Outer Space Party

Host an outer space party

 3-2-1 …blast off for fun! Host an outer space party that’s out of this world. We’ll give you ideas for decorations, invitations, games, and space party favors. This is an astronaut birthday party theme sure to keep your spirits in orbit!

Outer Space Party Invitations

Handmade invitations are a great way to set the mood for your event. Here are a few ideas for your party invites:

Space Invitations — For a space theme party, think of making your invitations in simple cut out shapes of objects such as rockets, stars, planets, aliens, or flying saucers. Decorate your invitations with sparkly glitter or neon lettering (use paint pens or bright highlighter) for a space age look.

Astronaut Birthday Party Invitations — Decorate paper or cardstock with outer space theme stickers and embellishments (often you can find fun scrapbooking paper with space theme borders). At the top write, “One small step for __________, one giant bunch of fun for everyone!” Then follow up with your party details.

Alien Invitations — Use your computer to find a graphic of an alien. Over the picture write, “Take Me to Your Party!” Jazz up the invitation with green and silver glitter. Follow up with your party details.

**General Invitation Tips** — If you choose to make your own astronaut birthday party invitations, don’t forget to include the date, location, and time of your event. It is also helpful to put the host’s name, RSVP by date, and either your phone number or email.

Here are some more fun invitations that go well with a space theme party:

Birthday Blast Off Personalized Invitations
Birthday Blast Off Personalized Invites
Galaxy Rebellion Invitations
Galaxy Rebellion Invitations

Outer Space Party Invitations

Outer Space Decorations

What astronaut birthday party would be complete without great decorations? Here are some out of this world party decoration ideas!

Hanging Planets — Paint styrofoam balls, stars, crescents and rings (available at your local craft store) to look like stars and planets. Hang them from fishing line from your ceiling to create an indoor galaxy. (You could also hang glow-in-the-dark-stars and twinkle lights this way for an evening party.)

Space Party Centerpiece — Cover a balloon with paper mache and paint to look like the planet of your choice. When it is dry, use skewers to attach painted styrofoam balls to represent orbiting planets. Hang your creation over the center of your table for a fun outer space party centerpiece.

Spacey Table — Cover a black tablecloth with silver star confetti to create a space theme party table. Use silver or green plates and napkins to design a table that is out of this world!

Here are a few outer space theme party supply sets to help kick your celebration into orbit!

Birthday Blast Off Deluxe Personalized Pack For 8
Birthday Blast Off Party Supplies
Galaxy Rebellion Deluxe Party Pack For 8
Galaxy Rebellion Party Supplies

Outer Space Party Supplies


Outer Space Party Activities

outer space party costumes

Here are some astronaut birthday party games sure to help your celebration achieve lift off!

  • Flying Saucers — Give each party guest a Frisbee (these also make good space party favors). Set up an obstacle course (preferably outside) where the children get points for hitting or coming close to marked targets with their flying saucer. For example, you might put a picture of a planet taped to a tree, or put our a hula hoop on the ground and see how close each guest can come to hitting the landing pad. Another flying saucer idea is to divide your guests into two groups and arrange them in similar patterns from a starting point to and ending point. Then have a relay race to see which group can pass their saucer from child to child to get to the end first.
  • Saturn Ring Toss — Set balls of different sizes around a playing area to represent planets. Have your guests try to throw hula hoops or smaller hoops cut from cardboard over the planets. How many planets can each child ring?


  • Moon Rock Hunt — Wrap candies or small treats in balls of aluminum foil. Hide them around your home or yard, and have a moon rock hunt to see how many each child can gather.


  • Alien Blob — Have your guests spread out in the play area. Choose one child to be “it” (the blob).The blob tries to tag the other players. As each player gets tagged, they hold hands with whoever tagged them and become part of the blob. The game continues until there is only one child left who hasn’t been tagged. This child then gets to be the starting blob person for the next game.


  • Moon Rock Race — Paint two rocks silver or gold (or cover with foil). Divide your guests into two teams for this relay race and line them up. Give each team one rock and one spoon. Set an end point, and have the children take turns getting from one point to the other and back holding their rock on their spoon without it falling. They cannot hold the rock or they will have to start over. If the rock falls off the spoon, they must stop, pick it up, and set it back on the spoon before continuing. The first team with all its players to complete the race wins.

Outer Space Party Cake Ideas

outer space party cake

For your outer space party, why not make a cake that goes along with your theme? Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • Make this alien cake by using a heart shaped cake pan. After baking, cut off the top humps and round your shape to make a pointy oval. Then decorate by tinting vanilla icing with green food coloring and using black decorating icing to make the face.



  • Moon Cake — Bake a two-layer cake. Tint vanilla frosting in yellow or green and cover your cake with it. After letting it set for a few minutes, gently press the outside of a melon baller into the surface of the cake to make craters. Add plastic astronaut figurines
    and a small American flag.

 outer space party cake

Outer Space Party Favors

Here are a few of our favorite ideas for space party favors:

Hope you’ve found some helpful space theme party ideas on this page. Have an out-of-this-world time!

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