Heaven and Hell Party

(also known as)

An Angels and Devils Party


How to host an angels and devils party

A heaven and hell party, also known as an angels and devils party, makes a great adult or college party theme. Find out what alter ego your friends they have! Here are some ideas to help you plan a celebration to die for.

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Heaven and Hell Party Invitations

devilish rubber ducks
Send your invite tied to the neck of a devilish ducky
Sending great invitations can get people excited for your event before it even starts. If you’re hosting a big college party, you might consider sending online invitations. Click here for a link to some we found at Evite.com that would go well with a Heaven and Hell party theme.

Another unique idea for your party invites is to write your information on a decorative tag and attach it with ribbon to the neck of a devilish rubber duckies. Hand deliver these or send them in small mailing envelopes.

**Costumes are a must for an angels and devils party, and you should definitely let your guests know this on the invitation.

If your guest list is small, sending your party information on a decorative tag attached to either devil horns, a small pitchfork, or angel wings and a halo are sure to get people inspired.

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Heaven and Hell Party Costume Inspirations

Fallen Angel Costume

Men’s Black Feathered Angel WIngs

Angel Wings and Halo

Angel Costume

Dashing Devil Costume

Devil Accessory Kit

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Setting Up Your Heaven and Hell Party

An angels and devils party is actually two different parties in one. You will need to have one part of your party area set up to resemble heaven, and one to look like hell. If possible, hold your party on two different floors (or three if you want a purgatory level) and let your guests choose which area to hang out in.

Decorations for Heaven

This part of your party area should be mainly white, with gold or silver accents.

heaven themed party decorations

Heaven themed party decorations

Create a bluish glow by replacing light bulbs with black lights.

Use white twinkle lights.

Drape white streamers (or toilet paper) from the ceiling for an inexpensive celestial effect.

Use fishing line to hang stars from the ceiling.

Cover furniture with white sheets.

Hang white tulle netting from tables and around the bar.

Wrap posts and dark furniture with white ribbon.

Scatter lots of white balloons over the floor. You can also fill some with helium and cluster groups together to look like balloon clouds.

Hell themed party decor

Hell themed party decor

Decorations for Hell

Decorate using a black and red color scheme for the hell side of your party.

Use red light bulbs to cast an eerie glow

Hang torn black garbage bags to darken the walls. You could flick red paint onto them for an even creepier feel.

Rent or purchase a fog machine and set it up by your dance floor for some sinister atmosphere.

Pull out some Halloween decorations such as pitchforks, color changing skulls and other hellish symbols.

Set up a few red lava lamps around your bar area for a bloodcurdling effect.

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Drinks and Food for a Heaven and Hell Party

Depending on how your party is set up, there are some creative serving ideas you can use at a Heaven and Hell Party. Typically, in heaven, drinks and foods are light and white, and in hell they are dark and strong. You can also Add a fun touch by having your bartenders dress as God and Lucifer. Here are some more suggestions:



  • Champagne
  • White Russians
  • Sambuca shots (if you add a little water to the bottle it will turn white)



  • Angel hair pasta
  • Angel food cake or cupcakes
  • Meringue cookies (available pre-made at the grocery store)
  • Bowls of white M&Ms
  • Whip cream (just be creative)




  • Red trashcan punch
  • Hell Shots — Tequila with Tabasco
  • Cinnamon Schnapps
  • Flaming rum shots
  • Red Jello shooters



  • Deviled eggs
  • Spicy hot wings
  • Bowls of candies — Hot Tamales, Atomic Fireballs and black licorice

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Activities for an Angels and Devils Party

Dancing and drinking will probably be your two biggest party events. Having said that, here are a top 10 list of party hits you might put together into a hellishly good playlist:

  • Stairway to Heaven — Led Zeppelin
  • Hells Bells — AC/DC
  • Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door — Bob Dylan
  • Hell is for Children — Pat Benatar
  • Just Like Heaven — The Cure
  • Right Next Door to Hell — Guns N’ Roses
  • Angel — Fleetwood Mac
  • Bat Out of Hell — Meatloaf
  • Heaven — Psychedelic Furs
  • Give You Hell — The All-American Rejects


Some other great activities include:

Hold a Costume Contest — Award prizes to your guests for their party costumes. Create different categories such as “Most Wicked”, “Most Angelic”, etc.

Photo Booth — Consider renting a photo booth for your party, or set up a good backdrop for photos (maybe half red and half white), put out a basket of props, and have someone act as photographer to capture the fun.

Play Truth or Dare — Have the bartender in hell be a real devil and make each guest answer a truth or perform a dare before being served.

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