Race Car Party Ideas

Race Car Party

Everybody, start your engines! Rev up the fun with these race car party ideas for invitations, decorations, games, activities and more, guaranteed to help you host an awesome race car birthday party.

Race Car Party Ideas for Invitations

Sending great invitations is a good way to get everybody excited about the party before it even begins. There are lots of options for sending race car invitations; you could look online for e-cards or printables, you could make your own, or you could purchase some fun traditional cards. Here are some ideas that we especially like:

Racing Tire Invitations — This is an easy race car party idea for cool looking invitations. Start by writing or printing your party information onto a piece of white paper. Cut this into a circle that will become the inside of your tire. Now cut a larger circle out of black construction paper and glue the white center onto the black. You could also use a white paint pen to write “Good Year” on the black part of the tire.

Toy Car Invitations — For this racing invitation, purchase a small toy race car for each of your guests. Write your party information on a decorative tag and attach it to the car with a ribbon. Mail these in padded envelopes for an invitation and treat all in one!

Race Car Party Invitation Wording — Looking for some catchy wording for your invitations? Here are some suggestions:

  • Zoom on Over for _______’s Race Car Birthday Party!
  • Rev up for a Great Time at _______’s Race Car Party!
  • Everybody, Start Your Engines! Step on the Gas and Race on Over for Some Fun!
  • Make a Pit Stop at _______’s Race Car Theme Party!
  • Buckle Up for Some Fun at _______’s Racing Party!


**General Invitation Tips** — If you choose to make your own race car party invitations, don’t forget to include the date, location, and time of your event. It’s also helpful to put the host’s name, RSVP by date, and either your phone number or email.

You can always find lots of great online party invitations with a free RSVP manager at Evite,


Here are some great invitations available at Shindigz.com:

Race Days Personalized Invitations
Race Days Invitations
Hot Wheels Wild Racer Invitations
Wild Racer Invitations
Race Cars Photo Cards
racing Photo Invitations

Race Car Theme Party Decorations

Deck out your party to look like the local speedway with some fun race car party decorations. Here’s how:

Line your front walk with black and white checkered race banners and orange traffic cones .

Use sidewalk chalk to make your front walk or driveway look like a race track.

Hang a Welcome Race Fans Banner across your front door.

Set up a giant tire arch at your front entry so it looks as if you are entering a speedway.

Continue your track into your front hall by using thick, light colored masking tape to hold down a black plastic table cover (you can buy this in a 100′ roll which works well as a front entry “raceway.”)

Accent your party area by scattering stacks of the cardboard boxes used to hold motor oil. You can often get these free from your local oil change shop. Stick two checkered race flags at an angle from the top box on each stack.

Tape racing road signs on the walls. Do you live near a local raceway? Call them and see if they’ll give you any free promotional items that you might use in your race car birthday decorations.

At your party table, draw a curvy road or racetrack on your table cover. Make place settings by adding decorative name cards to toy race cars at each guest’s seat. They can then use these cars to zoom around the table track. Use a model race car as a centerpiece base to hold checkered flag racing balloons.

Another neat do-it-yourself race car party idea is to make different sized traffic lights to set on your table or floor. This is easy to do by spray painting empty boxes black and gluing on construction paper circles in red, yellow, and green.

Use black, white, and accents of red in your party decorations. You can use black and white checkered tableware, balloons, and streamers for an instant racing party atmosphere.

You can find lots of racing themed party supplies at Shindigz which would be great at a race car theme party.

Racing Deluxe Party Pack For 8
Racing Deluxe Party Supplies
Hot Wheels Wild Racer Deluxe Party Pack For 8
Wild Racer Party Supplies

Race Car Party Ideas for Games and Activities

Make Driver’s Licenses — Use your computer to create a template for a driver’s license or a racing pit pass. As your party guests arrive, take their pictures and quickly download them. Have them fill in the license with their name and vital statistics. Glue their pictures to the licenses and either cover them with clear contact paper or purchase plastic sleeves and lanyards for the kids to create a wearable souvenir.

Build and Race Lego Cars — Give each party guest a set of Lego wheels. Set out a large variety of Lego pieces and give guests a specified amount of time to create a car. When everyone is finished, race the cars down an inclined ramp (make these out of large pieces of plywood or refrigerator boxes). Give awards to the car that went fastest, held together best, or looked the coolest.

Paint Your Own Race Car — Let your guests design their own race car with a fun wooden race car painting craft.

Have a Racing Tire Relay — Divide your group into two teams and have them line up for a relay race. Give each team a tire (you can often get old used tires at your local tire center or car dealership.) Have the members of each team roll their tire one at a time (if the children are young you might have two people work together) down to the end of a course and back to the next racer. The first team having all of its members complete the race wins. You can make this race more challenging by adding ramps and other obstacles.

Play Red Light, Green Light — Make a starting line and a finish line at least 15-20 feet away. Choose a child to be “it” and have him stand on the finish line. Line up everyone else on the starting line. “It” should turn around so he can’t see the group, and shout, “Green Light”. (Everyone moves toward the finish line). “It” can stop and freeze the group by shouting, “Red Light” and turning around. If “it” catches anyone moving, they have to go back to the starting line. The first player to reach the finish line and tag “it” is the “it” person in the next game.

Set Up a Racetrack on Your Driveway — Drop the checkered flag and have some races on the driveway or sidewalk. You might use tricycles, bicycles, scooters, or skateboards. Get creative by having the kids race on skateboards on their stomachs, or having tall kids race on tiny tricycles around a tight obstacle course. Use your imagination!

Break a Piñata — A piñata is a traditional favorite. Consider using one shaped like a race car.

Play a Racing Movie — Need to quiet things down a bit? You might play a classic racing movie such as Disney’s Cars, Speed Racer, or Herbie – Fully Loaded.

Race Car Party Ideas for Your Party Food

Wondering what to serve at your race car theme party? Use items shaped like car related things, or label your menu options with racing inspired names. Here are some ideas:

  • Wheel Shaped Pasta
  • Sandwiches cut into race car shapes
  • NASCAR Nachos
  • Talladega Tacos
  • Pit stop Fruit Tray
  • Speedway Soda Pop
  • Stop Light Jello Treats — Cut red, green, and yellow jellow jigglers into circular shapes and serve them mixed up on a tray as a colorful traffic light inspired dessert.

Race Car Party Ideas for Favors

Send your guests off with a great memento of the day. If you’ve made driver’s licenses or painted race cars (see above) these projects can also double as souvenirs. Here are a few more options:

Race Car Wheel Water Game
Race Car Wheel Water Game
Race Car Helmet
Race Car Helmet
Race Car Bubbles
Race Car Bubbles


Hope you’ve found some helpful race car party ideas on this page. Enjoy the party!

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