High School Homecoming Pre-Party and After Party Ideas

homecoming pre-party

Gather the gang for a homecoming pre-party! Getting together before and after the dance or the big game can make homecoming even more special. Here are some ideas to help you plan a night to remember, including suggestions for invitations, activities, and more.

Invitations for a Homecoming Pre-Party

homecoming party invitations

It can be challenging to find ready made homecoming invitations in stores, but it’s often more fun (and more of a treat for your guests) to make your own based on what kind of party you are planning to host. You can either make up your invitations on your computer and send them as evites, or go the traditional route and send them by mail. Here are some ideas…

  • Use your school colors
  • Include your school mascot
  • Use traditional high school homecoming images such as footballs and goal posts, cheerleading megaphones, and homecoming tiaras and sashes
  • Focus on the theme of your party. If you are having a tailgate party, use football and picnic images. If you are having a homecoming pre-party where dinner will be served, use pictures of food and drinks. If you are having a homecoming after party, use pictures of movies and popcorn.


Be sure to clearly describe your party. People will probably have some questions about logistics.

  • Will you serve a meal or appetizers?
  • Will guests be getting ready beforehand or dressing up together?
  • Are dates invited to any or all of the event?
  • How will everyone get to and from the dance?
  • Are parents invited to take pictures?
  • If your party is after the dance, what is the end time of your party?

You can always find lots of great online party invitations with a free RSVP manager at Evite,


Here are a few great football themed invitation options that would work well for a homecoming party:

Tailgate Rush Football Invitations
Tailgate Rush Invitations
Shadow Football Personalized Invitation
Personalized Football Invitations
NFL Drive Invite & Thank You Combo
NFL Drive Invitations


Activities for a Homecoming Pre-Party

If your party is before the big game…

Have a tailgate style picnic

Have your own game of touch football

Get everyone ready to cheer with sports fan makeup (available in lots of colors), pom poms, foam fingers, or rally beads in your team’s colors

If your party is before the homecoming dance…

Have the girls come over to get dressed and beautified — Be sure to put out a basket of make-up and hair decorating accessories to help in the preparations

homecoming party craft

Make up some mocktails — If this is a high school party, no one is drinking age yet, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t cause for a celebration! Serve some sparkling cider or find a fun mocktail recipe. Serve these in pretty glasses (with cocktail umbrellas, of course!) You might even use acrylic paint to create your own fun glasses that your guests can take home for a souvenir.

Serve some hearty appetizers or dinner — Make sure no one goes hungry at the big event. You could go casual with some easy to eat finger foods, or go all out with a fancy sit down dinner.
stumps homecoming party supplies
Play an upbeat party soundtrack — Before your event, make a playlist of songs that are special to you and your friends so that you are pumped up and ready for dancing!

Leave time for photos — Everyone will be dressed up and looking good, so be sure to designate some time and an area of your party for photos. These are great keepsakes of your party.

If you are having an after homecoming party…

Set out a variety of snacks and drinks — Your guests are sure to have worked up a hunger at the dance

Roast marshmallows — If you are lucky enough to have your homecoming land on a beautiful fall evening, a fun idea is to gather everyone in the backyard to roast marshmallows. This is a great activity for getting everyone involved and sharing their adventures of the night.

Watch a movie — Everyone will probably want to wind down and relax after dancing so a movie is a another great way to go. You can show something popular, something scary, or an old school classic about homecoming such as Footloose, or Pretty in Pink.

Make it a sleepover — Why let the night end at all? Invite some of your closest friends for a sleepover where everyone can giggle and reminisce until the wee hours.

Decorations for a Homecoming Pre-Party

Use your school colors to add some flair to your party. Balloons, streamers, and tableware are great places to show your school spirit. You can also use school themed items as party decorations. Some ideas include:

Homecoming Party Favors

Send your guests off with a special remembrance of the evening. Here are some iedas for party favors:

Game Time Fundraising Spirit Pack

Photos in a special frame or high school memory photo album

A homecoming dance survival kit — Include items such as breath mints, gum, tissues, safety pins, and lip gloss

A unique party souvenir — A handpainted photo frame can be a fun party keepsake. The souvenir glasses above also make a unique and easy to make homecoming party favor. You can make them even more special by personalizing them with individualized drink charms. These charms are inexpensive and easy to make here’s how:

wine glass charm craft

Souvenir Drink Charms

Materials: (Available at your local craft store)

      • 1 wire earring loop per charm
      • Assorted beads in your school colors
      • Small photo frame charms
      • Needle nose pliers


1. Print out a small picture of each of your guests and fit it into a frame charm.

2. String an assortment of small beads (with the frame charm in the center) onto a wire hoop earring.

3. Add to the stem of a cocktail or wine glass and use your needle nose pliers to bend the end of the loop so the charm stays in place.

Hope you found some helpful party ideas on this page. Have an amazing homecoming party!

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