10 Great Ways to Celebrate the End of Summer

ways to celebrate summer

As the glorious days of August roll by, the thoughts of kids and parents alike start turning to back to school. But wait! Don’t let these last weeks slip by without making the most of the summer sunshine. Here are 10 great ways to celebrate the end of summer.


1. Host a Barbecue — Gather some friends or neighbors and make the most of warm summer evenings by cooking out.  Pull out your favorite summertime recipes or make it a potluck where everyone brings one special summer favorite. Here are some great backyard barbecue planning ideas.

2. Get in the Water — Nothing says summertime like a cool dip. Whether you visit the beach, take a float on a river, or plan a day at the pool or water park, make sure you find one last excuse to put on your swimsuit.

3. Sleep Under the Stars — Late summer nights are perfect for camping. Pitch a tent, or unroll your sleeping bag in the backyard. See how many shooting stars you can count, name the constellations, tell ghost stories, or cook up some s’mores.

4. Hit the State Fair — August is fair time in most parts of the country. Nothing beats a taste of this all-American classic day trip. Plan on visiting the animal barns, riding the ferris wheel, and indulging in some yummy fair food favorites.state fair rides

5. Go to a Drive-In Movie — Drive-ins are another classic summer adventure that can be great for the whole family. Be sure to pack some blankets or lawn chairs and fill your backseat with all your favorite movie snacks.

6. Visit the Farmers Market — Right now is the perfect time to enjoy some amazing fruits and vegetables that you can get straight off the farm. Why not pick up some berries and make your own favorite variety of pie?

7. Make a Day of Shopping — Plan a day to hit the mall or outlets for back to school goodies, but make the day extra special.  Give each person an extra $5-$10 to use on a quest. Maybe you have to find a small gift for each other, or you have to find a silly item that someone else in your group has to wear for the rest of the day. The quest can be anything you dream up, and will help make back to school shopping more of a game than a “must do.”

softball fun day

8. See a Baseball or Softball Game — Baseball is another summertime classic. Whether your hometown has a major league team, or you are just going out to support your local Little League All-Stars, watching a baseball or softball game is a great summer memory maker.

9. Check Your Local Paper for Special Events — You will be amazed at the number of local events in your area that you probably don’t even know about. Take a look in your weekend paper and see what’s happening right in your area. Often you will find outdoor performances, festivals, and other great activities just waiting to be found.

10. Plan a Special Day Adventure — Have each member of your family write down one or more day trips that would help make their summer extra memorable. Then present these to the group and try to choose one or more adventures that can be a grand finale to your summertime fun!



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