Dinosaur Birthday Party

dinosaur birthday party

Want to throw a “dino-mite” dinosaur birthday party? Here are our favorite ideas for invitations, decorations, party games, favors and menu ideas to help you host a roaring good time!

Dinosaur Party Invitations

Dinosaur Egg Invitations — For this invitation, design a speckled dinosaur egg and write a catchy title on it, such as, “Great Things are Hatching at ______________’s Dinosaur Birthday Party!”. Cut the designed piece to the same size as a blank white piece of paper. Then cut the egg in two pieces to look like it has cracked. Attach the two pieces with a brad to the white paper so that they hinge and can be opened to reveal your party information (written on the white page).

Dinosaur Footprint Invitations — Design a cutout shape of a dinosaur footprint and write, “Make Tracks to ________’s Dinosaur Party! Include your party information below or on the inside of the card.

Dinosaur Shape Invitations — Another cute idea is to make your cards in the simple outline of a dinosaur and write a catchy slogan on the front. Some invitation wording might include:

  • For a Roaring Good Time, Make Tracks to __________’s Dinosaur Birthday Party
  • A Wild Time is Waiting at _____________’s Dinosaur Birthday Party
  • Come For a Dino-Mite Party!
  • Dig Dinosaurs? Then Join Us at __________’s Dinosaur Birthday Party!

**General Party Invitation Tips** — If you choose to make your own invitations, don’t forget to include the date, location, and time of your party. It is also helpful to put the host’s name RSVP by date, and either your phone number or email.

Here are some other great dinosaur birthday party invitations that you might choose:

Dinosaur Times Personalized Invitations
Dinosaur Times Invitations
Dino Tales Personalized Vertical Invitations
Dino Tales Invitations
Dinosaur Adventure Personalized Invitation
Dinosaur Adventure Invitations

Party Decorations

Triceratops Pinata
A dinosaur piñata can be a fun party decoration and activity all in one!

Here are some fun decoration ideas that can help turn your party space into a blast from the past:

Dinosaur Footprints — A great idea for setting the dinosaur mood is to make dinosaur tracks on the front walk to your door. You can do this either by using sidewalk chalk or by cutting tracks out of black garbage bags or construction paper and taping them down with duct tape.

Create a Prehistoric Jungle — To create the jungle feel, hang a mixture of brown, light green, and dark green streamers around your home. You could also hang balloons in these colors. Further the effect by cutting out tropical leaves, scattering them on tabletops, and hanging them from your streamers to look like leafy vines.

Use Toy Dinosaurs — For a fun centerpiece idea, use plush or inflatable dinosaurs on your tabletops and serving areas. Surround them with plastic Easter eggs (you can fill these with treats for an extra bonus). Then add some balloons to the arrangement for a fun and easy party focal point.

Here are some party supplies that go well with the dinosaur birthday party theme:

Dino Blast Basic Party Pack
Dino Blast Party Supplies
Dinosaur Adventure Deluxe Party Pack
Dinosaur Adventure Party SUpplies

Dino Slash Party Supplies

Little Dino Party Supplies
Green Baby Dino Pinata
Green Baby Dino Pinata
Inflatable Brachiosaurus Dinosaur
Inflatable Brachiosaurus

Dinosaur Party Games and Activities

Dinosaur Bone Bowling — To make this dinosaur party game, cover 10 empty pop cans with white paper and draw a bone on each. Set them out at the end of a hallway like bowling pins and have children take turns rolling a ball into the cans to see how many they can knock down. After they have their turn, have them reset the cans for the next bowler.

Dinosaur Egg Stomp – Have each child tie one balloon to their ankle with a piece of string. This is their dinosaur egg and they must protect it at all costs. The object of the game is to try to stomp and break everyone else’s balloon while protecting yours. When your balloon pops, you are out. The last person with a full balloon wins. (You might consider having extra balloons ready for a second round of this game).

Egg of Extinction – Play a traditional game of hot potato using a plastic “dinosaur” egg. Have the children sit in a circle and turn on some music (you might consider using the song “Walk the Dinosaur” by Was not Was). Without looking, stop the music. When the music stops, whoever is holding the egg is now extinct, and must leave the circle. Continue until there is one child left. If you choose to play again, that child can be in charge of controlling the music. (Another fun variation for this is to use a large dog bone instead of an egg.)

Nesting Grounds Relay Race – Divide the children into two teams. Let each team pick out their dinosaur name, such as the Triceratops versus the T-Rexes. Line the teams up at one end of a hallway. In the middle of the hallway, tape a black plastic garbage bag. (This is the deadly tar pit). At the other end of the hallway, place the two big garbage sacks full of “dinosaur eggs” (Balloons filled with squishy dinosaurs). On “Go” the first child in each line races down the hall, jumping over the deadly tar pit, to the nesting ground full of eggs. He/she must hatch an egg by bouncing on it or stomping it, and retrieve the baby dinosaur inside. He then races back with his baby dinosaur, touches the hand of the next teammate, and that person is off to the nesting ground. The first team with all members sitting with their hatched dinosaurs wins.

Disappearing Dinos – This is a game of reverse hide-and-seek. One person is chosen to be “it”. This person hides while the others count. Then everyone sets out to find the disappearing dinosaur. If they find him, they must silently hide with him, trying not to let the others know where they are. One by one, more dinosaurs “disappear”, joining the first hider. The last person still seeking the dinosaurs can become the starting dino in the next game.

Dinosaur Birthday Party Menu Ideas

dinosaur party cupcakes

Fun spots in your party colors turn regular cupcakes into dinosaur eggs!

After all the activity of game time, your guests will probably be ready for some refreshments. Here are a few ideas for some tasty dino delights!

  • Use a bone or dinosaur shaped cookie cutters
    to design some fun sandwiches.
  • Put out bowls with dinosaur shaped fruit snacks.
  • Freeze plastic dinosaurs into ice cubes and put them into some prehistoric fruit punch.
  • Hide bone shaped candy or gummy dinosaurs in chocolate pudding in clear plastic cups. Then top the pudding with crushed Oreo cookies and have the children dig in!
  • Design Dinosaur Egg Cupcakes simply by frosting them in a solid color and then decorating with complementary colored dots to look like eggs!

    Dinosaur Birthday Party Favors

    Here are a few suggestions for some dino-mite party favors:

    • Pith helmets (every good paleontologist needs one)
    • Magnifying Glasses (good for excavations)
    • Stuffed or Plastic Dinosaurs (can be cute or realistic depending on your crowd)
    • Dinosaur Egg Candy (Speckled Malt Balls)
    • Any Dinosaur Related Items — There are MANY out there!


    Colorful Magnifying Glasses

    Dinosaur Treasure Eggs

    Dinosaur Grabbers


    Hope you found some useful party ideas on this page. We hope your next dinosaur birthday party is a blast from the past!

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