Rainbow Party Ideas

rainbow party ideas

Everyone loves a rainbow, and these vibrant colors can be a beautiful background to your next celebration. Here are some of our favorite rainbow party ideas for themed invitations, decorations, free rainbow party printables,  and rainbow themed activities to help you plan a truly colorful event!

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Rainbow Themed Invitations

These days so much is done online, and you can find a lot of pretty themed online invitations at a variety of websites, such as Evite.com.  If you have time, making your own creative party  invitations or sending old fashioned printed invitations can be a great idea as well, and help to get your guests excited about your event before it even starts. Here are some ideas for both options:

  • creative handmade rainbow party invitation ideaCandy Invitations — Liven up your invites by adding some rainbow colored candies to the envelopes for a sweet surprise, or print your party information on a rainbow themed label and attach it to a bag of Skittles as a yummy party invitation.
  • Unique Printable Invitations — we found these great free printable rainbow invitations at a website called Mr Printables. You can make them at home or have them printed up. If you get them made at a local print store the price will be comparable to pre-made invites, but they are still very cute!


Here are some additional pretty and inexpensive options for rainbow invitations that you can order online:

Rainbow Birthday Invitations
Rainbow Invitations
Rainbow Personalized Invitations
Rainbow Personalized Invitations
Multicolor Stripes Invitations
Multicolor Stripes Invitations

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Rainbow Party Ideas for Decorations

A rainbow themed party is a snap to decorate because all you have to keep in mind is to make things bright, bold, and beautiful! Here are some suggestions to help get you started:

  • Remember the Basics — You can create a beautiful party atmosphere with a rainbow theme just by using party staples such as balloons, tableware and streamers in rainbow colors. Grouping big clusters of rainbow colored balloons throughout your party area will go a long way to making your space look festive. You can also find colorful rainbow pennants and pretty rainbow garlands that will really brighten up your space.
  • Use Some Fun Rainbow Party Printables — We’ve created these free printable rainbow party labels and tags that you can download and use at your event. Use them as cupcake toppers, gift tags, place cards or however you envision them at your own party!
free rainbow party printables

Click for printable rainbow party labels

Free rainbow party printables

Click for printable rainbow party tags


  • Twist Up Some Streamers — To decorate using a variety of streamers in rainbow colors, you can let them hang like a rainbow along a wall, drape them from a table, or twist them and hang them in loose loops from the ceiling.
  • Use Candy — Candy is a natural for decorating at a rainbow party. Display an assortment of colorful bulk candies in glass containers to create a candy buffet that serves as both a decoration and a great takeaway for your guests. You can put out cellophane bags or favor boxes at the end of your display and let your guests fill them up with their favorite candies to take home as a remembrance of the day.
  • Hang a piñata — A rainbow piñata is another fun way to incorporate candy and color into your event. It can also be a super focal point in your decoration.


Here are some fun rainbow party supplies that we’ve found that would be perfect for decorating at a rainbow themed party:

Rainbow Fun Personalized Deluxe Pack For 8
Rainbow Fun Party Supplies
Rainbow Personalized Water Bottle Labels
Rainbow Personalized Water Bottle Labels
Happy Birthday Deluxe Party Pack For 8
Rainbow Birthday Party Supplies
Rainbow Pinata
Rainbow Pinata
Rainbow Birthday Deluxe Party Pack For 8
Rainbow Party Supplies
Rainbow Table Covers
Rainbow Tablecover

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Rainbow Party Crafts and Activities

Sharpie rainbow tie dye project

Having some fun planned activities is what will really set your party apart and make it fun and memorable. Here are some rainbow party ideas for activities and crafts.

  • Rainbow Spin Art — Do you remember this classic paint craft from your own childhood? Spin art kits are fun and inexpensive. Place the paper in the spinning turntable and have each guest add drops of rainbow color to the twirling paper. When it stops the force of the spin will have creates a unique work of rainbow art.
  • Scratch Off Art — This is another old school rainbow project. Use crayons to cover a paper with a rainbow pattern (Press hard for a thick layer of wax.) Then cover over the entire page with a thick coat of black crayon. Use the point of a paper clip or other pointed object to draw a picture through the black, exposing the bright rainbow colors underneath. You can also buy scratch art sets where the base colors are already done and you just have to uncover the hidden colors.
  • Tie Dye — Tie dyeing is a great rainbow party activity that also provides your guests with a ready-made souvenir. here are directions for tie dyeing, and here is an easier version of tie dye that uses Sharpie pens instead of traditional dye.
  • Rainbow Rubber Band Loom BraceletsRubber band loom bracelets are really popular right now, and they are easy to make. Using rainbow colors would make this a great idea for a party activity.
  • Froot Loop Necklaces — Is your party aimed at a younger crowd? Set out some yarn and bowls of colorful cereal such as Froot Loops and let your guests string their own rainbow necklaces. For older kids you could do the same thing using colorful  lanyards and pony beads.
  • Play Twister — The big mat for the game Twister has a built in rainbow! This is a great party activity for any crowd and fits perfectly with this theme.

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Rainbow Party Foods

rainbow layer cake

Betty Crocker’s Beautiful Rainbow Layer Cake

  • Make a Rainbow Veggie or Fruit Tray — Vegetables and fruit are naturally rainbow hued, an you can make a healthy and pretty assortment of each as part of your party meal.
  • How to make your own rainbow spaghettiServe Rainbow Pasta – You can often find rainbow pasta at your local specialty store, or check out Tablespoon.com for a cool way to make your own colorful pasta.
  • Bake a Rainbow Layer Cake — Visit Betty Crocker.com to learn how to make this amazingly colorful rainbow layer cake. It looks white until you cut into it to reveal the magic inside. (You could also jazz up the outside by using rainbow colored sprinkles.)
  • Rainbow Jell-O — Think of foods that come in bright colors, such as Jell-O or frozen ice pops, and arrange them in a rainbow display.
  • Use Candy — Candy makes an instant display. Set it out in an assortment of clear containers to create a candy buffet table (see decorations above).

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Rainbow Party Favors

Here are some rainbow party ideas for special treats to end your day… 

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rainbow party ideas

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