Pirate Party Ideas

pirate party ideas

Avast, me Hearties! Looking for a treasure trove of pirate party ideas? Read on and get ready to throw a swashbuckling pirate theme party. You’ll find suggestions for invitations, decorations, games and activities, and a treasure trove of favor ideas!

Pirate Party Ideas for Invitations

Handmade invitations are always a great way to make your guests feel special. Here are some ideas for making your own pirate themed invitations:

Treasure Map Party Invitations — To make these invitations seem really authentic, you can either start by using cream colored paper, or you can dab white paper with a wet tea bag to give them the look of weathered age spots. Torn or burned edges can also make your invitations seem very piratey. Create a treasure map leading to your home by drawing a map of local landmarks that your guests might recognize, such as the school or park. Don’t forget to use the language of a salty sea dog! ARRGH! Come if you dare!

Jolly Roger Flag Invitations — To make this invitation, start with squares of black fabric and use white fabric markers to draw a skull and crossbones on the front of the flag. Then turn it over and put your party information on the back. For extra fun, you might choose to send these invitations in mailing tubes, applying pirate themed stickers to the tube to set the mood!

Invitations in a Bottle — Another cool delivery option for your invitations is to roll them up and put them into plastic bottles such as empty pop bottles (these should be hand delivered.) For an extra touch, add some sand and small shells to the bottles and make your own skull and crossbones label for the outside. Then leave them by your guests’ front doors as if they were washed ashore!

**General Invitation Tips** — If you choose to make your own invitations, don’t forget to include the date, location, and time of your party. It is also helpful to put the host’s name RSVP by date, and either your phone number or email. Here are some invitations that we really like, which would be great for a pirate theme party!

Pirate's Map Invitations
Pirate’s Map Invitations
Pirate Personalized Invitation
Pirate Personalized Invitations

Ahoy Invitations


Pirate Party Ideas for Decorations

When decorating for your party, think pirate flags, skulls and crossbones, parrots and treasure chests full of beads, gems, and gold doubloons. Similarly, all things nautical can help set the pirate scene. An old refrigerator box makes a great pirate ship that can do double duty as a fun base for a variety of games.

Here are some more ideas for pirate party decorations:

Hang Treasure Maps on the Walls — Make or buy a fun pirate treasure map (this one is also a party game) and post it on a wall in your party area. If you make your own, you might use real landmarks and hide your own buried treasure somewhere.

Post a Skeleton Greeting — If you can find a paper or plastic skeleton one fun idea is to dress him up with an eye patch and bandanna and give him a sign to hold, saying something like, “Warning! Pirate Cove Ahead! Enter if ye Dare!”

Make a Refrigerator Box Pirate Ship — A great activity and party focal point all in one is a giant pirate ship. Use a large appliance box or decorate a swing set to resemble your own party buccaneer.

Use a Piñata as a Table Centerpiece — A pirate ship piñata can serve as a table centerpiece and then later be broken as a great pirate party activity!

Here are some great pirate theme party supplies available from Shindigz.com:

Pirates of the Caribbean Ultimate Party Pack
Pirates of the Caribbean Party Supplies
Preppy Pirate Deluxe Party Pack For 8
Preppy Pirate Party Supplies
Pirate's Map Deluxe Party Pack For 8
Pirate’s Map Party Supplies

Pirate Party Ideas for Games

Treasure Map Scavenger Hunt— Create a treasure map with clues that take your party guests around your home or party location. Make it fun by adding extra little directions with a pirate theme. For example, you might say “start at the old tree and take 7 steps straight ahead. Spin around three times. Now take 5 jumps toward the road. Come up with a pirate name for yourself.” Be creative and make this as funny or involved as you (and your guests) would like. At the end of the hunt, make a big red X out of electrical tape or paper and put the “treasure” on top of it. (Having a pinata as the final treasure is a good way to wrap up this scavenger hunt.)

pirate party costume Pin the Eye Patch on the Pirate Game –This is a variation of Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Make or buy a large picture of a pirate’s face. Give each child a numbered eye patch with some tape on the back. one at a time, cover each child’s eyes with a pirate bandanna, spin them around three times, and send them off toward the wall where the pirate is hanging. See who can get their patch closest to the pirate’s eye.

Pop the Cannon Ball–This is a balloon popping relay race. Fill two large garbage bags with inflated black balloons and put them at one end of your race course. **note–this can be a straight run from one end to the next, or you could put obstacles along the way, such as a long board for the kids to walk the plank on their way to the balloons.** Divide the group into two teams and put them at the other end of the course. Then have them race one at a time to the balloons, take one out and sit/bounce on it until it pops, and race back to tag the hand of their next teammate. The first team with all its balloons popped and pirates back at the home ship wins!

Pirate Party Ideas for Favors

Pirate Hook Party Favors
What’s the most exciting thing about a pirate theme party? Dressing up and acting like a pirate, of course! Some of the best party favors are items that can turn any land lubber into a swashbuckling pirate. here are some pirate party ideas for favors:


Pirate Party Ideas for Food and Drinks

pirate party cupcakes

Pirate Face Cupcakes — To make these adorable pirate cupcakes, first start by baking 24 cupcakes using your favorite mix or recipe. Let the cupcakes cool, and then frost using a white icing. Here’s what you need to decorate:

  • 2 rolls or red Fruit by the Foot fruit snack leather (for bandannas)
  • 24 pieces of your favorite ring shaped cereal (for earring)
  • 24 semi-sweet chocolate chips (for right eye patch)
  • M&Ms, lemon candies, or baking decorations that look like eyes (for eyes and nose)
  • 2 pieces black string licorice (each 34 inches long) for mouth and eyebrow

To Decorate:

1. From one fruit snack roll, cut off a 12 inch piece and set aside. From the second roll, cut 24 two inch pieces. Cut each of these 24 pieces into crescent shapes, remove paper backing, and place them on your cupcakes to look like kerchiefs.

2. Now cut your first 12 inch piece lengthwise into two thinner strips and cut these into 24 one inch pieces. Take each piece and twist it in the middle. Be sure the paper backing is off, then attach the piece to resemble the ends of the kerchief on each cupcake.

3. Add the remaining candy to make the rest of your pirates’ faces to resemble the ones in the above picture. Store in a covered in a cool place.

Fruit Salad in a Watermelon Boat— A fun idea for a scurvy preventing snack that can double as a pirate party decoration is a watermelon boat. Carve the melon lengthwise and trim the edges to look like a ship. Make a mast out of a skewer with a paper skull and crossbones flag flying high! Fill the ship with chunks of melon, pineapple, strawberries, or other colorful fruit. If you have any little toy pirate figurines, stick them around to make things even more authentic!

Fish and Chips–True pirates love their fish. If your guest of honor does too, fish sticks or other breaded fish and fries make up a truly piratey main course. You might even serve them in paper boats such as the ones from restaurants.

Oversized Turkey Legs and Biscuits–Another fun main course option with pirate flair is oversized turkey legs (or fried chicken legs. Let your scurvy crew go at these with their bare hands, and serve them with hot buttermilk biscuits. ARRGH!

Pirate Punch–No self respecting pirate meal would be complete without pirate fruit punch. If you have a more bloodthirsty lot, make red punch and call it shark blood brew. For an extra touch, float some sliced oranges or limes to make it look more festive.

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