Ideas for the Last day of School


last day of school celebrations

Summertime is coming! Do you have young children getting ready to ditch their books in favor of some summer fun? Why not kick things off with a bang and celebrate the start of summer with these fun ideas for the last day of school!

Break Out the Popsicles — Station some parents at the school exits with wagons full of popsicles to hand out as a cool treat for the first day of summer vacation.

Bubbles Everywhere! — Another fun option is to hand out small bottles of bubble stuff to the students as they leave school for a festive, bubbly walk home.

Banners for the Bus — Use sheets or butcher paper to make signs to hang across the sides of the school buses.  It might be fun to have the kids break through a big sign that says, “Welcome to Summer!”end of school celebration

Crank the Tunes —  Music can make the heart sing… Set up some boom boxes outside school and encourage bus drivers to turn up the volume on some toe tapping summer classics like The Beach Boys.

Sidewalk Chalk Messages — A fun and inexpensive way to kickoff summer is to have parents write messages along the sidewalks on all the walking routes from school.

Line the Sidewalk with Pinwheels — Rally some parents who live along the school’s walking routes to set out a row of pinwheels along the sidewalk for the kids to pick up as they head for home.

Have a Summer Kick off Party! — Gather the gang for an afternoon of ice cream, water games, and memory books. Check out our sister site, Creative Party Themes, for lots of ideas to help you plan an amazing end of school celebration.

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