Host a MINUTE to WIN IT Christmas Party!

Lots of fun Minute to Win It Christmas party ideas

Minute to Win It is a fun, fast paced game show that takes everyday objects and creates crazy games that must be completed in under a minute. The best part, however, is that all of these games can be done in your own home, making  Minute to Win It an awesome theme for a party!  If you’re looking for a hilarious and truly engaging holiday party theme, check out these ideas for hosting a Christmas Minute to Win It party. 


Minute to Win It party ideas

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MINUTE to WIN IT Christmas Party Game Ideas

Gift Box Christmas Ornament Roll — One player must move a round Christmas ornament across a smooth floor to land on a 12×12 piece of wrapping paper in one minute. They can move the ornament only by fanning it with a flat rectangular gift box.

Wreath Relay — 2 partners must relay a wreath from one end of a course to the other. To do this, one partner starts with the wreath around his neck, and the other slips his head into the opening as well. Then the first partner slips out, the second partner turns around, and the first runs around to join the second so that they gradually move as a team from one point to the other. (No hands allowed.)

Jingle in the Trunk — 12 jingle bells are placed in a rectangular tissue box, which is then attached by a belt so that it rests, with the opening facing out, over the player’s rear end. Shake, dance, and prance to get all 12 bells out of the opening of the box in less than a minute.

Face the Gingerbread Man — A player is seated in a chair, and a gingerbread man cookie is placed on her forehead. The player must move the gingerbread man from her forehead into her mouth using only the muscles in her face and neck.

Christmas Ball Conveyor Belt — A huge Christmas ribbon is tied in a continuous loop between the waists of two players standing about 15 feet apart. One player hooks a christmas ornament to the ribbon and then both must rotate conveyor belt style to get the ornament around in a full loop to the original player. The team must get two ornaments around the loop in less than one minute.

Do You Hear What I Hear? — Two players work as a team to put seven boxes containing different numbers of jingle bells into order from least to most in one minute. They do this by shaking each box and listening to see if they can determine the number of bells in each. The boxes contain bells in increasing increments of 5 (5,10,15,20,25,30,35).

Christmas Cliffhanger — 10 folded Christmas cards are set up tent-style along a long, narrow rectangular table. A player has one minute to blow one of these cards about 8 inches across the table so that it lands with the front flap flat on the table and the back flap hanging vertically off the table’s edge.

Raise Your Glass — In this balancing challenge, a player must make a four-tier stack of martini glasses by alternately stacking a glass, filling it with four round Christmas ornaments, stacking the second glass, filling it, and so fourth, until they create a tower of four stacked glasses. (The final glass does not have to be filled with ornaments.)


Whipped Cream Tannenbaum  –  Provide a paper plate and 3 cans of whipped cream per player. Each player has one minute to spray the whipped cream on the paper plate in the shape of a Christmas tree. The player with the tallest Christmas tree after one minute wins.

Napkin Ring Ornament Madness – Provide 5 to 10 large napkin rings in a basket or on a tray and an unsharpened pencil or chopstick for each player. Set the basket on a table or the floor, a few feet away from a Christmas tree. (A small artificial tree works well.) Players must use the unsharpened pencil or chopstick to pick up a napkin ring, carry it to the tree, and slide the napkin ring “ornament” onto the tree. The player who gets the most napkin rings on the tree in one minute wins!

Snowball Fight – Provide white paper for each player or team. Place a dividing line in the middle of the room. Players or teams will need to wad up the white paper and have a snowball fight. The player or team who has the least number of “snowballs” on their side after one minute is the winner!

Marshmallow Toss –  Provide a wreath, a bag of marshmallows, and a bucket for each player. Have one person hold the wreath to their side and place the bucket behind the wreath. Players will have one minute to throw marshmallows through the wreath into the bucket. The player with the most marshmallows in the bucket after one minute is the winner!


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