Owl Crafts, Printables, and Owl Cupcake Ideas

owl crafts and owl cupcakes

We love owls! They are fresh, fun, and adorable!

Here are some ideas for owl crafts, free owl printables, and owl cupcakes.  Click on the links below to make or download these lovable owls.


* Pine Cone Owls                      Free Printable Owl Favor Box Templates 

* Paper Bag Owls

* Rainbow Owl Printable Notes

* Printable Owl Invitations and Cupcake Toppers

* Owl Party Favor Box Template

* Free Owl Printable Calendar

 * Free Printable Owl Mobile


Our Two Favorite Owl Cupcakes

Baby Owl Cupcakes

owl cake

  • Bake cupcakes in your favorite flavor
  • Use food coloring to tint both vanilla icing and shredded coconut in your favorite colors
  • Frost your cupcake with the tinted frosting and sprinkle the tinted coconut on top
  • Make your owl’s eyes out of jelly ring candies with Junior Mints in the center for pupils. Add these to your owl.
  • Cut a soft candy like a yellow jelly bean or jelly orange slice into a beak.
  • Add mini-chocolate chips to your owl’s breast to look like feathers
  • Cut a chocolate wafer (or the top of an Oreo) in half to make wings
  • Quarter another chocolate wafer and use two pieces for ears.

Owl Face Cupcakes

owl face cupcake

  • Bake cupcakes in your favorite flavor
  • Use food coloring to tint vanilla icing in your favorite colors
  • Open two mini Oreos and place them cream side up on your cupcake. Add Junior Mints to the cookies’ centers to make pupils.
  • Use a jelly bean or Lemon Head candy to make the owl’s beak.




owl partyFor lots of additional owl party ideas, including some great owl games, visit our party website, Creative-party-themes.com.

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