Fail Not — An Inspiration for the Start of the School Year

A Boost of Inspiration for the Start of School

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As the new school year starts, many of us are looking for ways to inspire our children to be brave, take chances, and be true to themselves.  The book (Fail Not) by Alan Lohner is an amazing resource to help kids do just that. Each page contains a short inspirational message that can be turned to for an extra boost of support whenever it is needed. Both of my girls have copies of this book on their bedside tables and I know they have their favorite pages dogeared.

(Fail Not) has been nationally acclaimed by educators, youth advocates, and suicide-prevention professionals. This month, Alan Lohner is working with the Beaverton school district to place copies of this book in the middle and high school counseling offices to benefit at-risk students.

If you live in the greater Portland area you understand that now, more than ever, it is important for us to come together and do what we can to support our kids, our schools, and our communities. If you or your company would like to help out in the effort to get this amazing book in the hands of some kids who could truly benefit from it, you can contact Alan.  For $20, you can donate a book, have your own or your company’s information included in the book, and make a positive influence on our community’s youth.

For more information, contact Alan directly at 503-524-8412 or via email:

Alan Lohner’s books, (fail not), A guide to success for teens and young adults and (fear not) Venture to inner peace are also available for purchase at

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