Party Planning Checklist

party planning checklist

A Party planning checklist is a great tool for helping you plan and run a stress-free event. Here is a party checklist to help you step by step through every part of your celebration, from selecting the theme to writing the thank you cards!

Party Planning Checklist

Two to Three Weeks Before:

________ Pick a theme for your party
________ Make a guest list
________ Send out invitations (Don’t forget to include an RSVP date and phone number)


One Week Before

________ Go through your plans and choose your activities and menu
________ Order cake if needed
________ Start gathering all materials needed for decorations, activities, and favors
________ Make any signs, banners, or props that you might need
________ Visualize your party’s layout (Where will you set up any activities? How do you plan to decorate?)

The Day Before

________ Run through the party in your head to help remember any last minute details
________ Get out all materials for decoration and activities
________ Shop for any food you will be serving

The Day Of:

________ Blow up balloons and put out decorations
________ Set up any crafts or activities
________ Prepare any food that needs to be made in advance
________ Pick up cake if necessary
________ Relax and enjoy the party!

Tips for a Successful Party

1. As the guests arrive, have out one or two activities that they can do independently until everyone shows up.

2. Play mood music to to set the tone for your event.

3. Rev up the excitement with group games.

4. Take a break with food and cake.

5. Follow up your party with thank you notes and any pictures that you may have taken of your guests.

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Remember, the most important thing is to enjoy your party. Relax! Know that with a little pre-planning your party will be great. Use this party planning checklist and rest assured that things will get done. Then remember, you worked hard to prepare a great event and you should enjoy it as much as your guests, so once the celebration begins, mingle, play, and have fun!

For some additional ideas to help you plan your party menu, take a look at’ll give you recipe ideas, shopping lists, catering tips, and more.

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