Springtime Easter Chick Cakes

Here’s a fun and tasty Easter time treat


Last Easter my kids and I were looking for a fun baking activity to try around Easter and we came upon these adorable little chicks in a nest. Who could resist the combination of Twinkies and toasted coconut? I was so sad when Twinkies went away because I thought that we wouldn’t be able to make this snack again, but when I was shopping yesterday I came across a look-alike product called Dreamies, so now we are back in business. Here’s how to make this super easy (and super yummy) Easter dessert.


Easter Chick Cakes

What You Will Need:
Baking Sheet
Wax Paper
Shredded Coconut
White Chocolate Chips
Dreamies Snack Cakes (or other similar product)
Chocolate Sprinkles
Orange and/or Yellow Frosting
Candy Lemon or Orange Slices


1. Toast 1⁄2 cup of shredded coconut on cookie sheet in the broiler for one minute. Remove, stir, and toast for 30 seconds more. Repeat as needed.

2. Cut the snack cake in half to make two chicks, and decorate using frosting for the beaks and sprinkles for the eyes.

3. While the frosting sets, melt 1⁄4 cup of white chocolate chips on the stovetop. Remove from heat and stir in the coconut.

4. Stand the chicks on the wax paper and spread the coconut mixture around them to look like chicks in a nest.

5. Use some yellow frosting to stick on the trimmed candy slices for wings.


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