Fairy Tale Party

fairy tale party

Hark! Want to host a fairy tale party sure to enchant both knights and princesses? Here are some of our favorite ideas for invitations, decorations, activities, favors, and food. Let the festivities commence!

Fairy Tale Party Invitations

Give your guests the royal treatment before your fairy tale celebration even starts by sending great invitations. There are some cute options available for purchase, or you can make your own. Here are some ideas:

Proclamation Invitation — Start with a small bowl of water and coffee grounds, a sponge, and white or cream colored paper. On your papers, write, “Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Please Join Us at our Royal Kingdom to Celebrate __________’s Birthday!” Follow up with the rest of your party information. (Use calligraphy or a calligraphy style computer font for this if possible.) Next, take the sponge and gently dab the coffee water on the paper to make it look like old parchment. When dry, roll the invitation up and tie it with red ribbon. If you can’t hand deliver these invitations, use mailing tubes to send them.

Coat of Arms Invitation — Cut your paper to look like a shield. Divide it into 4 sections to resemble a coat of arms. In the top left hand section, write something like, “Join Us for Some Royal Treatment at ________’s Fairy Tale Party.” In the bottom right hand section, write your party information. In the remaining two sections, draw either pictures that represent your guest of honor, party symbols such as balloons and cake, royal symbols like castles and crowns, or even a mixture, like a child riding a dragon with balloons tied to its tail!

**General Invitation Tips** — If you choose to make your own invitations, don’t forget to include the date, location, and time of your event. It is also helpful to put the host’s name, RSVP by date, and either your phone number or email. Since this is a royal fairy tale party, you might suggest to your guests to come in their best royal finery!

Here are some other great invitations that you can purchase that go well with the fairy tale party theme:

Princess Fairy Tale Invitations

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Castle and Princess Invitations

Fairy Tale Party Decorations

fairy tale party pennants

Flags, banners, and symbols of royalty are the name of the game at a knights and princesses party. Here are some more ideas to help you decorate with royal flair!


Pennants — Here are two different ways to make easy pennants:

  • 1.  Cut multiple large triangles out of bright construction paper, felt, or cloth (all the same size). Cut some of these in half and glue the halves to different colored backgrounds to make the pennants pictured above.
  • 2.  Cut large rectangles out of bright construction paper, felt, or cloth, then cut notches at the bottom. Decorate by gluing or sewing shapes or symbols onto these. Suspend them with string throughout the party area.


Stained Glass Windows — Cover your windows with different colored cellophane. Create large paper shields with different emblems and glue these on top of the cellophane for a dramatic fairy tale castle look. (Or you can buy medieval shields and later give them as souvenirs for your guests.)

Magic Balloons — Glue glitter and gummed stars to your party balloons to give them a magical appearance.

Torch Lights — Stuff red and orange fabric or tissue paper into tall bamboo tiki garden light holders and set them up near your doorway or near a royal throne to resemble torches or royal standard bearers.

Royal Throne — Drape a chair with plush fabric in red, purple, or royal blue and hang a plastic crown nonchalantly off the back to create a royal throne. This is also a great photo backdrop.

Crossed Swords — Make swords by covering cardboard with aluminum foil, and cross them over your party’s entranceway.

Fairy Dust — Sprinkle confetti along your walkway and on tabletops to make it look like your party has been sprinkled with enchanted fairy dust.

Toy Place Setters — Attach name cards to small plastic knights, wizards, princesses, unicorns, fairies, or dragons and set them on your table as place setters. (These can later be taken home as party favors).

A Crown for Every Guest — Buy either pre-made crowns, or create paper crowns that can be decorated as a party activity. Put one at each child’s place at the table to give them the royal treatment!

Here are some party supplies that you can purchase to help create a great fairy tale atmosphere!

Medieval Party Supply Set

Princess Fairy Tale Party Supplies

Medieval Castle Party Supplies

Brave Knights Party Supplies

Mythical Dragon Party Supplies

Royal Goblets


Fairy Tale Party Activities

Royal Roll Call — As each child arrives at the party, have them pick out a name, such as Sir Bradley of Beechwood Drive or Lady Lydia of Livermore. Use a homemade megaphone and announce their names with fanfare as they enter.

Crown and Shield Decorating — Use paper or plastic crowns or knights’ shields and have your guests decorate them with stickers, gems, glitter or paint as an opening activity.

Stick Horse Races — If you are considering getting one big party favor for each guest rather than lots of little ones, consider old fashioned stick horses. Let your party goers have relay races on their stick horses (running, skipping, moving backwards, or whatever.) These then become a game and a favor!**You could also use things around the house for stick horse races like brooms, mops, wrapping paper tubes, or other items. Kids will have fun inventing a name and personality for their unlikely “horse”.

Save the Princess From the Dragon — Elect one child to be the princess and one to be the dragon. Have the remaining group hold hands and make a circle around the prince or princess, forming a protective “wall,” while the dragon lurks outside the wall. The wall tries to keep the dragon away from the princess. Children hold their arms tight to keep the dragon from breaking through. If the dragon does break through the wall, he tries to tag the princess. Children can allow the princess to escape by raising their arms and then trap the dragon by lowering their arms. If the dragon does tag the princess, the dragon then becomes the new prince/princess, and the princess becomes part of the wall. A new dragon is chosen.

Into the Moat — Have your group play a classic game of tug-of-war over a towel or blanket “moat.” Let each team pick a fun medieval party name, like the Jesters versus the Wizards, or the Dragons versus the Knights.

Musical Thrones — This is a sweeter version of musical chairs. Line up your chairs (one for each player) facing alternating directions. Include one special chair or a chair with a paper crown taped to it. This is the throne. Play music while the children walk around the chairs. When the music stops, they should each get into the chair they are closest to. The child who happens to be seated in the “throne” is declared the king or queen, and awarded a chocolate coin or plastic jewel. Play a few rounds until everyone has had a chance to win a prize.

Catch the Dragon’s Tail — Have the group stand in a single file line, with each person holding the waist of the person in front of him. The player at the head of the line tries to catch the player at the “tail” of the line. Once the head tags the tail, the “head” person becomes the new “tail” person and everyone moves up one space in line. Play until everyone has had a chance to be the dragon head.

Fairy Tale Party Menu Ideas

fairy tale party jello gems

The Queen’s Jewels — Make lemon, cherry, and blueberry gelatin in shallow pans, and cut into diamond shapes. (Or you can make these in ice cube trays for instant jewel shapes.) Serve mixed up in glass bowls.

Royal Sandwiches — Make some fun royal sandwiches by using crown-shaped cookie cutters. Add a touch of decorator frosting or jelly to the points for gems.

Magic Potion — The night before your party, mix a packet of brightly colored, unsweetened drink mix with 1.5 cups of water and freeze in an ice cube tray. Repeat with a different color of mix. Freeze overnight. At the party, drop one or two of your newly colored ice cubes into lemon-lime carbonated soda. As your ice cubes melt, your drink will be magically transformed!

Princess Cake — Bake your favorite variety of regular cake (two or more layers). Stick a princess doll in the center (Mattel’s Barbies have many princess options, but be sure to take her dress off first!). Cut the cake to shape the doll’s skirt. Decorate to look like a fancy ball gown, being sure to cover all strategic places with frosting.) **These cakes are also offered at most grocery stores or bakeries with a little advance notice.

Fairy Tale Party Favors

Both knights and princesses love loot! Here are a few ideas for fairy tale party favors.

Hope you found some helpful fairy tale party ideas on this page, and that your next celebration is a kingdom full of fun!

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