Monster Birthday Party

monster party theme

Monsters aren’t just for Halloween. Host a monster birthday party bash! Here are our favorite ideas for invitations, decorations, activities and games, and some fun party favors.

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Sending fabulous invitations is a great way to make your guests feel special before your event even starts. Here are a few fun ideas to inspire you:

Wiggly Eye Invitations — A great idea for your monster party invitations is to print them on green card stock and embellish them with stick-on wiggly eyes. The top of your invitation could say, “Join us for a monster-ously good time at _______’s monster birthday party!”

Little Monsters Invitations — Print your party information on a decorative tag. Attach it with ribbon to a little plush monster. Mail these in padded envelopes.

You can always find lots of great online party invitations with a free RSVP manager at Evite,


Here are some fun invitations that would be great at a monster birthday party:

SO SO Happy Invitations
So So Happy Invitations
Monsters Personalized Photo Cards
Personalized Monster Invitations


Monster Birthday Party Decorations


DIY Monster eyeball wreath

Click the photo for directions on how to make this fun monster eyeball wreath

The color scheme for a monster party should be fun and vibrant. Think purple, bright orange, and lime. You can easily incorporate your party colors in your decorating by using them in your balloons, streamers, and tableware.

Here are some more monster themed decorating ideas:

Monster Tracks — Welcome your guests to your party with a trail of big, green monster tracks! To make these, cut fun shaped footprints from green construction paper or sticky contact paper and lay them in a trail to your front door.

Let a Monster Greet Your Guests — Design your own fuzzy, frightening, or funny monster from a large piece of colored butcher paper and hang him on your front door to greet your friends.

Monster Lanterns — Hang round paper lanterns with neon colored wiggly eyes or make construction paper eyes and glue them on. (You might also add eyes to your balloons to make them instantly monster-ous!)

Cover Your Table with Fur — Bring your table to life! Visit your local fabric shop to find a few yards of colorful shaggy fur fabric to use as your tablecloth.

Make a Monsterish Centerpiece — Fill an assortment of glass jars, beakers, or vases with eyeball ping pong balls and a variety of different eyeball candies.

Eyeball Confetti — Scatter neon colored wiggly eyes on the table.

Little Monster Placecards — Place little plush monsters holding small cards with each guest’s name at their seats at the party table.

Play Some Monster Tunes — Make a CD with fun songs like “Purple People Eater” and “Monster Mash” to add to your party atmosphere.


These fun party supplies would be perfect at a monster birthday party:

Mighty Monsters Party Supplies

Aliens and Monsters Party Supplies

Silly Monsters Party Supplies


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Monster Birthday Party Activities

Check out these monster-ously fun party activities!

Mummy Wrap Game — Divide your guests into two groups. Have one child in each group volunteer to be the mummy. Everyone else is a wrapper. Give each group about 3 rolls of toilet paper and see which group can come up with the best costume for their mummy. (Or hold a race to see who can use all three rolls to cover their mummy first.)

Do a Monster Craft– Put out a collection of materials for kids to make their own paper bag monster. Suggestions include: Markers, buttons, wiggly eyes, construction paper, pipe cleaner, furry fabric scraps. For an easy all-in-one craft, you can purchase a monster puppet making kit.

Play Monster Relay Games by having your guests race wearing monster stomper feet or swim fins.

Play What time is it Mr./Ms. Monster? – This monster party game is played like “What time is it Mr. Fox?” Players line up and one is chosen to be Mr. Monster. That person closes his eyes and faces away. The others try to get close enough to tag him. One at a time they ask, “what time is it, Mr. Monster?( 2 o’clock = 2 steps etc.)When Mr. Monster senses the others getting close, he shouts, “Dinner Time!” and chases the players back to the starting line. If he catches anyone, they are the monster for the next game.

Have a Monster Toss — Paint a number of monster faces with open hole mouths on a big piece of cardboard. Hang this and see who can toss a beanbag the most accurately to feed the monsters. (You can buy a pre-made version of the monster toss bean bag game at Amazon.)

Make Monster Faces — Set out some different face paint and monster dress up props. Let your guests turn themselves into little monsters. Take pictures of the kids making funny faces. Put them in their thank you cards.

Read monster themed books:

Go Away, Big Green Monster

Tickle Monster

Where the Wild Things Are


Play “Hot Monster” — Have your guests sit in a circle. Turn on some monster themed music and have them pass an ugly doll monster around the circle. Whoever is holding the monster when the music stops is out. Continue until there is one player left.

Show a Monster Movie – Suggested monster movie titles include:

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Monster Theme Party Favors

Send your guests home with a special souvenir of their day. Here are some ideas for favors:

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Monster Party Foods

monster birthday party ideas
To make your party menu fit your theme, use the birthday child’s favorite foods, just label them with fun monster names. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Monster Munch-trail mix, pretzels, marshmallows
  • Deviled egg eyeballs
  • String cheese fingers
  • Monster guts spaghetti
  • Have an assortment of colored frosting and candies to make monster cupcakes

Hope you’ve found some helpful ideas on this page. Hope your next party is a monster-ously fabulous affair!

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