High School Stereotypes Party

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Were you a geek, freak, sporty or chic? A high school stereotypes party is a fun theme that lets everyone express their favorite high school cliché. This theme is great for birthdays, anniversaries, or during reunion weekends. Here are some ideas to help you plan an amazing celebration.

Invitations for a High School Stereotypes Party

high school stereotypes party invitations

Although there aren’t a lot of pre-made invitations that work for this theme, you can get creative and make up some of your own that will get everyone smiling before the party even starts…

Photo Invites — Do you have a great photo from high school? Pull out you old prom picture, or use a shot of you and your friends hamming it up. Put these on the front of your invites and write something such as, “Remember the Days?” or “Who Were You?” Then on the inside of your invite, write your party information and ask everyone to come dressed as their favorite stereotype.

List Out The Options — Use a variety of computer fonts and colors to write out all the different high school stereotypes you can think of on the front of your invitation. Then put your party info on the inside.

Stereotype Symbols — Write your party title and information in the middle of a heavy cardstock postcard. Then use scrapbooking stickers that are symbolic of some different high school stereotypes, such as sporting equipment, musical instruments, eyeglasses and books to decorate your invitation.

Take a Page From Your Yearbook — Literally! Copy a page of faces from an old yearbook and fold it in half to make your invitation. On the front write, “It’s a High School Stereotypes Party!” Then write your party information inside. Be sure to note that costumes are mandatory!

A fun idea for this party theme is to ask everyone to bring (or better yet, send in before the party) a few pictures of themeselves from their high school days. Hang these up during the event for an instant conversation starter.

Dressing for a High School Stereotypes Party

Wondering what to wear? Here are some typical stereotypes that might inspire you:

Decorating for a High School Stereotypes Party

Decorate for a high school stereotypes party by using some of the symbols and memorabilia that made high school great. Here are some ideas for party decorations to help get you started:

Use Your School Colors — Lay the foundation for your party decorating by using your school colors in things such as balloons, streamers, and tableware. This will create a party atmosphere with minimal effort.

Use Photos — Take a walk down memory lane by hanging actual pictures of you and your guests from their high school days. You can either make a large display area on the wall or hang a ribbon across the room and use clothespins to hang your photos as a fun party banner. Put out some ballot sheets and have your guests vote on the pictures in different categories, such as funniest picture, best memory, or person who has changed the least.

Graffiti Your Walls — Create a graffiti wall by hanging some butcher paper and using paint or markers to decorate. Add things like, “Go, Cougars!” or “Bill + Jenny = 4 ever.” Set out the markers in baskets and let your guests add their own comments to the wall.

Decorate with High School Memorabilia — There are lots of items from high school that you can easily turn into great party decorations. Here are a few you might consider:

  • Textbooks and Classic Novels
  • Trophies
    Purple Foam Shape Number 1 Hand
  • Sports Equipment
  • Graduation Caps
  • Your School Mascot
  • Pom Poms and Megaphones
  • Musical Instruments
  • Old Yearbooks
  • Items that were popular during the time you were in school


Play Some High School Tunes — What songs bring you back to your high school days? Playing music that stirs up memories is a great way to add to your party ambience.

Serve Food on Cafeteria Trays — What says high school more than a plastic cafeteria tray? These make a fun addition to your party décor.

Set Up a Photo Area — Drape a large piece of background fabric on one wall of your party area and set out a basket of props for your guests to get their pictures taken. A fun touch is to include a small blackboard that each person can hold in their picture where they can their own high school title, such as “Most Likely to Succeed” or “Chess Club President.” After the party you can assemble all the photos into a souvenir “yearbook” as a memento of the night.


Food Ideas for a High School Stereotypes Party

Remember how great it was to be able to eat anything you wanted when you were in high school? Or maybe you just remember the cafeteria food… Bring back some of these memories with these fun party menu options:

  • Pizza
  • Chicken Nuggets
  • Corn Dogs
  • Tater Tots
  • Potato Chips
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Hostess Fruit Pies
  • Jello (or Jello shooters)
  • Chocolate Milk

Hope you’ve found some helpful high school party ideas on this page. For more ideas that you might like, be sure to take a look at these other party pages:

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