Karaoke Party Ideas

karaoke party

Love to perform? A karaoke party is a great way to get people together to sing, laugh, and have a lot of fun. Here are our favorite ideas to help get everyone in the spirit and to help you plan an amazing celebration.


Invitations can help set the stage for a great celebration before it even starts. Sending clever invitations can get your guests excited about what’s to come. When thinking about your karaoke party invitations, here are a few things to consider:

  • Who will be on the guest list and how many people do I want to invite?
  • Will my party have a theme? (You might consider having a decades theme with songs from a certain era or making your party a Battle of the Bands competition where you encourage your guests to join together and perform as their favorite band. This can be a great option in that it allows those who are a little bit more reserved to participate as backup performers.)

  • Do I want my guests to come in costume? Costumes can be a super addition to a karaoke party because they help get everyone in character for their performances.
  • It is also a good idea to let people know that they have the option of being a spectator at the event so that they don’t feel pressured if they are uncomfortable singing in front of a group. Chances are, by the end of the party they will be fighting to get a turn on the microphone.
  • It is also a good idea to send along a list of the music you will have (if you know it ahead of time.) That way people can look over the song choices and decide what they want to sing.

Include any important information on your invitations, so people know what to expect and come ready to have a great time!

Here are some ideas for making your own karaoke invitations:

Microphone Invitations — Write your party invitation on a blank index card or decorative tag and use a ribbon to attach it to a sparkly toy microphone. That way your guests can start practicing their routines at home!

VIP Pass Invitations — Add your party information to the back of a wearable VIP party pass. You might have your guests bring these as their tickets to your event, or just as encouragement to come dressed as their favorite star.

CD Invitations — Here is a fun way to inspire some singing! Make up CDs with some well-known karaoke hits to get everyone in the mood. Write your party information on the insert of the CD jewel case and send them off.

You can always find lots of great online party invitations with a free RSVP manager at Evite,


Want a special printed invitation? Here are some fun karaoke themed invitations that we’ve found around the web:

Pop Star Princess Stationery Card Invitations
Pop Star Invitations

Karaoke Party Invitations

Rock Star Party Invitations

Setting up Your Karaoke Party

There are lots of different ways that you might organize a karaoke party, depending on the age, number, and the level of enthusiasm of your guests. Here are some tips to help you plan so that your event goes smoothly:

One option you might choose is hosting your party at a karaoke bar (if everyone is 21 or over) or club. If your group is comfortable singing in front of new people, a fun night out on the town might include dressing up and heading out as a big group to celebrate at a local karaoke establishment. There are lots of venues that have karaoke party rooms available for rent, and the set up for this is minimal since they provide the machine and music. We recommend checking out any place you choose to go prior to your party, so that you get a feeling for the atmosphere and the regular clientele.

A second option is to host your party at home. To set up an at-home karaoke party, you will need:

A Karaoke Machine and Microphones — Most party rental stores offer karaoke machines. Alternatively, you can find these online relatively inexpensively. Amazon.com has a wide range of machine options that go from very simple to professional levels.

Karaoke CDs and Lyric Sheets — Again, you can usually rent these along with your machinery from your local party rental source. If you choose to purchase your own collection of music, Amazon has a great selection. If your guests have a particular song that they want to perform which you don’t have the music for, you might encourage them to bring their own CD to use.

A Stage Area — Every great performance needs a stage, so set up a section of your party area for performances. When designing your stage, first be sure to check for convenient electrical outlets for the karaoke machine. Then delineate the space by laying down a piece of carpet or vinyl flooring. Hang a sheet or shower curtain behind the stage as a backdrop, and consider using metallic streamer curtains along the sides of the stage for some pizzazz.

A Changing Area — All stars need a changing room. You might designate a bedroom or bathroom for this and fill it with some performance props such as sunglasses, hats, wigs, boas, and any other items you happen to have. Hang a large gold star on the changing room door.

Audience Seating — When setting up your party area, be sure to have ample seating for everyone who is watching the performances. You can arrange your furniture to face the stage, and perhaps set up some folding chairs and small tables for people to sit and enjoy a snack. Think about creating the feeling of a restaurant or club. For more decorating ideas, take a look at our nightclub party page.

Lighting — Another way to make your party area more festive is by changing the lighting. You might switch your regular light bulbs to colored bulbs, or hang strings of twinkle lights to set the mood. A disco ball can also give your party some instant atmosphere.

Song Books and Request Cards — Let your guests know what songs are available to choose from by printing up some lists of song choice options. Place these around the room with blank index cards. Have your guests write their names and the song that they would like to sing on the cards and place it in a pile on the stage. That way you can keep things moving along and you’ll know whose turn it is to perform.

Pop Star Princess Ultimate Party Pack
Here are some great party supplies from Shindigz.com that would be perfect for a karaoke party!

Food and Drink Ideas for a Karaoke Party

karaoke party microphone cakes

Learn how to make these cool microphone cupcakes at Parenting.com

Because a karaoke party is one where guests are usually up and mingling, small bites and finger foods are the way to go. If your party is in your home, you might set up a buffet area in your kitchen with paper plates, napkins, and an assortment of easily transportable foods that guests can eat while watching people sing. If you have set up tables by your stage, you might set out snacks such as popcorn, chips, or cookies.

If your party has a theme, you might consider making decorative labels for your foods with fun names such as “Bee Gees burger bites” or “Elvis’ Love Me Tender bacon wrapped hot dogs”. You can have fun using your creativity for this.

Similarly, having one or two themed drinks can make be a fun and memorable element of your karaoke party. If your guests are over 21, try making a cocktail like an Elvis Spring Fever. If your party guests are a bit younger, try mixing up a fruity non-alcoholic treat, such as a Smooth Moves Banana Smoothie.

Awards for Your Guests

Rock Star Trophy from Amazon
A great way to wrap up the celebration is by handing out awards to your party guests in some different categories. Create voting sheets and let everyone select the winners. Some categories you might include are:

  • Best performance
  • Best costume
  • Hardest song to perform
  • Best duet
  • Funniest performance
  • Best group

Hope you found some helpful karaoke party ideas on this page. Have fun!

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