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Host an Open That Bottle Party

Open That Bottle Night, or OTBN, is a party tradition where friends come together to enjoy those special bottles of wine that have been just waiting for a big event. It was originally conceived by Dorothy Gaiter and John Brecher, “Tastings” authors in the Wall Street Journal. Officially, OTBN is held on the last Saturday of February, but don’t let that stop you from hosting your Open That Bottle party any time you feel like celebrating. Whether your best wine is red or white, old or new, it’s all good! The important thing is to share a bottle that’s meaningful to you — and preferably one that also has a good story behind it.

Open That Bottle Night Party Invitations

Since this party should be treated as a special occasion for you and your guests, consider starting it off with some invitations as special as the event.

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Here are some great wine tasting party invitations we’ve found online:

personalized Wine Tasting Invitations

Fill-In Wine Party Invitations


** Be sure to remind your guests that each couple or invitee should bring a bottle of wine and a good story about why they are sharing it. You might also ask everyone to come with a hearty appetizer that they think might go well with their particular wine. This will make hosting your party a little easier and add to the overall experience.

Tips for Hosting an Open That Bottle Party

The most important thing to keep in mind when hosting an OTBN party is that the bottles of wine shared by you and your guests have a special meaning or some great memories associated with them. As each bottle is opened, ask the guest who brought it to share a little something about the wine and why they chose it. This could be anything from a great story to some photos to a song or memory that they always associate with drinking this particular wine.

One way to add a fun twist to your event is by making it a blind wine tasting. As your guests arrive, have them put their wines in cloth wine bags. Open all the bottles so that they can breathe and remove the foil from the tops so they are less identifiable. Then share a sip of each wine and have your guests each write their thoughts about it. After all the wines have been tasted, reveal their labels and let your guests tell about their selections.

Remember, some of these wines might have been sitting for a very long time and so might have turned. This party really isn’t about just the taste of the wine, it’s also about the stories. You might try to have some backup wine available for actually drinking in case the shared wines have outlived their shelf life. Also, if a cork in an older bottle breaks while being opened, be sure to strain and decant it before serving.

As you are tasting, serve dinner, or better yet, serve the hearty appetizers that you’ve asked your friends to bring.

A fun Open That Bottle Night party tradition is to save the corks from each bottle shared. Use a black pen to write the contributor’s name and the date of the party and save them in a glass bowl. Then every year you can bring out the corks and reminisce on the previous party’s stories.

In exchange for sharing their special wines, you might want to send your guests home with a memento of the evening. Here are a few great party favors from our friends at, along with some other goodies to add to the fun:

Wine Cork Place Card Holders
Wine Cork Candles
Wine Cork Candles
Stainless Steel Spreader with Wine Cork Handle
Spreader with Wine Cork Handle

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