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Do you love The Hunger Games trilogy? Here are our favorite ideas for hosting a Hunger Games party, including suggestions for invitations, decorations, menu options, and lots of activities.  “May the odds be ever in your favor!”

hunger games printable quote**For even more great Hunger Games party ideas and printables, be sure to take a look at our Catching Fire party!

Hunger Games Party Invitations

Great invitations can help get your guests excited about your party before it even starts. Here are some easy ideas for Hunger Games party invitations that you can make yourself:

Panem Lottery Tickets — Invite your guests to represent their favorite district by sending an invitation that looks like a lottery ticket from the reaping. Use your computer to create your own lottery ticket, or start with a printable ticket template and alter it to fit your party theme. Use wording such as, “You are hereby invited to join the members of your district for a Hunger Games party. The reaping will be held on _____ at _______.”

Bird Invitations — Recreate the image of Katniss’s famous mockingjay pin for the front of a folded invitation. Add your party information on the inside.

You might consider asking your guests to come dressed up for your party. They might either choose to dress as a favorite character from the book, or as a resident of a certain district. You can find suggestions for costumes in the sections of the books where the tributes are preparing to represent their districts in the games’ opening ceremonies. (**Also, see below for the specialties of each district.)

Hunger Games Party Decorations

Black, gold and orange make a great color theme for a Hunger Games party. Here are some more ideas to make your party look amazing:

Download Our Free Hunger Games Printables — Visit our Creative Party Themes blog to get some free Hunger Games printables to add to your party decor.

Create a Forest Backdrop — Cut trees from brown and green craft paper to create a forest on your party walls representing the arena from the first book, or use some inexpensive, removable tree wall decals to achieve a woodland look.

hunger games party ideas

photo from Vanity Fair

Recreate the Arena Lake — Use a small blue inflatable kiddie pool to represent the arena lake and also to double as a cooler for your party beverages.

Hang Some Parachutes — Attach party treats to some small toy parachutes and use clear fishing line to hang them from your ceiling or lighting fixtures. These can represent the parachuted rewards given to the tributes during the games.

Add Some Mockingjays — Sure it might be hard to actually find a mockingjay for your party décor, but you can find some great plush bluejays that will look pretty similar. Use them on tabletops or hang them from the ceiling to simulate the famous symbol of hope.

Cover Your Walls with Hunger Games Posters — With the movie release of the Hunger Games, some amazing Hunger Games posters have become available that would make great party decorations. You can find these at

Use Some Symbolic Centerpieces — There are a number of things in the Hunger Games books that would make great party centerpieces. Arrangements of President Snow’s white roses, cornucopia baskets that you can fill with symbolic items, artificial fire centerpieces (for the girl who was on fire), and of course, some mockingjays.

Here are some images of items to inspire you:

Black and Orange Party Supplies
Flaming Table Torch
Flaming Torch Centerpiece
White Rose Topiary Centerpiece
White Rose Topiaries

Hunger Games Wall Decal

Hunger Games Movie Poster

Plush Jay


Hunger Games Activities

There are lots of great activities that go along with a Hunger Games party theme. Here are a few of our favorite ideas:

Play a Hunger Games Version of the Game “Assassin” — To make this game fit your party theme, start by placing all of your weapons, (Nerf guns, toy bow and arrows, squirt guns, etc.) in a central location or “cornucopia.” Have players race to the stash of weapons at the start of the game. For directions on how to play assassin, click here. You could also play Capture the Flag with a Hunger Games twist by having your teams both protect something and steal something to ensure their survival.

Do District Makovers — In the opening ceremonies of the books, the tributes are made over to represent their districts. Put all the district numbers (or at least the main ones) along with what they are known for in a hat. Then have each guest pull a district out of the hat. Partner up and give each other makeovers to represent the district they pulled. Be creative! Here are the items that each district was known for:

  • District 1- Luxury
  • District 2- Masonry
  • District 3- Electronics
  • District 4- Fishing
  • District 5- Power
  • District 6- Transportation
  • District 7- Lumber
  • District 8- Textiles
  • District 9- Grain
  • District 10- Livestock
  • District 11- Agriculture
  • District 12- Coal Mining


Decorate Peeta’s Pastries — In the books, Peeta is a talented pastry artist. Why not get some plain cookies and a variety of different icing and toppings and have a cookie decorating contest. This can be both a fun activity and a great way to make your party dessert!

Play The Hunger Games Training Days Strategy Game — This is a board game for 2-6 players where you take on the persona of one of the book’s characters to complete certain tasks. The object of the game is to become the tribute who is the most popular with the Capitol audience.

Have a Hunger Games Trivia Contest — Make up some questions from the books and challenge your guests to see who can answer the most correctly. Click here for a great list of Hunger Games trivia, courtesy of

Watch The Movie — The movie version of The Hunger Games is now available on DVD. Set out some snacks so your own guests don’t get hungry and enjoy a viewing of all the action!

Hunger Games Party Ideas for Your Menu

You can find an unofficial Hunger Games cookbook at

There are many different types of foods mentioned throughout the Hunger Games books. If you are feeling really adventurous, go all out and make a version of lamb stew, but for a more mainstream party menu, here are a few suggestions:

  • Peeta’s Sweet Bread
  • Cheesy Buns (Katniss’s favorite in Catching Fire)
  • Crackers with goat cheese spread (Prim’s gift)
  • Parfait with some “deadly berries”
  • Drinks in bottles labeled “Sleeping Syrup”
  • Bowls of Goldfish crackers or Swedish fish candies (to represent the specialty of District 4)
  • Hamburgers or barbecue (to represent the specialty of District 10)
  • A veggie or fruit tray (to represent the specialty of District 11)
  • Decorated cookies or cake like Peeta’s flower decorated cookies

Hope you’ve found some helpful Hunger Games party ideas on this page. Enjoy the party!

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