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Host a diva party fit for a princess! Read on for some tips for hosting an event with lots of sparkle. We’ll give you our favorite ideas for sending stylish invitations, decorating with a diva theme, keeping everyone busy with fun activities, and finishing up with some fabulous menu options. Everything you need to host a posh and perfect celebration.

Diva Party Invitations

Your invitations are the calling card to your event, so be sure to make them special. There are lots of fun diva themed invitations available out there for purchase, or with a little creativity it’s easy to make your own. Here are some suggestions:

  • Start with plain pink or black paper or note cards and use your imagination to jazz them up
  • You could also use zebra print scrapbook paper as the invitation background.
  • Put a picture of the guest of honor on the front of the card all dressed up in her diva finest
  • Add some self-stick rhinestones (available at most craft stores)
  • Write or print up your party information in a fun and fancy diva style script
  • Toss a little glitter or silver star confetti into the envelope
  • Another fun invitation idea is to write your party information on a pretty, decorative tag and attach it to inexpensive glittery microphones. Mail these in padded envelopes or hand deliver them to your guests.

You can always find lots of great online party invitations with a free RSVP manager at Evite,


Here are some great pre-made invitations that we found from some of our favorite online vendors:

Runway Diva Party Invitations

Pink Damask Crown Invitations

Vintage Diva Invitations


Diva Party Decorations

A diva party sould be all about SPARKLE! a great color combination for this theme is hot pink, black and white. You might throw in some glittery silver accents as well to make sure that your decorations shine. Here are some suggestions to help you put together some fabulous diva party decorations.

Create a Grand Entry — Wow your guests before they even step foot into your party! Instead of a red carpet welcome, lay out a pink carpet runner leading to your front door.

Pink Carpet Runner

Walk of Fame — Another fun welcome for all aspiring divas is to see their names immortalized. Do this by writing each guest’s name on a large silver star to create a walk of fame leading to your entryway.

Balloons Everywhere! — Nothing says party like balloons. Float them outside your event, and use bouquets of balloons in your theme colors for an instantly festive atmosphere!

Consider Animal Prints — Zebra and leopard prints can be very chic accents at a diva party. You might use them in your tableware or find a flashy piece of fabric or tablecloth as a party focal point.

Hang Some Pink Pom PomsTissue paper pom poms are a hot new idea in party decorating. Hang some of these in pretty pink for fancy and feminine party style.

Consider Creating a Pink Candy Buffet — Candy bars are another hot trend in decorating right now. Assemble a range of different shaped bowls and glass apothecary jars and fill them with an assortment of pretty candies in your theme colors.

Doll up Your Seating — Give your chairs that diva feel by tying swags of hot pink gossamer fabric into big chair bows on the back of your table seating.

Set a Diva Party Table — The party table is an area of central focus in decorating, so be sure to make it special. Start with tableware in your theme colors. Then think about creating a centerpiece fit for a queen. For this, arrange some items that are typically symbolic of a diva, such as a purse spilling out makeup and jewelry, some pink and black feather boas, and perhaps a glittery microphone. Another fun idea is to spray paint an old pair of high heel shoes and then cover them with feathers, rhinestones, and glitter. If your centerpiece needs height, add a bouquet of balloons to the center of your grouping. You might also scatter silver star confetti or pink rose petals down the middle of the table for some extra flash.

Make Sure Your Guests Feel Like Divas — Finish your table decorating by placing a sparkly tiara at each place setting so that everyone can summon their inner diva-ness!

Here are some party supplies we really like for  a diva party theme (click to see the entire selection of products):

Pink Zebra Party Supplies

Glam Diva Party Decorations
Pink Provincial Princess Ultimate Party Pack For 8
Pink Provincial Princess party Supplies


Diva Party Activities

Of course what most great parties are remembered for are the activities and special touches that the hostess dreamed up. Here are some ideas for divas of any age:

Diva Dress Up and Photo Session — Scour your costume trunks and goodwill for some great costume items like big hats, boas, old prom gowns, long gloves, and costume jewelry. You could also set up a makeup table with mirrors and a variety of colorful makeup and hair accessories. Let your party guests have fun getting divi-fied! Then establish an area where they can ham it up for the camera. A fun idea is to get a large empty picture frame and have your divas hold it in front of them so it looks like they are framed in the photo. These pictures make a great keepsake or party souvenir.

Karaoke — What true diva doesn’t like to take the stage? Rent or purchase a karaoke machine and get ready for some fun. (For more ideas on this, take a look at our karaoke party ideas page).

Diva Party Crafts — Every diva loves gifts. Why not have your group create their own unique party souvenirs? One idea for this is to decorate champagne glasses. Acrylic paint pens can be used for this (on the outside of the glass only), or set rhinestones into the base of your glasses using hot glue or super bond craft glue.You could also decorate picture frames. Purchase some inexpensive wood or plastic frames and paint them a base color such as black or hot pink before your event. Then at the party, let your guests have fun “accessorizing” their frames using gems, feathers, and paint.

Fashion Foil Designers — Have a group that wants a game guaranteed to lead to giggles? For this activity, divide into two groups and give each two rolls of aluminum foil. The goal is to dress one of the team members from each group head to toe in creations made entirely of foil. Hats, dresses, shoes, jewelry — you name it! Set a timer and go to different areas so the other group can’t see you. When the specified time is up, come back together for a fashion show to see what everyone came up with!

Diva Party Foods

Set a beautiful and delicious table of party foods that fit the diva theme. Here are some ideas:

  • Pink Candy Buffet
  • Strawberries dipped in chocolate — Use white or dark chocolate and add some pink sugar crystals for sparkle
  • Oreos (sometimes you can even find these with pink filling)
  • Hostess Marshmallow Snowballs
  • Cake or cupcakes frosted in pink, black and white
  • Pink Drinks
    • Pink Lemonade or punch
    • Strawberry milkshakes or smoothies
    • Strawberry Crush soda
    • Pink champagne (for the over 21 crowd) or sparkling cider

Diva Party Gifts

Send your guests home with a special memento of the day. If you created a craft or took photos as part of your celebration, these are great take aways. Here are a few more ideas:

Pink Boa
Feather Boas
Magical Kingdom Tiaras
Glitter Microphone
Glitter Microphones
Princess Lollipops
Princess Lollipops
Cutesy Zebra Compact Mirror
Zebra Compact Mirrors
Lipstick Pen
Lipstick Pens


Hope you’ve found some helpful diva party ideas on this page. Have a fabulous celebration!

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