Christmas Office Party Ideas

Christmas office party ideas

Want to host a festive office holiday party? Here are our favorite Christmas office party ideas to help you pick a theme, decorate, and plan some activities for a fabulous event.

Christmas Office Party Themes

A fun way to add some sparkle to your office holiday party is to give it a theme. This can help you when planning your decorations, activities, and even your party venue. Here are a few Christmas office party ideas for holiday themes (click on the links to find out more about each of these):

  • A White Elephant Party — Everyone brings an unusual wrapped gift (usually no more than $15) to exchange in a hilarious game where trades and bargaining rule the day.
  • Secret Santa — This is another gift exchange theme. Consider setting a price limit and sending out a survey of your employees’ favorite colors and interests. The website can be a great resource for setting up your Secret Santa party by offering online invitations, wish lists and surveys for your guests.
  • Ugly Christmas Sweater Party — Celebrate the kitschy side of the the holidays by inviting everyone to wear their brightest, jingliest, fuzziest, and downright ugliest sweater for a fun holiday party guaranteed to get everyone laughing out loud.
  • Holiday Minute to Win It — Minute to Win It is a fun, fast paced game show that takes everyday objects and creates crazy games that must be completed in under a minute. The best part, however, is that all of these games can be done in your office or home, making Minute to Win It an awesome theme for a holiday party.
  • Winter Wonderland Theme — For a more formal feel, use this blue and white theme to add some sparkle to your event.
  • A Christmas Caroling Party — A great party idea for big groups and families, this Christmas party theme gets everyone involved in some old fashioned fun!
  • A Cookie or Ornament Exchange — Ask everyone to bring a plate of their favorite holiday sweets or a wrapped ornament to trade (or both)!

    Christmas Office Party Invitations

    The holidays are a busy time of year, so sending great invitations is a great way to get everybody excited about taking a break to attend the party. Here are some ideas…

    1. If your party is going to be informal, sending an online invitation from a website such as, can be a great way to get the word out, ask people to contribute, and keep track of your rsvps.

    2. Using humor in your invitation wording can be another fun idea that will get people talking about your event. Here are a few Christmas party wording options:

    • “Christmas begins about the first of December with an office party and ends when you finally realize what you spent, around April 15th of next year!” — P.J. O’Rourke
    • “Merry Christmas, nearly everybody!” — Ogden Nash


    3. If your event is going to be more formal, consider sending printed invitations. Receiving a traditional printed invitation is becoming less common, and will be appreciated by your employees. Here are a few that we like:

Holiday Dots Invitations
Holiday Dots Invitations
Ornate Holiday Personalized Invitation
Ornate Holiday Invitations
Sweet Christmas Dots Invitations
Sweet Holiday Dots Invitations


4. If you would like people to bring a gift for an exchange or food to share, be clear on your invitations about this so that everyone knows well ahead of time.

Christmas Office Party Decorations

If you are hosting your party at the office, it’s important to give things a little holiday flair to make the holidays feel special. Here are some Christmas office party ideas for decorations:

  • Ask for Volunteers — You might have a variety of cultures that make up your work force. One way to be sure everyone feels represented is to ask your employees to help decorate by bringing in an item that is special to their own holiday celebrations.


  • Hang Some Colored Lights — Lights are a quick and easy way to give things a holiday feel. String them around the ceilings or wrap them around posts.


  • Set Out an Artificial Tree — A lit Christmas tree is another easy way to give your decorations a boost. Consider using it to hang tags for gift requests from a local charity throughout the holiday season. Then, as people fulfill these requests, you can stack the gifts under the tree.


  • Wrap Framed Pictures to Look Like Gifts — If you have framed pictures in your office, dress them for the holidays by wrapping them in bright paper and adding big bows to look like large gifts on the walls.


  • Hang some Snowflakes — Use clear fishing line to hang some sparkly snowflakes at different heights from the ceiling for an instant winter feel.


  • Set Out a Holiday Photo Prop — You can inexpensively purchase large cardboard photo stand ins where people stick their faces into a holiday scene. These are great for lightening the mood during the holidays.


  • Hang Stockings for your Employees — Drape a clothesline along one wall where you hang inexpensive holiday stockings with an employee’s name written on each. Then periodically throughout December stick small candies or notes of encouragement into the stockings for a special surprise.

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Christmas Office Party Games

If your party theme is a white elephant or Minute to Win It, you will already have some great activities to keep your celebration hopping. Here are a few more Christmas office party ideas for games that can help liven up your event.

  • Christmas Trivia — Ask your employees to come up with some holiday trivia questions to create a game unique to your office, or download a free printable Christmas trivia game to use at your party.


  • Name That Christmas Song — For this game, one person gets to be the DJ and plays a few notes of a holiday hit. The first person to correctly identify the song gets a small prize. Continue on, using increasingly obscure songs to make the game harder and harder. Award the person who identified the most songs the title of “Christmas Music Champion”!


  • The Santa Hat Game — Give everyone a Santa hat (or other party hat) when they enter the party. (The goal of the game is NOT to be the last one wearing a hat.) Once everyone has arrived, tell people about the game and the goal, explaining that the only rule is that no one can take their hat off until you have. Let the party continue for a while, and as time goes by, people will take their attention off you, and even forget the game is happening. Then remove your hat and watch as people slowly realize what’s going on. Eventually, some unsuspecting person will be last to notice, and amidst some giggles and pointing, this person loses the first round of the game. If there is time, get the hats back on and give the loser the chance to start the next game.

Hope you’ve found some helpful Christmas office party ideas on this page. Have a wonderful holiday season!

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