Football Party Ideas

football party ideas

Ready, set, hike! Looking for some great football party ideas? Invite your friends over for the big game or pack up the car and head to the stadium for some tailgating fun.

Whether you’re gathering for a college bowl game, a regular season game, or looking for some Superbowl party ideas to spice up the big day, read on for some ideas sure to help you score big with your guests!

Football Theme Party Invitations

Great invitations set the tone for any party. Here are some ideas for designing your own football themed invitations, as well as some great invitation options available online:

Team Spirit Invitations — Use your team’s colors for your football party invitations. Craft stores have a wide selection of colored card stock, as well as decorative football themed paper. If you are artistic, be sure to include your team mascot as fun way to get people excited for the event.

Cut Out Football Invitations — Use brown cardstock to cut the shape of a football. Use a white paint pen for the stiches, and write your party information on the back.

Party Invitation Wording — Here are some ideas for catchy invitation wording to rally the crowd:

  • “Come to our tailgate, ready to eat, then cheer for a team that can’t be beat!”
  • “The flip of the coin, the sounds of big hits, and a football party you won’t want to miss!”
  • “Are you ready for some football? Help us cheer our team on to victory at our tailgate party!”
  • “The Goal is Fun at our Football Party”
  • “He Could Go all the Way! (And you wouldn’t want to miss it!) Join us for a football party to cheer on our team”

Send Paper Invitations for a Special Touch — Everyone enjoys receiving a printed invitation. Here are a few great options that would be great for a football party:

Tailgate Rush Football Invitations
Tailgate Rush Invitations
Shadow Football Personalized Invitation
Personalized Football Invitations
NFL Drive Invite & Thank You Combo
NFL Drive Invitations

Fooball Party Ideas for Decorations

Decorate With Your Team Colors — Think balloons, streamers and pom poms. Tableware could be in team colors too, or you could go with generic football themed plates and cups.

A Football Party Centerpiece — Arrange trophies, pom poms, small pennants, and a football on your table as a sporty football themed centerpiece. Ask your party guests to sign the centerpiece ball as a great party keepsake!

Sporty Wall Decor — Hang team banners (you can make your own out of butcher paper with the team logo, or a “Go Team” message), posters of famous players, team jerseys, or a photo collage of your own player and his team for some fun wall art.

Football Party Supplies

Inflatable Football Cooler

Football Chip and Dip Bowl

Football Flag Party Picks


Dress the part! — Get on your team gear and show your pride! Whether it’s NFL wear, or your favorite college or local team, a football party is always more fun when you dress to show your team spirit!

Rev Up Team Spirit with pom poms and face paint sticks

Provide Ample Seating — Since the main activity at your football party will probably be watching the big game, you may want to rearrange your furniture to create more seating for everyone.

Tailgate Rush Basic Party Pack For 8
Tailgate Rush Party Supplies
Tailgate Zone Party Tape
Tailgate Zone Party Tape
NFL Drive Deluxe Party Pack For 8
NFL Drive Party Supplies
Sports Field Aisle Runner
Sports Field Aisle Runner
Game Day Football Table Runner
Game Day Table Runner
Tailgate Rush Centerpiece
Football Centerpiece

Football Party Ideas for Activities

Have a few footballs handy so that guests can throw the ball around outside at half-time to work off those chili-cheese fries!

Word Fumble — Give each guest a baggie of candy footballs. Post a list of “fumble” words by the television. Words should be football related (quarterback, touchdown, referee). When a guest catches another guest using one of the words, that guest fumbles their ball and has to give a football candy to the guest that caught them. Let your guests take home their candy as a souvenir.

Football Pool — Draw a 10-by-10 grid on poster board. Make sure there is enough space in each square for participants’ names.

Write one team’s name across the top of the board, and the other team’s name down the left side. Number the top grids from 0-9, and the do to the grids down the left side.

Pass the board to friends and family interested in placing a bet and buying an empty square, and have them write their names on the squares they pick. Participants can choose as many squares as they want. When the game ends, match the last digit of each team’s score with the grid to find the lucky square—and the winner. For example, if the final score is Cougars 17, Huskies 14, line up the No. 7 from the Cougars’ side of the grid with the No. 4 on the Huskies’ side. The person whose name is written in the intersecting square wins the pool. If no one claimed the winning square, declare whoever is closest to the winning square the winner.

Decorate Foam Pennants — Set out some peel and stick foam pieces and pennants in your team’s colors for a fun activity to keep the kids busy.

Football Party Music
Football Pinata
Football Pinata

Superbowl Party Guide

Football Party Ideas for Food and Gear

If the host/hostess wishes to watch the game too, then it’s our suggestion to do much of your party food preparation prior to the event, and encourage your gets to serve themselves.

Here are some of our favorite football party ideas for food:

  • Crock pot chili – Ask your guests to bring toppings like sour cream, cheese, corn bread
  • Taco bar
  • Baked potato bar


Other popular snacks include:


Stadium Food

  • Hot dogs
  • Popcorn/Kettle corn
  • Soft pretzels

Tailgating Party Ideas

If you are tailgating at the stadium you will want to bring foods that are easy to transport and keep cold. Here are a few tailgating ideas:

Non-food Items to remember include:

  • Portable grill
  • Cooler and ice, or check out this Inflatable Cooler
  • Table, chairs
  • Paper tableware
  • Trash bags, and wet wipes for clean up
  • Wine and beer opener
  • A radio (to follow the pre and post game show)
  • A canopy tent in case of bad weather or hot sun

Hope you found some useful football party ideas on this page. Hope your next party is a winner! For even more football and Super Bowl party ideas, be sure to visit our Creative Party Blog or visit us on Pinterest!

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