Nightclub Themed Party

nightclub theme party

Looking for a unique party theme for teens and adults? Host a nightclub themed party! Dim the lights, pour the drinks, and play your favorite dance music. A party with a nightclub theme is sure to be one you and your friends will never forget. Here are some ideas to help get you started.

Nightclub Themed Party Invitations

Great invitations can help set the tone for your event before it even starts. Your invitations are a great place to suggest that everyone come dressed to impress and be ready to dance the night away. You can either purchase invitations or make your own. Here are some ideas for either option.

Disco Ball Invitations –Write your party information on a decorative label and attach it to a small disco ball necklace or keychain. This combines an invitation with a fun party favor!

VIP Pass Invitations — Use your computer to design your own VIP party pass. Print your party information on the back, then cut the invitations to fit into a plastic sleeve and attach them to lanyard necklaces, creating VIP passes for your guests to show at the door of your event.

**General Invitation Tips** — If you choose to make your own nightclub party invitations, don’t forget to include the date, location, and time of your event. It is also helpful to put the host’s name, RSVP by date, and either your phone number or email.

Here are some pre-made invitations for a nightclub party that we really like:

DJ Dance Invitations
Graffiti Invitations
Graffiti Invitations

Dance Party Invitations


Nightclub Themed Party Decorations

nightclub themed party decorations

Do you have an idea about what an ideal nightclub would look like? Here’s your chance to turn your party venue into that club! The main elements of a great nightclub are atmosphere, a dance area, a fun bar, and some lounge seating. Here are some suggestions for nightclub party decorations to create each of these key elements.


Have a Grand Entrance — Have your guests feel like they are really arriving at their favorite nightclub by setting up a great entry. First, roll out a red carpet leading to your door. Then, set up a red rope railing at the entrance. A fun idea is to have someone act as a bouncer to check off each guest’s name as they arrive. If you’ve made VIP pass invitations, you might have them show these at the door!

Play Great Music — One of the things that makes a nightclub fun is the music. If your budget allows, definitely consider hiring a DJ for the night to keep the party hopping. If not, set up a sound system with speakers that are powerful enough to fill your space with sound. Then make a party playlist to ensure that the music will keep rolling for the entire event.

Make a Graffiti Wall — A fun idea for a nightclub themed party that is both a decoration and an activity is to create a graffiti wall. You could either cover a wall with a pre-made design such as the one in the above picture that has the guest of honor’s name on it, or just put up a large sheet of butcher paper and some markers or paint and let your guests create their own wall art. (If you are using black light, you could hang a white sheet and let your guests use highlighters or glow in the dark paint to write on it.)

Lighting — Most nightclubs are dark, and have some specialty lighting to make them exciting. Here are some more nightclub party decoration options to consider:


Special Effects — Another fun option for creating a nightclub atmosphere is to use a fog machine.

Balloons, etc. — A fun way to decorate using balloons is to either purchase glow in the dark balloons, or stick green glowsticks into white or lime green balloons before blowing them up. White streamers also glow under blacklight, and glow in the dark stars make fun table confetti.

DANCE AREA — Creating an area for your guests to dance is an important part of your nightclub paty decor. This could be as simple as clearing out the furniture, or you could go one step further and put down linoleum floor tiles to create an actual dance floor.

BAR AREA — Set up one space in your party area as a bar. If your party is in your home, often a kitchen island, counter, or table works well for this. Be creative! Here are some ideas for decorating your bar area:

  • Hang a metallic foil curtain behind the bar
  • Use additional twinkle lights or other fun lighting so the bar area stands out
  • If you have dim lighting or are using blacklights, serve your drinks in glow in the dark cups or glow in the dark plastic ice cubes
  • Set up an ice luge


Ice Luge

Glow in the Dark Bottle Lights

Glow Margarita Glasses


SEATING — Having a seating area is a great idea at a nightclub themed party because it allows your guests to take a break from dancing to sit and talk. Consider clustering some of your couches and chairs into a conversation area, or setting up small cocktail tables with some chairs near your dance area. You could also make seating out of large pillows, beanbag chairs, or inexpensive inflatable chairs.

Nightclub Themed Party Activities

The activities at a nightclub themed party will usually be the things people do at a nightclub…dance, eat, drink, and mingle. If you have a DJ at your party, they are usually pretty good at gauging the crowd and keeping people involved. Here are a few more nightclub themed party activities you might consider:

Use glowsticks to play flashlight tag

Set up a photo backdrop area or photo booth containing a basket of disposable cameras or a camera on a tripod, fill it with some fun props like sunglasses, feather boas, hats and wigs, and let your guests ham it up!

Pass out glow in the dark body paint so your friends can decorate themselves or each other

Set out colored temporary spray-in hair color that will make hair glow in neon colors for your party

Set up an ice luge at your bar

Hand out glow in the dark necklaces, bracelets, and rings

Magic Star Ball Necklace
Magic Star Necklaces

Light Up Flashing Rings


Nightclub Themed Party Food and Drinks

You can make your drinks even more special by serving them in fun glasses, sugaring the rims, or adding glowing accessories.

Hope you found some helpful nightclub party ideas on this page. Enjoy the party!

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