Mickey Mouse Birthday Party

Mickey Mouse birthday party

Find lots of great Mickey Mouse birthday party ideas, including suggestions for making invitations, playing fun party games, and decorating for a classic Mickey or Minnie Mouse party. Everything you need to host a fantastic event!

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Invitations

Mickey Mouse birthday party invitations

“Meeska Mooska, Mickey Mouse! Come to a Party at _________’s House!”
Sending great invitations can make your guests feel special before the party even starts. You can either make your own party invitations or send pre-made cards. Here are some ideas for both options:

  • Put Mouse Ears on a Photo — For this Mickey Mouse invitation idea, you can either take a picture of your guest of honor wearing some mouse ears, or glue on some ears made of paper to your favorite photo. Mount your photo onto the front of a folded card and add some catchy invitation wording, such as:
    “M-I-C (See ya real soon!) K-E-Y
    (Why? Because it’s ________’s Birthday!) M-O-U-S-E”


  • Mickey Pants and Ears Invitations — Use the photo above as an inspiration for a cute and easy classic Mickey invitation. Start with black construction paper and draw one large circle with two smaller circles for ears. Then add a piece of red paper to make pants and two small white or yellow ovals for the buttons. Print your party information on a piece of white paper, cut it to fit, and glue it to the back to make a postcard style invite.


  • Free Printable Mickey Mouse Invitations — There are some sites that offer free downloadable Disney party invitations. Click here for one option.


**You might also consider asking your guests to come dressed as their favorite Disney character. If so, be sure to include this on your invitation.

You can always find lots of great online party invitations with a free RSVP manager at Evite,


Here are some Minnie and Mickey birthday invitations you might choose:

Mickey Playtime Invitations
Mickey Playtime Invitations

Mickey Fun and Friends Invitations

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Invitations


Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Decorations

Red, white, black, and yellow are great Mickey Mouse party colors. You can incorporate these colors into your decor by mixing them up in your tableware, and also by using them in things such as balloons and streamers. Here are some additional ideas:

Make Mouse Tracks to Your Door — Mickey is known for his great big feet. Lead your guests into your party by making a trail of mouse tracks! Cut big, wide footprint shapes from white or gold paper and cover them with clear contact paper to keep them clean and dry. Lay the footprints down in a path to your front door.

Let Mickey and Minnie Greet Your Guests — Hang a giant Mickey or Minnie Mouse drawn on butcher paper on your front door to welcome your guests, or purchase a large Mickey Mouse standee and let him act as party greeter! (These standups are also great for photo props to use during your party.)

Think Polka Dots! — Red and white polka dots (or pink and white for a Minnie Mouse birthday) are very reminiscent of the classic Disney theme. You can find polka dot party supplies┬áthat can become the starting point for some great Mickey Mouse birthday decorations.

Use big bouquets of balloons in your party colors throughout your party area. To mix things up, you might add some mouse ear balloons.

Set a Great Mickey Themed Party Table — Here’s how:

  • Start with some great Disney tableware (see below).
  • Place Mickey Mouse ears at each table setting for your guests to wear.
  • Use any Mickey or Minnie toys you may have as part of your table centerpiece. A plush toy Mickey Mouse makes a great balloon anchor for your party table.


Here are some party supply sets that would be great at a Minnie or Mickey Mouse birthday party:

Mickey Mouse Deluxe Party Supplies

Mickey on the Go Party Supplies

Minnie Mouse Happy Helpers Party Supplies


Party Games for a Minnie or Mickey Mouse Birthday

The age range of your guests will be an important factor when choosing activities for a Mickey Mouse birthday party. If the children are very young, simple activities such as blowing bubbles, singing and dancing, and playing with balloons are often enough to keep everyone busy. If your guests are a little older, it’s helpful to have more structured games planned. Here are some more ideas for party activities:

Play Some of Mickey’s Greatest Hits — Playing some fun, upbeat music can add to your party atmosphere no matter what you are doing. Consider making a Mickey Mouse playlist, or playing some of Disney’s favorite tunes. Then you can dance, play, or sing along!

Disney Silly Songs

Meeska Mooska Mickey

Disney’s Greatest

Pass the Ears — Use some Mickey Mouse ears to play this Disney version of hot potato. Have all your guests sit in a circle. Turn on some music and let the children take turns putting on the ears and then passing them to the next person. Whoever is holding the ears when the music stops is out until the next game. Keep playing until there is only one player left.

Find the Hidden Mickeys — Before the party, hide pictures of Mickey Mouse throughout your party area. (Click here to download some free Disney clip art.) Send your party guests off on a scavenger hunt to see who can find the most hidden Mickeys!

** Another fun variation of this game is to hide one toy Mickey. Then send your guests off to find him. Whoever finds the toy first gets to hide it for the next round.

Mickey Says — Play a traditional game of Simon Says, giving it a Disney twist.

Mickey Mouse Bingo — Use different clip art pictures of Mickey and the gang to create your own Mickey Mouse Bingo game. Use candies such as “Goofy’s Candy Company” gummies for yummy place markers.
(You can also click here for a free printable Mickey Mouse Bingo card.)

Mickey, Mickey, Goofy — A traditional game of duck, duck, goose works well at a Mickey Mouse birthday when changed to use the names of your favorite Disney characters.

Classic Disney Games — Classic games like Disney trivia and charades are great party activities for a slightly older crowd. Here are some that you can find at Amazon:

Disney Family Feud

Disney Pictionary

Disney Cranium

Party Food for a Minnie or Mickey Mouse Birthday

mickey mouse birthday cake

Make this adorable cake by baking a large round cake and two small round cakes, laying them on a large plate, and then frosting them to look like Mickey’s pants and ears. Simple and classic!

Here are some other Mickey Mouse birthday party food ideas:

  • Serve a big pasta salad or mix up some macaroni and cheese using Mickey shaped pasta
  • Pay homage to the “Hot Dog Dance” from Mickey’s Clubhouse by serving Dancing Mickey Dogs
  • Use a Mickey Mouse cookie cutter to shape peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
  • Mice love cheese, so serve up a cheese and cracker tray and call it “Mickey’s Cheese Tray”

Hope you’ve found some helpful Mickey Mouse party ideas on this page. Have a meeska mooska marvelous celebration!

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