No Sew Team Sports Pennant Craft

Want a fun and easy craft to cheer on your favorite player? Here is how to make a no sew team sports pennant that would be great to hang at the game or to use as a party or locker decoration.


A tradition at my daughter’s high school is for parents to take turns making locker signs for all a team’s players on days when the have league home games. This year I thought it would be fun to make locker pennants that the girls on my daughter’s softball team  could keep as a souvenir of the season.  These could also be used for a team party or strung together and hung on the backstop as a colorful banner. Best of all, they are no sew, so all you need is an iron to put things together! Here is how to make your own player sports pennants.

Materials: (I searched online for pennants and iron-on letters and found the best selection and prices at

  • Felt pennants (or sheets of felt that you cut into long triangles)  team-sports-pennant-craft-materials
  • Ribbon (narrow for edges, and thicker for top piece)
  • Iron-on letters, numbers, and any additional embellishments you choose
  • Heat Bond iron on backing (for ribbon) — you could also use hot glue to attach the ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Ruler or yard stick
  • Iron


  1. Measure and cut all your ribbon pieces so that they are the right size to fit your pennant.
  2. Follow the label directions to attach the Heat Bond backing to the ribbon pieces. (Try not to have the Heat Bond go beyond the edges of the ribbon or it might show when you apply it to the pennant.)
  3. Use your iron to attach the pre-bonded ribbons to your pennant. (Or use a hot glue gun to attach the ribbons.)
  4. Carefully lay out the iron-on letters, numbers, and extras and use your iron to attach them. (I used a yard stick to ensure the letters were in a straight line and spaced evenly.)
  5. Allow the pennant to cool. You’re done!


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