Red Cup Party

red cup party ideasHave some red Solo cups? Let’s have a party! Here are some fun ideas for hosting a red cup party.

“Red Solo cup, you’re not just a cup, you’re my friend.” — Toby Keith


Red Cup Party Invitations

DIY red cup party invitations

Get your party started right by sending some fun invitations. You can always go the online route by dowloading a red cup graphic and adding your own headline, or, for a more personal touch, deliver your invitations written with sharpie onto red solo cups, adding each guest’s name to the flip side. Then ask everyone to bring their cups to the party as their ticket in, otherwise known as BYOC.

Red Cup Party Decorations

red cup party decorations -- how to make a red cup chandelier!

If your party is going to be held in a bar, fraternity or dorm, you probably won’t need much in the way of decor. However, for those of you who like to go the extra mile, there are a few clever options for red cup party decorations:

Make a Red Cup Chandelier — The cool chandelier in the picture above is made by hot gluing red solo cups into a globe shape and adding a string for hanging. If you have a light fixture that you can surround without things getting too hot it makes it even better.

Hang a Red Cup Garland — You will need a long rope or a string of LED lights, a number of cups, and a sharp knife or pair of scissors. Poke a small hole in the bottom of each cup and then attach them at spaced intervals so they face downward, either covering a light or covering one of a series of knots tied in your rope. Drape your garland across an entryway or over your bar for some instant festivity! Better yet, now you can purchase these pre-made on

Red Cup Party Garland from Amazon
Set Out Baskets of Sharpies — One of the best things about red cups is the ability to write on them with Sharpie pen. This can take on a life of its own if you leave out enough pens for your friends to have fun with.

Dress the Party Hosts — Red solo cups make great party hats when turned upside down. Simply poke a hole on either side of the cup near the rim and run a piece of elastic through it to act as a chin strap, securing the ends with knots. There are also some great red solo cup party tee shirts available for your party hosts and hostesses.


Red Cup Party Games

Red cups are for more than just holding liquids, they are a party game staple! Here are a few examples of classic red cup party games.

Beer Pong — There are many variations for this game, but they all involve a table (which can be a large piece of plywood supported by two trash cans) paddles, a ping pong ball, 16 oz solo cups, and lots of beer. Click here for one version of beer pong rules.

Quarters — Everyone sits around a table. One cup filled with beer is placed in the center. Players take turns trying to bounce a quarter off the table to land in the cup. If a player makes the shot, he can ask any other player at the table to drink the contents of the center cup and he gets another turn. If he misses, the next player’s turn begins.

Chandeliers — This is a slightly more adventurous game of quarters. The set up is one full cup in the center of the table surrounded by a cup for each player (usually half-filled). Player’s take turns bouncing a quarter off the table to land in one of the cups. If a quarter lands in any of the personal cups, the person whose cup was hit has to drink their cup, refill and return it. If the quarter lands in the center cup, all players must drink their cup and hit them down on the table to show that they are empty. The last player to finish must also drink the contents of the center cup. A player’s turn end when they miss.

Red Cup Pyramid — Gather a load of cups and clear a space on the floor. See how high of a cup pyramid your guests can stack before it either comes tumbling down or stands as a monument to your awesome party.

For a comprehensive list of beer games that you might choose from, take a look at College Beer

Hope you found some helpful red cup party ideas on this page. Here’s a little something to listen to as you plan your party. Have fun! Let’s have a party!

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