Get Boo-zed on Halloween

get boo-zed this HalloweenIn my neck of the woods, the adults seem to enjoy Halloween as much as the kids, so why should the kids have all the fun? This year we are starting the tradition of “boo-zing” our favorite friends and neighbors. What does it mean to get boo-zed on Halloween? Well, have you ever seen a ghostie sign mysteriously hanging in your neighbor’s window? Chances are they have kids who’ve been “boo-ed” by a friend secretly leaving a bag of candy and treats by the front door. Ever secretly wished that you could have your own secret boo-er? Here is the tradition you have been waiting for – with a slight improvement! This Halloween why not start the tradition of “boo-zing” your grown up friends by secretly leaving a bottle of wine on their front porch. Because really, who wouldn’t love that?!

We’ve created free “We’ve Been Boo-zed” printables for you, plus directions for boo-zing your friends. Have fun!

pumpkin dividerGet Boo-zed!

To start your own boo-zing fun, click on each of the images below to go to a page with a printable image. Print off two copies of each of the following free Get Boo-zed printables. You might want to print the first card with the poem on nicer paper or cardstock as this is the one that will get attached to your gift of wine.

Get boo-zed free printables

The next printable is the sign that gets displayed on your neighbor’s front door or window so that they don’t get re-boo-zed!

get boo-zed free printables

Finally, the third printable gives all the instructions of what to do to keep the boo-zing tradition going strong all through October.

get boo-zed free printables

So there you go, a fun solution to make Halloween fun for the adults as well as the kids! Happy haunting!

For more ways to make this Halloween your best ever, visit our Creative-Party-Themes homepage, where you’ll find links to lots of great Halloween party themes and ideas!

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