Firefighter Birthday Party

firefighter birthday

Hosting a firefighter birthday party is a fun way to celebrate the dream of growing up to be a heroic firefighter. By incorporating elements such as fiery colors, Dalmatians, and water play, it’s easy to put together an event that is truly “on fire”!


Firefighter Theme Invitations

Great invitations set the stage for a special celebration. When thinking about invitations, you can either create your own, send online invitations using services such as, or purchase pre-made invitations that complement your theme. Here are some ideas to help inspire you:

To make your own firefighter birthday invitations, first decide what images you might like to use. These could include a photo of the birthday person wearing a fireman’s hat and boots, a picture of a fire truck, a Dalmatian, or some flames, smoke and a squirting hose. Next, think of some clever firefighter theme invitation wording. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Let’s Get Fired Up!
  • Come On By For “One Hot Party!”
  • Sound the alarm,
    Slide down the pole,
    Get fired up,
    We’re ready to roll!
  • Holy Smokes! It’s a 4 Alarm Birthday Celebration!
  • Come Help Us Put Out the Fire on _______’s Birthday Cake at a Firefighter Theme Party


You could also make a creative invitation using candy. You might add a fun label to a box of Red Hots or send a packet of black and white M&Ms and call them “Dalmatian spots”.

Here are some pre-made invitations that would be perfect at a firefighter birthday:

Fire Hero Personalized Invitations
Fire Hero Invitations
Fire Frenzy Personalized Invitation
Fire Frenzy Invitations
Firefighter Invitations
Firefighter Invitations

Firefighter Birthday Party Decorations

Make your celebration sizzle with some great decorations. Start with a fiery color scheme using red, orange and yellow. You could also jazz things up with splashes of blue, black and white. Whatever most appeals to you. You can incorporate these colors into your tableware, balloons and streamers for an instantly festive atmosphere. Here are some more ideas to help set your decorations on fire!

Cut pieces of red and yellow cellophane into the shapes of flames and use tape to stick them in your windows to look like the house is on fire.

Heat things up by hanging a collection of red, orange, and yellow balloons from the ceiling. (This is also an easy way to incorporate balloons into your decoration without using helium!)

Plush dalmation from Amazon

Use dalmations in your décor. Do you own any plush Dalmatians? Use one as a table centerpiece, or if it is big enough, set it by the door to greet your guests.

Twist together crepe paper streamers in your party colors and hang them over your table or across your ceiling.

Hang a colorful fire engine piñata as both a focal point to your decorations and also a fun party activity.

Use one or more fire chief hats as party table centerpieces. If you drill a small hole in the top, you can string a bouquet of helium balloons through it and have use hat as an anchor.

Prop a ladder in the corner of the room. If you have a firefighter costume, hang the jacket from the ladder and place the boots at the bottom.

Use a refrigerator box to make a fire engine that your party guests can climb into. Paint the outside red and cut holes for the doors and windows. This makes for a great photo opportunity.

Here are some fun party supplies that we’ve found that would be perfect at a firefighter birthday:

Fire Fighter Party Supplies
Fire Hero Basic Party Pack for 8
Fire Hero Party Supplies

Fire Trucks Party Supplies
Firefighter Pinata
Firefighter Pinata

Fire Fighter Cake Décor Set
Fire Chief Hat
Fire Chief Hat

Firefighter Birthday Party Activities

The most important part of any successful birthday party is the activities. Here are some fire house themed games to keep your guests entertained.

Consider holding your party at your local firehouse. Many fire companies are set up to give station tours and often have community rooms available for rent. Alternatively, you might see if your local firefighters would bring an engine to your home and do a presentation at your party. They will often let the kids try on a uniform, learn about the engine, and sometimes even get to meet a firehouse dog!

Play Fire Brigade — Divide your group into two teams and have them line up side by side. Put a full bucket at one end of each line (of water if you can play outside, or styrofoam packing peanuts for an indoor version). Put an empty bucket at the other end. Give the person closest to the full bucket a stack of four cups. The object of the game is to fill and pass the cups down the line of players to empty the first bucket into the second. The team that finishes first wins!

Play Stop, Drop, and Roll — Explain to your group that if your clothing ever catches on fire you should stop, drop and roll to extinguish the flames. This game is the firehouse version of freeze tag. Play some music and have your party guests start dancing or running around. When the music stops, all players must stop, drop, and roll. Anyone caught moving in any way other than a stop, drop, and roll is out until the next round.

Have a Fire Hose Tug of War — Play a traditional game of tug of war, calling your rope the fire hose.

Play Hot Ember — This is the firefighter themed version of hot potato. Have your group sit in a circle. Choose one player to be in charge of the music. That person should stand next to the music player with his back to the group. Hand one person in the circle a small red ball, beanbag, or pair of rolled socks. (This is the ember!) As the music player starts the music (you might choose something like “Burning Down the House” by Talking Heads, or “I’m on Fire” by Bruce Springsteen) the group passes the ember around the circle from person to person. When the music stops, whoever is holding the ember is out. Continue until there is one player left.

Have a Water Balloon Toss — Don’t get wet in this tried and true party game. Have the party guests line up facing a partner and play catch with a water balloon. after each successful catch, one partner should take a step back. The last dry pair wins!

Break open a fire engine piñata.

Watch a firefighting themed movie. Here are a few suggestions:

Fireman Sam

Firehouse Dog

Create a Firefighter Birthday Menu

Spice things up with a hot, hot, hot party menu. A fun way to do this is by giving your foods fire themed names and labeling them with pretty handmade signs. You are limited only by your imagination! Here are a few inspirations:

  • 3 Alarm Chili
  • Smokin’ Hot Buffalo Chicken Wings
  • Fire Hose Hot Dogs
  • Cheetos in a bowl can be called “burning embers”
  • Drinks can be labeled “Fire Extinguishers”

Firefighter Birthday Party Favors

Fire Extinguisher Squirters from Amazon
Send your guests home with a fun memento of the day. Here are some ideas for favors:

  • Candy — Add firehouse labels to your favorite candies that thank your guests for coming. Your could try using Hot Tamales, Red Hots, Twizzler “fire hoses”, or black and white M&M “Dalmatian spots”.
  • Fire Chief Hats
  • Fire Fighter Badges
  • Small Toy Dalmatians

Hope you’ve found some helpful firefighter birthday party ideas on this page and that your next celebration is smokin’ hot! Have fun!

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