Family Summer Activities

Family Summer Activity Bucket List

SUMMER!! We look forward to it all year, and it comes and goes quickly. While everyone is excited about the days ahead, why not make a Family Bucket List of all the great activities that you would like to do. Then, on those days when you’re feeling indecisive or (banish the thought) bored, pull something from the bucket for instant inspiration!

Our friends at Tatertots and Jello made these cute family summer bucket list printables with suggestions and blank cards for your own ideas.  Download them here for free.


  • We found cute sand pails at the local dollar store
  • Attach the label to the bucket
  • Cut out the activities that you would like to do and put them in the bucket
  • Have each family member write a couple of summer bucket list items on the blank slips .  We cut them out using decorative scissors.
  • The summer bucket list slips can be used in your scrapbook along with pictures from the activity.

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