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Give me a P-A-R-T-Y! Host a cheerleader party with lots of spirit! We’ll give you ideas for party decorations, invitations, activities, favors, and food. Go Team!

Cheerleader Invitations

Set the tone for your cheerleading party before it even begins by sending great invitations. Here is an idea for making your own fun cheer party invitations:

Megaphone Invitations — Use colored cardstock in your school colors (or your party theme colors) and make a foldover card in the shape of a megaphone. On the front, use fun markers or gel pens to write, “Give me a P” — “Give me an A” — “Give me an R” — “Give me a T” — “Give me a Y” “What’s that spell?” Then on the inside write, “PARTY and it’s for _____ ! Show your birthday spirit and join us…” (then put your party details). (**Another alternative is to spell out the birthday girl’s name instead of p-a-r-t-y.)

You can always find lots of great online party invitations with a free RSVP manager at Evite,




Here are some sweet cheer invitations we found, available at

Cheerleader Fill-In Invitations

Purple Cheerleader Invitations


**General Invitation Tips** — If you choose to make your own invitations, don’t forget to include the date, location, and time of your party. It is also helpful to put the host’s name, RSVP by date, and either your phone number or email.

Cheerleader Party Decorations

A cheerleading party is all about jumping, shouting, giggling, and having fun. Make sure that when you plan your party, you set aside an area that is cleared of all breakables where your guests can tumble around. After that, decorating for a cheerleader theme party is a snap. Use your school colors or whatever two colors your birthday girl likes best, and go nuts with balloons, streamers, and pennants or banners to make your home look sporty. Have a great mascot? Don’t forget to include it in your decorating. Other items that can make good decoration pieces are trophies and sporting equipment. Consider making a table centerpiece out of pom poms and megaphones (these are easy to make with a rolled up piece of poster board).

Another fun decorating idea for a cheerleading party is to create a concession stand like you might find at a sporting event. Use a large appliance box or a decorated table, and stock it with candy, popcorn, and soda.

Here are some party supplies that can help you decorate for your event:

Cheerleader Tableware
Red & White We're Number 1 Cheerphones
Red, White & Blue Spirit Pom Poms
Cheer Poms

Cheer Photo Booth Props

Cheer Balloons

Cheerleader Centerpiece

Cheerleader Party Games and Activities

Pre-Game Prettiness! – Get your cheerleaders ready for the big event by creating a make-up station where the girls can gussy up as they arrive. Make goody bags for your guests that include pony tail holders, hair bows and barrettes, a hairbrush, body glitter and lip gloss. Set up a mirror and let the prettiness begin!

Make a Personalized Cheer Pennant — Before the party, cut a piece of felt or craft foam in the shape of a pennant for each of your guests. Then at the party, set our paint pens, craft foam stickers, glitter, glue, gems, or whatever craft materials you like and have your guests make their own personal pennant.

Create Your Own Pom Poms — Every cheerleader needs her own pom poms! You can buy these inexpensively, or make them as a cheerleader party craft activity. Here’s how:

Gather: Sheets of colored and white tissue paper, 8 per guest, several pairs of sharp scissors, rubber bands, chenille stems, ribbon or colored tape.

First, provide 4 sheets of tissue paper for each pom-pom. Stack the sheets and lay them flat. Fold about 6 inches from the top to make the pom-poms an appropriate length – about 14 inches long. Then fold again in the other direction, from the side, until you are left with a roll of tissue paper about 3 inches wide, by 14 inches long.

Hold one end of the tissue roll and cut strips, leaving about 3-4 inches uncut. This will be the handle. Secure the end with a rubber band. Then if you want, wrap the handle with ribbons, or colored tape.

Make Up a Cheer! — Gather your group together and lead them in some basic cheers and cheer steps. Then give them some music and let them create their own cheers and dance routines. When they are done you can videotape their performance and let them watch! This activity is even more fun if you invite…

A Special Guest — A real treat for a cheerleading birthday party is to invite a real cheerleader or two from your local high school or college to give them a demonstration and a cheer lesson. Chances are you have a teenager in your neighborhood who can give you the name of a cheerleader or two who you could ask, or call your local high school and see if any of the girls are available for hire.

Cheerleader Party Food

Dress your cake in your favorite team uniform

The best menu ideas for a cheerleader birthday party are foods that you would find at a sporting event. Think hot dogs, big pretzels, popcorn, candy, and soda.

For your birthday cake, you could cut two thin triangles off of a rectangular cake to form a megaphone. Another idea might be to make a tower of cupcakes and put a cheerleader cake topper in each to look like a cheer pyramid.

Hope you found a some useful cheerleader party ideas for your next party. Go team go!

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