Masquerade Party Ideas

Decorating ideas for a Mardi Gras masquerade party

My oldest daughter is a sophomore in high school and this month her school hosted a Bali Hai dance.  The theme this year was “Masquerade Party”. The actual dance was held in a ballroom, but I hosted the pre-dance festivities at my house.  I had 10 girls here getting ready, we all managed not to become asphyxiated  with all of the hairspray fumes!

When the girls were ready we took pictures and then the boys arrived with their parents. Yes, that is 20 kids plus the parents! Here are some masquerade party ideas that helped make this evening a success.

 Masquerade Party Invitations

Invitations can get your party off to a great start. I found these fun invitations online at (They offer a variety of options for personalized masquerade invitations.) Since I used a variety of masks as a main decorating theme at the party, they were perfect for our event.

Masquerade Invitations
Masquerade Invitations from

Masquerade Party Ideas for Decorating

The movie "A Cinderella Story" with Chad Michael Murray and Hilary Duff

The movie “A Cinderella Story” with Chad Michael Murray and Hilary Duff

Fancy dresses, twinkling lights, and beautiful bejeweled and feathered masks add an air of mystery to a special dance or event. These are some of the main elements I tried to incorporate into the decorating theme of the evening. Need some ideas? The movie, A Cinderella Story, has an amazing masquerade party scene.

Here are some ideas for masquerade party decorations, along with some photo inspirations from my event:

Mardi Gras Masks Basic Party Pack

Masquerade Tableware

  • Start with a classic color scheme, such as black and white or Mardi Gras colors in purple, green, and yellow, and incorporate this into all your party basics like tableware and balloons.
  • Make your party sparkle with twinkle lights or votive candles.
  • Get creative with masquerade masks. Hang them, put them on dowels and use them as centerpieces, and scatter them on tabletops for immediate interest. I purchased the metallic and feathered masks at  Here are the links to purchase the masks.
  • Use posters and printables. Posters can be an inexpensive way to add a punch to your decorations. I used my computer to create posters and labels specific to our event, but you can find some great things online. Here is a pretty free printable poster that you can download from that would be perfect for a masquerade party.
masquerade party printable

free printable masquerade poster from

Here are the printables that I made for the bali hai party…

I set up some arrangements using garland, masks, lights, and other pretty sparkly things throughout the party. I also created a fun masquerade themed wreath by hot gluing party masks to a plain white feathered wreath. When I hung this over the mantel it became a great focal point for a photo backdrop area. I handed out a variety of masks to the party guests for photos and party souvenirs.

masquerade centerpiece idea

Masquerade Centerpiece

masquerade party decorations

Printed vellum wrapped around votives and masks


masquerade party photo backdrop

Masquerade photo backdrop


masquerade party souvenirs

I glued wooden dowels to the masks for photo props

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Finally, here are some pictures of our wonderful high schoolers ready for the dance!

masquerade party

The girls by the photo backdrop area


masquerade party ideas

waiting for the boys





Off to the Masquerade dance

Off to the Masquerade dance


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