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Calling all Gleeks! Come sing, dance and celebrate by hosting your very own Glee party. Read on to find inspirations for your invitations, party decorations, activities, food, and more.

Glee Theme Party Invitations

Sending great invitations by mail can make your guests feel special before the party even starts. You can either make your own Glee theme invitations or send pre-made cards. Here are some ideas for both options:

Microphone Invitations — Print your party information onto a piece of cardstock from your home computer and attach it with a ribbon to a plastic microphone for each of your guests. Send these in padded mailing envelopes or hand deliver them for an invitation and party prop all in one.

Slurpee Cup Invitations — Get some Slurpee cups from your local 7-11 and fill them with red or purple paper shreds. Write your party information on a piece of white paper and roll it up to look like a straw. Deliver them to your friends.

Here are some Glee themed invitations, available for purchase at

Glee Invitations

Glee Decorations

Here are some ideas to help you decorate for a Glee themed party!

Use red, white, and black — the colors of William McKinley High School, for your party color scheme.

Colorful balloons and streamers that match your tableware always create a festive atmosphere. Purchase a “Slushie Personalized Birthday Banner” for the guest of honor.

Put flowers in slushie cups (add marbles, or small rocks to weight the bottom) around the party room.

Use red and white cheerleader pom poms and megaphones.

Make signs using butcher paper and poster markers like those you would see at a high school. For example: “Glee Club New Directions — Good Luck at Regionals”, “Football Game Friday Night”, “Bake Sale Today”, “Let’s Go, Cheerios!”

Microphones are a necessary prop for this singing and dancing party. Make sure you have one for every guest.

These Glee themed party supplies would be perfect for rounding our your party decorations:

Glee Party Supplies

Glee Party Activities

Ask your guests to come dressed as their favorite Glee character, and vote for the best-dressed. Give a copy of the Glee soundtrack as the prize.

This website has Glee trivia questions you could use to host your own Glee Trivia Game.

You’ll definitely want to do some singing, so use a karaoke machine with songs from the show. Divide the guests into teams and stage a competition, or pretend to audition for Glee Club.

Play Glee Karaoke Revolution by Wii

Watch a favorite Glee episode.

Make “Cheerios” edible bracelets by stringing Cheerios cereal onto colorful yarn.

Food and Drinks

glee party cupackes

Make these cute Glee cupcakes. Frost cupcakes and add colored sugar and a piece of red licorice as a straw. Print Big Quench cupcake wrapper labels on your computer and wrap the finished goodies with them.

Of course serve slushies!

Retro Slushie Maker

Slushie Flavor Syrup

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