Music Theme Party

music theme party

Hosting a party for a music lover? Host a music theme party to beat the band! Here are our favorite ideas for invitations, musical party games, decorations and favors. Let’s get ready to make some noise!

Music Invitations

Great invitations can help set the tone for your event before it even starts. Here are some ideas for music theme party invitations sure to get your event off on the right note…

CD Invitations — Make a playlist of your child’s favorite songs and burn them onto CDs. Then make a fun label for your CD or CD jewel case containing your party information. This is a music invitation and souvenir all rolled into one!

Cut Out Music Note Invitations — Cut out the shape of a music note (or download some musical clipart) and glue it to some white poster board. Write your party information on the back.

Musical Sheet Paper Invitations — Get some blank score sheets at your local music store. Write your party information on the bars in an up and down pattern to resemble musical notes.

Music Invitation Wording — Looking for some clever wording for your party? Here are a few options:

  • Come Make Some Noise at _________’s Music Birthday!
  • Don’t Miss a Beat…Join the Fun at _______’s Music Birthday Party!
  • Strike Up the Band! It’s ________’s Birthday!
  • We’ll Sing and We’ll Play, and Dance Our Cares Away! Please Join Us at ________’s Music Birthday Party!


**General Invitation Tips** — If you choose to make your own invitations, don’t forget to include the date, location, and time of your party. It is also helpful to put the host’s name, RSVP by date, and either your phone number or email.

Here are some invitations that would be perfect for a music party theme:

Sparkle & Shine Personalized Invitations
Sparkle and Shine Invitations
Pop Star Princess Stationery Card Invitations
Pop Star Invitations


Music Theme Party Decorations

In many ways, decorating for a music birthday party is easy because you are limited only by your imagination. Decorations for a music party theme can be any colors that you choose, so you might start by finding a few fun decorating props and choosing the color of your balloons, streamers, and tableware to coordinate. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Scatter music themed confetti on your tabletop.

Hang colorful foil musical notes from the ceiling.

Hang plastic records from walls or ceiling.

Arrange groups of different musical instruments in cluster on tables and serving areas.

Here are some party supplies that would be perfect for a music party:

Pop Star Princess Deluxe Party Pack
Pop Star Princess Party Supplies
Music Note Dinner Plates
Music Notes Party Supplies
Neon Musical Note Whirls
Musical Note Whirls

Music Theme Party Activities

Playing, making, and dancing to upbeat music are the name of the game at a music theme birthday party. Before your event starts, make a playlist of musical favorites, or find a fun music station that can be playing in the background of your party. Have an area designated for dancing and singing along as your guests arrive. Here are some other fun activities and party games to enjoy:

Make a Percussion Band — Put out an assortment of kid friendly instruments such as maracas, clappers, tambourines, horns, whistles, kazoos, and cow bells, and encourage your group to choose their favorite instrument and either play along with your party music or make up their own percussion band rhythms.

Karaoke — If you can, set up a sing along karaoke station where kids can be the stars of the show. This is a great opportunity for pictures and video.

Name That Tune — This is a classic musical party game. Gather your group. Play 5-10 seconds of well-known songs. See who can be the first to name that tune!

Play Some Wii — There are some great interactive games available on Wii and Kinect that would be great at a music theme party. Check out Amazon for some fun music themed video games

Scarf Dancing — If your party is for younger children, pass out some colorful silk scarves and ribbons to your dancers to encourage even more expressive dance moves!

Musical Chairs — Play this traditional musical party game by lining up chairs back to back in a row (put out one less chair than there are party guests. Play some music and have everyone slowly walk around the chairs. When the music stops, everyone should try to sit in a seat. Whoever does not get a chair is out and can play the music for the next turn. Remove one chair, restart the music, and repeat the game. Play until there is one child left.

Freeze Dance — Play some music and have the kids do their wildest dancing. When the music stops they should all immediately freeze in whatever crazy position that they were in. If they move, they are out. There is a CD available called Kids in Motion that not only has the freeze dance song, but also lots of other great music for a kids’ dance party.

Make Your Own Tambourines — A fun music theme craft is making tambourines. To do this activity, gather one flat round container for each child (the small circular boxes that wedge cheese come in work really well for this), colored craft tape, dry beans, multicolored streamers or ribbons, and decorating items such as markers and stickers. Ask children to put a handful of dry beans into their circular box. Use tape to cover the opening seam around the edge. Then children can decorate their tamourines with stickers and markers, and use the craft tape to attach ribbons around the edge.

What’s That Noise? — Before the party, make a recording of some common sounds such as a car horn, a telephone, or a hair dryer. Play the recording and see who can guess what is making the different sounds on the tape. (You might include some challenges in this game and see what kind of funny answers you get!)


Music Theme Party Favors

Send your guests off with a special memory of your party. Here are some music theme party favor ideas:

Hope you found some helpful ideas that will have your party guests singing your praises!


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