Make a Leprechaun Catcher for St. Patrick’s Day

How to make your own leprechaun catcher

As everyone knows, leprechauns hoard pots of gold, and if caught, must reveal their treasure’s location to their captor. This St. Patrick’s Day, help your kids create a clever device to try and catch a Leprechaun. If they’re lucky, they might score some gold…if not, maybe some gold coins and a note to be treasured. Here are some ideas for making your own Leprechaun catcher.

Here are some easy ways to make a Leprechaun catcher, and some of our favorite creative photos to inspire you…

  • Decorate empty boxes using rainbows and the color green,  shamrocks, and shiny foil (Leprechauns love pretty things.)
  • Make “traps” out of dropping cages (empty strawberry containers work well), trapdoors (box flaps that will give way),  treasure left on tissue paper that will break with the leprechaun’s weight, or the more traditional method of a box propped up by a stick that can be pulled out to catch the greedy leprechaun inside.
  • Use enticing bait. Gold coins (or paper coins colored gold), gold painted rocks, or Lucky Charms cereal are all good choices.
  • Be creative! Get those creative juices flowing. Leprechauns can be tricky. You’ll have to come up with something pretty special if you hope to catch one.

Here are some photos of  great Leprechaun traps we’ve seen:

How to make a leprechaun catcherleprechaun catcherLeprechaun catcher ideas

Whether or not your Leprechaun catchers are successful, those sneaky little guys usually leave the maker something for their effort, such as a little candy treat, a few coins, and a note. Here is a poem that one Leprechaun left…

“You think you can trick me with rainbows and gold. But I’m really fast, even though I am old. Here is a treat to help you play. I hope you have a happy St. Patrick’s Day!”

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