Gingerbread House Party

gingerbread house party

The kids with their masterpieces

The kids with their masterpieces Yummy! Working together

Our family kicks off the holiday season every year by hosting a gingerbread house party. While the adults chat and watch football or a holiday movie, the kids get creative at the kitchen table! Here are some ideas for putting together a fun gingerbread house decorating extravagana!


To keep thing manageable, we usually only invite one or two other families to this event. That way there is room for everyone to spread out and decorate. We also usually invite the kids to come in their pjs to keep things extra comfy and casual. To get ready for the party, we gather the following items:

* A disposable tablecloth

* Lots of napkins or paper towels

* 1 gingerbread house decorating kit per family (these usually come complete with the pre-made house forms, icing, and a variety of candies. If you are feeling ambitious you can go with the graham cracker and royal icing method.)

* A variety of extra candies for decorating (we use small bowls to hold the different candies to help keep things a little more organized.)

* Plastic knives for spreading icing

* A camera to capture all the fun!

**Note: We usually assemble the houses on the morning of our get together so that they are stable and ready to decorate at the gingerbread house party. This saves time and the frustration of having a roof slip off while being frosted!


It’s important to get everyone in the holiday mood, so we start by having some classic holiday music playing and some spiced cider (or mulled wine for the adults) bubbling on the stove.

We often hold this party right after Thanksgiving, so usually there is a football game on in the family room for the adults.

To make things easy, we usually pre-make some chili, salad and cornbread, so we can enjoy each other’s company and not worry about cooking during the party. Then, after the houses are all decorated, everyone gathers together for pictures and a yummy casual dinner.

The great thing about a gingerbread house party is that it’s an easy and festive holiday gathering for families that’s fun for all ages. Not only that, but everyone also gets to leave with a colorful centerpiece to kick off their holiday decorating!

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