love to get together with some friends to share all the ups and downs of getting everybody launched. (And if you’re a student away at school there is nothing better than getting an awesome care package from home!) What better way to make the most of both of these circumstances than by inviting either five or fifty other parents over for a care packages and cocktails party! It’s a win-win for both the adults and the kids!

This party idea is inspired by a post and some fun pictures on Facebook provided by Helen Habernickel Bonzulak, which she sweetly said we could share with all our readers!

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Start by making a list of all the other parents you would like to invite who have kids off to college or the military and then putting together a group text or email that includes an RSVP so you can get an idea of how many care packages you will be making. There are lots of great, free online invitation sites that can help with this, such as Evite.

Care package partyEach guest should bring one item to contribute to the care packages, multiplied by the number of guests that will be coming, plus one big box to hold their own student’s care package.

Ask your guests to respond with what they will be bringing (so there aren’t any duplicate goodies).

Here are some sample ideas of great care package items:

  • Dry snacks (popcorn, trail mix, hot chocolate, cookies, fruit snacks)
  • Small school supplies (Post-it notes, highlighters, tape, glue)
  • Games (dice, cards, ping pong balls)
  • Medical supplies (Emergen-C packets, Band-Aids, Tylenol, Anti-bacterial)
  • Fun or seasonal decorations (small picture frames, holiday treats)
  • Shower supplies (soap, shampoo, lotion)
  • Notecards

Plan your party space by clearing a large table or floor area for everyone to place the items they’ve brought to share, as well as having a place where guests can mingle to talk and enjoy some snacks and beverages (and we especially like the idea of a few cocktails!)

care package party ideasAt the party Helen attended, the hostess asked everyone to wear their kid’s college tee shirt as a fun extra touch. This makes for good conversation starters and great pictures!

When it’s care package assembly time, have your guests move buffet style through all the goodies to create an amazing box for their student!

Be sure to have everyone include the all-important note from home in their care package. As a hostess you might want to provide some pens and notecards for this. I have a friend who told me that at a care package party she attended each mom also wrote a note to someone else’s child with good wishes for the year ahead.

We just loved Helen’s care packages and cocktails party idea! So much fun! I can’t wait to get started putting one together for my own far-away college girl!

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