Hello Kitty Party Ideas

Lots of fun Hello Kitty party ideas including decorations, games, invites and more.

Hello Kitty loves her family, her friends, and a good party! This is an adorable birthday theme for girls of all ages. Here are our favorite Hello Kitty party ideas to help you host a celebration full of sugar, spice, and everything nice.

Hello Kitty Party Ideas for Invitations

Great invitations can make your guests feel special before the party even starts. You can either make your own party invitations or find some that are available to purchase. Here are some of our favorite Hello Kitty party ideas for invitations:

Kitty Face Invitations — Start by cutting the outline of Hello Kitty’s head from white cardstock. (Or download a picture of her face, glue it to heavy cardstock, and trim to make a shaped invitation.) Use marker to draw her facial features and write your party information on the back. For an extra special touch, you can glue on a small pink or red fabric bow to get Hello Kitty’s signature look.

Bow Invitations — Cut out the shape of Hello Kitty’s bow from hot pink cardstock to make this invitation. Add your party information to the front of the invite and decorate with Hello Kitty stickers. Add some small heart confetti for a sweet touch.

Here are some more great Hello Kitty  invitations we’ve found online:


Hello Kitty Party Invitations
Hello Kitty Rainbow Invitations
Hello Kitty Rainbow Invitations


Hello Kitty Party Ideas for Decorations

Hot pink, light pink, white, powder blue and yellow are all great colors to throw together for your party. If you use these colors in your party basics such as your balloons, streamers, and tableware, you’ll be well on your way to some whimsical party decoration! Here are some more Hello Kitty party ideas for setting up your event:

Make a Crepe Paper Canopy — Cover your table area with a pretty canopy made from streamers. To do this, start by attaching a number of long streamers to a central point on your ceiling (or table light fixture) so that they fan out like bicycle spokes. Then drape them over the ceiling in loose loops and attach them to surrounding walls to achieve the look of a colorful tent top canpoy.

Hang Some Tissue Paper Flowers — Turn your party area into a pretty floating garden by hanging big pink tissue paper flower balls at different heights from your ceiling.

Put Hello Kitty on Your Walls — A fun and inexpensive way to get a splash of party color is by using Hello Kitty posters. These are also great because they can be removed at the end of the party to keep as a memento of the day.

Hang a Hello Kitty Pinata — Another fun decoration that can serve double duty as a party activity is a pinata. A Hello Kitty pull-string pinata makes a great decorative focal point at your party, and because you don’t have to whack this type of pinata, it is also fun as a party game for children of all ages.

Decorate with Candy — Hello Kitty is as sweet as sugar, so why not incorporate some candy into your party decor. Candy bars are a popular trend in party decoration. Set out a variety of glass bowls and containers to hold candies in your party colors. Then use a larger bowl or apothecary jar in the middle as your centerpiece. Fill this one to the top and add a spray of Hello Kitty swirly lollipops as a crowning touch. Place some small cellophane bags and scoops on the table and let your guests pick out their own candy treats at the end of the party to take home as a souvenir.

Set a Themed Table — Here are some Hello Kitty party ideas to help you set a purr-fect table:


Here are some more items that would be great at a Hello Kitty birthday party:

Hello Kitty Rainbow Deluxe Party Pack For 8
Hello Kitty Party Suplies
Hello Kitty Rainbow Table Decorating Kit
Hello Kitty Decorating Kit
Hello Kitty Rainbow Foil Swirls
Hello Kitty Rainbow Swirls

Hello Kitty Party Ideas for Games and Activities

Keep your little kitties busy at your party with some of these fun games and activities!

Start the Party with Some Hello Kitty Crafts — Craft activities are a great way to kick off a party because they get everyone engaged while waiting for the whole gang to arrive. Here are Some Hello Kitty party ideas for crafts:

  • Color with sidewalk chalk.
  • Decorate Hair Bows — Set out some pink hair bows, fabric paint, sequins, and glue and let your guests design their own party accessory.
  • String beads to make friendship bracelets.
  • Have a face painting station where an older sibling or adult paints simple flowers, candy, or whiskers onto the party guests.
  • Put out some Hello Kitty coloring pages — There are many places to buy or download Hello Kitty coloring pages. For little ones, setting out some crayons and a variety of pictures to color can be lots of fun.
  • Blow bubbles


The Ball of Yarn Game — Before your party, wind a different color of yarn for each guest in a crazy criss-cross pattern around your party area. Tell the guests that Hello Kitty got into your yarn and made a mess! It is their job to get the yarn back where it belongs. Then give each child a strip of cardboard and have them follow the path of one color of yarn, winding it tightly onto their cardboard strip as they go. (Watch out for bumping into other players!) Once the kids have wound up their yarn, have them hand it to you. Tightly tie together one side of the yarn on the cardboard spool. Then use sharp scissors to cut the other side and fluff all the yarn into a pom pom. Once all the guests have their own colored yarn pom pom, play a game of yarn toss. This is a non-messy version of an egg toss, where you set up the kids in two lines and have them toss their pom pom do the player directly in front of them. If both players make the catch, have them take a step back and try again. If one or both miss, they are out until the next round. Play until you have only one pair left.

Kitty Says — Play a Hello Kitty themed version of Simon Says.

Pin the Bow on Hello Kitty — Draw your own giant picture of Hello Kitty for this game, or purchase a pre-made game, where your guests are blindfolded, spun three times, and aimed at the wall to see how close they can come to accurately pinning on Hello Kitty’s hair bow.

Kitty Tail Tag — Give each child a “kitty tail” made from a sock, a piece of fabric, or a long strip of construction paper. Have them stick these into the back of the waistband of their pants to look like a tail. The goal of this game is to grab the other players’ tails without losing their own. The last cat with a tail is the winner.

Who Has the Yarn? — You will need a small ball of yarn for this game. Start by having all the children sit in a circle. Choose one person to be the kitty in the middle. That person comes and sits in the middle of the circle and covers her eyes. Then the rest of the group pass the yarn to one of the players in the circle, who hides it behind her back. When everyone is ready, they shout, “Kitty cat, kitty cat, where is your yarn?” The player in the middle has to try and guess who is hiding the yarn. (You can offer one or more guesses.) If the player guesses correctly, the person hiding the yarn becomes the next kitty in the middle. If not, the game re-starts and the current kitty gets to guess again.

Pass the Kitty — Play a cat themed version of hot potato by having all your party guests sit in a circle. Have one player face away from the group and turn on some music. While the music is playing, have the group pass a toy kitty from player to player around the circle. When the music stops, whoever is left holding the kitty is out, and the play resumes. The last player left becomes the winner and can be in control of the music for the next round of the game.

Watch a Hello Kitty DVD — Looking for a way to quiet things down? Hello Kitty is a star of stage and screen. There are a number of Hello Kitty movies available that would make for a great party viewing.


Hello Kitty Party Ideas for Food and Drinks

Make your party food as colorful and festive as the rest of your party theme. Here are some suggestions for food and drinks:

Make your own adorable Hello Kitty cake

  • Pink parfaits made with strawberry yogurt, sliced strawberries, and granola
  • Sandwiches cut into the shape of flowers, bows, or Hello Kitty
  • Pink fruit salad using strawberries, raspberries, and watermelon balls
  • Mini corn dogs and small hamburger sliders
  • Pink lemonade
  • Strawberry milkshakes

Hello Kitty Party Ideas for Favors

Throughout this party page you’ll find lots of suggestions for favors that have been used as either crafts or decorations, such as posters, candy, kitty ear headbands and bows, and friendship bracelets. Here are some more ideas for favors you might like:

Hope you’ve found some helpful Hello Kitty party ideas on this page. Enjoy the party!

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