Great Books to Ease Back to School Jitters

It’s back to school time! Is anyone in your home experiencing the dreaded back to school jitters? Reading a story about heading off to school is a great way to ease your child’s fears (Mom’s too)! 🙂  Being both moms and teachers, we know about the nerves and worries of heading back to school. Here are some great choices for stories that can help you open a discussion about the start of the school year.


 Here are some more of our favorite back to school stories

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First Day Jitters

The Kissing Hand

The Night Before First Grade

Franklin Goes to School

I Love You All Day Long

A Smart Girl’s Guide to
Starting Middle School

back to school party ideasWe love using books to help start discussions with kids. Of course, since we are also party moms, we definitely are also in favor of hosting a back to school party for classmates new and old as a great ice breaker event. (For ideas about that, take a look at our back to school party page.)

Here are some websites where you can find even more ideas for easing back to school jitters:

Here’s wishing everyone a smooth and wonderful transition back to the new school year!


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