Dog Theme Birthday Party

dog theme birthday party

Check out these dog theme birthday party ideas for a tail waggin’ good time! If you’re planning a doggie theme party, here are our favorite ideas for invitations, decorations, games and activities, favors, and menu planning.

Dog Invitations

Cut Out Dog Invitations — Make a simple outline of a dog from brown or white cardstock, and attach to it a pretty ribbon to make the collar. Put a small charm on the ribbon to look like a dog tag (available inexpensively at local craft shops). A cute idea to add a personal touch would be to get a small letter charm with the initial of each guest. Write your party information on the dog’s body.

Come, Sit, Stay, Play — It’s a Dog Theme Birthday Party! — Make a card in the shape of a dog or a ball or a dog bone with the words, “Come, Sit, Stay, Play” on the front. Inside write your party information.

**General Invitation Tips** — If you choose to make your own invitations, don’t forget to include the date, location, and time of your party. It is also helpful to put the host’s name, RSVP by date, and either your phone number or email.

You can always find lots of great online party invitations with a free RSVP manager at Evite,

Here are some dog theme birthday party invitations that we love, available at Amazon:

Puppy Dog Party Invitations

Dog Paw-ty Invitations

Glamour Dog Party Invitationns


Whether you are looking for cute dogs, fancy poodles, or characters like Snoopy or Scooby Doo, there are many different decorations and tableware options available. Complement whatever theme you choose with color coordinating balloons, crepe paper, and curling ribbon.

Here are some ideas to help you decorate for a dog themed party:

  • Make a large butcher paper outline of a dog house to frame your front door.
  • Hang cutouts of bones, bowls, balls, and other doggie-related items.
  • Float some paw print balloons.
  • Make a dog party centerpiece of stuffed animals and other dog toys. Anchor a bouquet of balloons in the middle for an instant party focal point.

Here are a few coordinating party sets that would be great at a dog theme birthday party:

Glamour Dogs Party Supplies

Puppy Dog Party Supplies

Pink Puppy Party Supplies
Party Pups Deluxe Party Pack
Party Pups Party Supplies

Paris Poodle Party Supplies
Boy Puppy Dog - Personalized Party Water Bottle Sticker Labels - Set of 10
Blue Puppy Party Supplies


Party Games

Get the excitement revved up with some fun dog party games!

Doggie Doggie, What Are You Doing?–Have the children line up next to each other at one end of a room and choose one child to be the doggie who faces away from the group at the other end (You might give this child doggie ears or paint on a dog nose for an extra touch). The group of children ask, “Doggie, doggie, what are you doing?” The doggie should reply with something a dog would do, such as barking or scratching fleas. For every answer, the group can take one giant step closer to the dog (with the object being to eventually touch him). However, when the doggie senses the group getting close, he can answer, “Chasing you!” At which point he turns around and tries to tag someone before they get back to the far wall. Whoever is tagged is the new doggie. (If someone tags the doggie before he turns around to chase, that person is the “winner”.)

Pass the Bone–This is the dog theme birthday party version of Hot Potato. Have the children sit in a circle and give one child a dog bone. Turn on some music and have the group pass the bone around the circle. When the music stops, whoever is left holding the bone is out. Play until there is one child left. If you choose to play again, the last game’s winner can be in charge of the music (facing away from the group, of course). If you are ambitious, you can play dog themed music for this game, such as “Who Let The Dogs Out” or “He’s a Tramp” from Lady and the Tramp. There are lots of doggie songs out there if you do a music search.

Red Rover–This is an old school favorite where the group is divided into two teams that form lines directly across from each other. Each team holds hands and decides who to call over. Then they say, “Red Rover Red Rover, send ________ over”. Whoever they call has to come running over and try to break through the other team’s clasped hands. If they fail, they have to join the other team. If they succeed, they go back to their own team and they can choose one player from the other team to come to their side. Whichever team lasts the longest wins.

Dog Theme Birthday Party Activities

Plan a Trip to the Local Shelter or Humane Society — Most children who choose a dog theme birthday party love animals, and most towns are located near a wonderful animal shelter with volunteers who are happy to give tours and talk about the animals that they care for. Sometimes they even have activities for kids. This can be a fun and enlightening part of any dog lover’s birthday!

Make Dog Biscuits — Before your group heads off to the shelter, think about a group project of making dog biscuits to bring for the animals there. You could even give the kids bone shaped cookie cutters that they can later take home as a party favor. There are many easy dog biscuit recipes available on the web.

Make Fun and Fancy Dog Collars — Buy some stretchy cord and a variety of beads, and let your guests design away. Think about buying one larger charm for each guest to represent the dog tag. These can be made for dogs, people, or stuffed animals.

Create a Doggie Adoption Center — Stuffed dogs make a great take home favor for a dog theme birthday party. A fun way to make them a favor and an activity is to create a dog adoption center. To do this, buy a variety of stuffed dogs, one for each guest, and for each, make up an adoption sheet that tells a little bit about their personality. For example, you might say, “Husky Dog– Very active” or “Labrador–Good with children”. Put the dogs out and let the children pick the pet that is best for them. Then they can name their pet (leave a space on the adoption form) and sign the form to take their new doggie home.

Decorate Dog Bowls — Dog bowls are another inexpensive dog party favor that can double as an activity. Let your guests decorate a dog bowl to use for their party food, using sharpies, stick on gems, or whatever materials you have on hand. Later they can take these home to feed their newly adopted stuffed dog from the Doggie Adoption Center Activity.

Dog Theme Birthday Party Menu Ideas

What makes the best main course for a dog theme birthday party? Well hot dogs of course! Here are some more ideas that might work:

    • Trail mix or Coco Puffs served in doggie bowls as puppy chow
    • Scooby Snacks dog bone shaped graham cracker treats
    • Snoopy fruit snacks
    • Ice cream served in bowls that the kids can eat “doggie style” – without hands that is!


Dog Party Favor Ideas

Send your guests home with their own special doggie bag full of treats. Here are some fun favors:

Doggie Dress-up Set

Plush Puppies
Dog Nose
Funny Pup Noses


  • Plush Doggies
    (use in the Doggie Adoption Center)
  • Dog Bowls (use to eat at the party and later for their adopted toy)
  • Dog bone shaped cookie cutters
    (used in the Dog Biscuit Activity)
  • Rubber Balls (a dog toy that is fun for kids too!)
  • Any dog related item, such as a book, calendar, stickers, etc.


There are lots of different ways to go with a dog theme birthday party based on the age and gender of your child. You could have a stuffed animal dog show (where everyone wins for something, of course!) or create a dog agility style obstacle course for a more rough and tumble group. The sky is the limit with a doggie birthday party as long as you follow one rule…Have fun!

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